Greg Hamel joined the TKSI family in 2016 after repatriating to the States from the island of Bermuda. Greg lived on the island for 9 years, and worked as the senior designer for a family owned business. The time that he served there has significantly shaped his world-view, as Bermuda is not just paradise, it’s a thriving international market with a wealth of human diversity. He attributes his success in the design/sales business to being a people person…patient, kind, and a good listener…a trusted advisor at times, and at other times a marriage counselor of sorts.

Greg is originally from Wyoming and cut his teeth in the art and design world in 1991 right here in Denver at the Rocky Mountain College of Art and Design. He has been an independent scholar of the arts, architecture, and interior design throughout the years, but he officially began working in the kitchen and bath industry in 2003. Greg has a solid understanding of products and materials and how they work together, which makes him a stickler for details and always inquisitive. This experience is of great value to clients and construction crews, as it helps to minimize errors, and it definitely helps to improve the overall level of communication.

Gregory Hamel


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