Creating More Space in Your Bathroom

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Today’s bathroom designers are looking to turn your bathroom into a private spa experience. The bathroom should exude comfort and relaxation. By removing all barriers from the design, we can create balance and flow, as well as create more space in your bathroom.

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A freestanding clawfoot bathtub will eliminate the need to break up your bathroom floor with barriers and thresholds.

Barrier-free shower

Typically, your bathroom floors are broken up by a barrier around your shower. However, by eliminating this barrier, you create the illusion of more space and a better flow in your bathroom. Having your bathroom tiled floor flow directly and smoothly into your shower is the latest trend in bathroom design.

The no-threshold shower used to be reserved for people with disabilities or mobility problems when having to step up and over would present a problem. However, modern bathroom renovations are starting to take this trend and make it part of every bathroom design.

Freestanding bathtubs

The same effect can be created by having a free-standing bathtub and not working in a threshold or a barrier around your tub.

More options for floor tiles and design

Choosing the perfect bathtub

The latest bathroom design trend is a shower without a barrier. Create a bigger bathroom and a more calm atmosphere.

With the barrier-free shower, the tiles you are using in the main part of your bathroom can now be continued all the way into your shower. Typically, because of drainage, smaller tiles have been used to create a four-way slope to the center drain. With the trend towards a barrier-free walk-in shower, designers are designing one cohesive bathroom floor that will gently slope towards one linear drain.

Using bigger tiles and having one-floor design covering the entirety of your bathroom will also open up your bathroom making it feel more spacious and calm. With one large floor surface, homeowners will have more choices to choose from, as they don’t have to take edges, thresholds, and barriers into consideration.

Barrier-free bathroom floors are easier to clean

One big, smooth bathroom floor without any thresholds or barriers will make cleaning your floors much easier, as it eliminates corners and edges for dirt to gather.

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Free standing tubs and barrier-free showers are the latest bathroom design trend.