Open Spaces for Your New Bathroom

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open space bathroom

Advantages of Open-Concept Bathrooms

If you are considering getting an open plan bedroom-bathroom, our bathroom remodeling experts share with you some of the benefits of going with this plan.

Creates A Social Environment

An open plan bedroom/bathroom allows interacting with others while you get ready.

Enjoy the Ambiance of a Fireplace

Having a roaring built in fireplace in your bedroom and enjoying the heat while you are relaxing in the bathroom is possible! This device warms the entire area, making it easier to move between the warmth of your bed to get ready in the morning. You won’t need to hurry anymore for dressing after a hot bath or shower before you get cold again with this great concept.

Space Feels Wider

Taking down dividing walls in the room not only opens up space but gives you the ability to move around freely, not feeling cluttered, which is a great way to relieve some stress. Plus, it allows for the area to look larger than it is.Open Space Bathrooms Advantages

Watch TV While Bathing

Why eliminate luxuries from your everyday routine? This configuration allows you to watch your favorite shows or series, or catch up on the news in the mornings while you take a shower or relax in your bathtub.

All in all an open-bath plan gives your bathroom a new spa-like feel. It will no longer be a purely utilitarian zone, giving space to interact with others and even enjoying your luxury devices such as a fireplace or even your TV.

If you want to give your bathroom more space, versatility, and visual aesthetics contact experts at The Kitchen Show Case. We are your professional remodeling contractor that is well able not only to meet your needs but also build the bathroom of your dreams!

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Freestanding clawfoot bathtub will eliminate the need to break up your bathroom floor with barriers and thresholds.

Imagine a bath you love and we will make it happen!