Seth starting working at The Kitchen Showcase in 2004 delivering cabinets. Because of his leadership skills and knowledge of the product he was brought in as a designer. Shortly after that he decided to leave TKSI to start his own BBQ business and learned what it takes to run your own business.
While the BBQ business was very successful he found he missed the corporate world and developed his customer service and sales skills working at the Buckle. Seth is very excited to be back at TKSI.
Because of his knowledge of how deliveries work, owning his own business, and working customer service for years he feels he is well equipped to provide the most quality kitchen designing experience for his customers.

In his spare time Seth loves spending time with his wife and three elementary school age girls, working with the teens in the youth group at church and doing Crossfit. He also enjoys climbing 14ers and his most recent accomplishment, The Tough Mudder. If it’s difficult, Seth loves it!

Seth Gammel


Click on the images below to see some of Seth’s past design work