Bathroom Renovation Without Stress and Breaking Your Budget

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When you want to complete a major bathroom renovation, you are going to need the help of a professional with decades of proven results. A lot of homeowners get worried about completing a significant renovation because it often means that a lot of stress and high costs are sure to follow. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Here’s how you can create the perfect bathroom design in Colorado without breaking the bank or causing undue stress.

Use Less Tile

While tile is a staple of most bathrooms, it is completely possible to create a stunning bathroom design in Colorado without using a lot of tiles or any tile at all. The benefit of doing this is that tile can quickly become quite expensive, especially when done by a professional. So instead, you might want to try and stick to paint.

Choose Less Popular Granite Countertop Styles

Leather Finish on Ubatuba Granite image
Granite imperfections can look even better when used strategically.

Granite countertops are by far the most popular choice used in bathrooms. Luckily, there are ways for you to still get your gorgeous granite countertops while also saving some money. To do this, you’ll need to pick a less popular color, which is typically anything other than a brown, tan, or light beige. Since these colors are the more commonly used ones, they tend to also be the more expensive ones. Therefore, you’ll want to go with some non-neutral color to get a bit of a price break.

You can also pick some granite that has eye-catching imperfections to get an even further discount.

Rely on Paint

One of the best ways that you can make your bathroom renovation as cheap and easy as possible is to put a big focus on painting. By repainting the bathroom, it can help to completely change the way it looks. Plus, it is a very easy thing to do and does not cost much money.

Whether you are working with a small budget or not, make sure that you contact us at The Kitchen Showcase whenever you are ready to start your bathroom renovation.

Adding Storage to a Smaller Bathroom

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When you walk into your bathroom, you shouldn’t feel any disappointment. But this is what can happen when you lack the amount of bathroom storage that you want. That is why you need to know these tips for how to add storage to a smaller bathroom.

Install a Mounted Towel Rack

One of the best ways for you to make a small bathroom appear bigger is to make sure that you are taking full advantage of the vertical space. You can easily do so by installing a mounted towel rack on your wall. This will allow you to keep your towels carefully stored on this rack rather than taking up valuable space underneath the sink.

Put Door Storage on Bathroom Cabinets

Masterbath Infinity Homes
You’ll need to make sure that any hooks or hanging baskets on the inside of cabinet doors are small enough to allow them to still close fully.

Having spacious bathroom cabinets is a crucial part of ensuring that you have room to store anything you need to inside of your small bathroom. But if you really want to help maximize your storage opportunities, then you’re going to need to take it a step further and put some door storage inside of your bathroom cabinets. By adding some hooks or small hanging baskets onto the inside of the cabinet doors, it allows you to keep some small items hanging from the door instead of trying to stack them in a pile inside of the cabinet.

Get Some Hanging Organizers

The problem with bathroom storage is that it is nearly impossible to neatly store dozens or bottles, tubes, and other irregularly shaped containers. This is where having hanging organizers can really come in handy. These handy organizers are able to hang from hooks or the showerhead in order to provide a series of small connected shelves to keep everything neatly stored and readily available.

By using these tips, you’ll be able to design a space with the amount of bathroom storage that you’ve always dreamed of. Make sure that you have a bathroom that works for you by checking out our extensive showroom at The Kitchen Showcase.

The Best and Most Durable Kitchen Countertops

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When you are trying to pick out your perfect kitchen countertops, it can be hard to make a decision with such a large number of options out there. To help make it easier to find the best kitchen countertops, here is a handy guide to best and most durable kitchen countertops in Colorado.


There is a reason why granite countertops have managed to remain one of the most popular kitchen countertops in Colorado for many years now. The granite material is able to produce counters that are incredibly durable and possess the ability to resist both scratches and extreme heat. You also get the benefit of being able to get granite countertops in a wide variety of styles, which makes them perfect for any home.


Choosing countertop material
Quartz countertops are able to be stain-resistant even without sealing it.

Another incredibly durable option is quartz, which is able to be similarly scratch-resistant as granite. It is also nonporous, which means that it is going to be able to successfully resist stains as well. Just make sure that you get quartz countertops with a rounded edge to help avoid any chipping.


A recently trending choice is using concrete for kitchen countertops. One reason why this is such a popular thing to do is that concrete is incredibly durable and is able to sufficiently protect against scratches and heat. The only thing to watch for is that concrete can stain slightly easier than the other options on this list so it is important to clean up any messes right away.

If you’re going for impressive durability in your kitchen, then these options are going to be the best kitchen countertops. Make sure you get your ideal kitchen countertops by contacting us at The Kitchen Showcase today.

How a Small Kitchen Can Provide Enough Working Space

If there is one place in the home where storage is of the utmost importance, it is usually the kitchen. This is because there are a lot of ingredients and cooking tools that are needed, which can take up a lot of space. This can make it particularly frustrating for someone who has a smaller kitchen and can’t afford to hire a professional kitchen designer to make it significantly bigger.

But there are still ways to improve your kitchen storage so that you can make smaller kitchens work for you. Here are the best small kitchen tips for providing sufficient working space.

Replace the Fake Drawers

Many smaller kitchens are going to have drawers installed underneath the sink that never actually do anything. Instead of being functional drawers that pull out, they are instead nice decorative pieces. But when you are looking to maximize kitchen storage, you can’t afford to have any purely decorative space.

premium kitchen cabinets
Kitchen drawers are a great way to open up more counter space.

That’s why you’ll need to replace these fake drawers with something that is actually functional. This can either be tip out trays for sponges and other kitchen cleaning supplies, or could be a space to secure a sideways paper towel holder to make accessing paper towel easier. Either way, this will open up some counter or cupboard space to be used for other items.

Install Roll Out Cabinet Drawers

Many of the bottom cupboards in a kitchen are often much taller than they need to be. This means that a lot of vertical storage space ends up being wasted. But someone can help get around this by switching to roll out cabinet drawers instead.

These handy drawers are able to fit multiple drawers stacked on top of one another within one large cupboard space. This means that you are not going to be wasting any precious vertical kitchen storage.

By utilizing these small kitchen tips, you can end up getting all the kitchen storage that you could ever need. When you’re ready to improve your kitchen, make sure you pick a trusted renovation service like The Kitchen Showcase.

Mix and Match Surfaces for a Refined Contemporary Kitchen Outlook

A contemporary style is one of the most sought-after looks for a home nowadays. Therefore, if you’re looking to give your kitchen a remodel, then you may want to look at ways that you can make it a bit more contemporary. Luckily, doing this is incredibly easy. In fact, here are some kitchen design tips for how you can effortlessly transform your kitchen into a contemporary masterpiece.

Combine Color and Wood Cabinets

While many homeowners like uniform cabinets, your key to achieving a refined contemporary style might be to mix up color cabinets with wood ones. This can be done in several different ways. However, the most effective method is making your island into a beautiful accent piece.

Mixing color with wood is an effective way to create a unique style in your kitchen.

If your island has cabinets built-in, then you can choose to paint them a complementary color while leaving the rest of the kitchen cupboards a natural wood color. This will add some spice to a traditional contemporary style and help set your kitchen apart from the countless other contemporary ones out there.

Add Some Industrial Cabinets and Appliances

If you really want to go all out on your refined contemporary kitchen design, then you can go one step further and add some industrial cabinets or appliances in addition to the mixture of colored and wood cabinets. The gorgeous metal look of these appliances or cabinets has the benefit of pairing perfectly with nearly any style and can add a rustic tinge to help round off your refined contemporary kitchen.

By incorporating these features into your kitchen renovation in Colorado you can help to transform your current space into a refined contemporary gem. Get your dream contemporary kitchen by checking out our online gallery and then contacting us today at The Kitchen Showcase.

The Timeless Charms of Rustic Style Kitchens

You don’t have to live on a farm to want a rustic style. It is something that can bring a comforting vibe to any kitchen design in Colorado. But if you’re looking to make the perfect rustic kitchen, then you need to know exactly what this entails. Any rustic kitchens should include the following qualities.

Reclaimed Wood

An absolute essential for rustic kitchens is reclaimed wood. This can bring the feeling of a stunning log cabin to your urban home and is the basis upon which a rustic home is built.

Natural stone combined with reclaimed wood is necessary for creating a rustic style.

But this isn’t the only reason why reclaimed wood is good to have. It is also extremely beneficial because it is good for the environment. Since the wood is reclaimed, it avoids contributing any more pollutants to the environment, which is not something that can be said for brand new wood material.


Another natural element that should be included in any rustic kitchens is stone. How much stone is in your kitchen depends entirely on your personal preferences. It can be as little as a mantlepiece or as much as the entire floor. Either way, it will still be a big contributor to the rustic kitchen design in your Colorado home.

Distressed Materials

No matter what type of material you include in your kitchen, if you really want it to exude rustic beauty, then you’re going to want to makes sure that it is distressed. This gives every surface a worn appearance that is perfect for any rustic kitchens.

By including these various elements, it will give you the ideal rustic kitchen environment. And we’re the perfect company to help you accomplish this since our past projects have included countless rustic designs. So make sure to contact us at The Kitchen Showcase today to get started on creating your dream rustic kitchen.

Keep Your White Kitchen White as New

When it comes to kitchen styles, there is nothing more classic than a solid white look. But the problem with this choice is that kitchen maintenance becomes so much more intense when you have a fully-white kitchen. After all, even the smallest speck of food or dirt is going to show up right away on your gorgeous cabinets.

Therefore, you need to keep a vigilant cleaning schedule to keep your white kitchen looking sparkling white. But just because they need a lot of kitchen maintenance, this doesn’t necessarily mean that white kitchen cleaning has to take over your whole life. With the right white kitchen tips, you can make this cleaning routine quite simple.

white kitchen
Having a fully white kitchen doesn’t have to be a bad thing with the right cleaning routine.

Do Light Cleaning Every Day

One of the best ways to make white kitchen maintenance easier is to do a little bit every single day. If you do two or three days in between cleanings, then it means you’ll have so much more to clean up when you finally get around to it. However, when you carve out five minutes a day to wipe down your countertops and cupboards, it will mean that you can go longer without requiring significant deep cleanings that take up a lot of time.

Choose Low-Maintenance Materials

The other thing that you can do to make the kitchen maintenance easier is choosing materials that are quite durable. Luckily, all of our countertop and cupboard products are incredibly easy to clean and keep clean, even when they are white. So make sure you research materials before committing to one so that you can know exactly what kind of kitchen maintenance it is going to require.

By following these tips, you can have a white kitchen and will actually be able to keep it white without requiring constant cleaning. To get your dream white kitchen, make sure to check out our planning and design services at The Kitchen Showcase.

How to Make Sure That All Countertops Are Clean

Sustainable materials for Colorado kitchens

The best tool you have at your disposal to help keep your countertops clean is cleaning. When it is kitchen countertops or bathroom countertops, they should all be cleaned on a regular basis. Even if they don’t necessarily look dirty, they can still gather an undetectable layer of dirt that could be causing microdamage the longer that it is left there.

But the issue is that not all countertops can be cleaned the same way. That’s why we have supplied this helpful guide on how to properly clean the most popular countertop types.

Natural stone countertops in denver
Granite countertops both look good and are easy to take care of.

Cleaning Granite

The biggest thing to know about granite countertop cleaning is that you should never use vinegar, bleach, or Windex on them. Instead, use a mixture of warm water and soap to wipe down the counter and then move onto a half-and-half solution of water and isopropyl alcohol to make sure it is completely clean.

Cleaning Marble

This is perhaps one of the easiest types of kitchen countertops to clean. The only thing that marble requires is frequent wiping down with a mixture of warm water and non-abrasive dish soap. Then you need to make sure that you take a cloth that is damp with just water are wipe the countertop until no soap is left on it.

Cleaning Quartz

Quartz countertop cleaning is very similar to that of marble countertops. The only added step is using a degreaser to help get rid of any grease residue.

Cleaning Laminate

Laminate bathroom countertops can take quite a bit of abuse but only need very mild cleaning done. Once again, just mix some soap and warm water and then wipe down with a microfiber cloth to get it nice and clean.

No matter which type of countertop you want, you will now know how to take proper care of it. So get in touch with us at The Kitchen Showcase to get your dream kitchen or bathroom.