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John Carroll


John was born and raised in Oklahoma. And as a young boy, John’s passion for woodworking grew; creating works of art and learning the art of creating beautiful items with only his two hands and hand tools in his grandfather’s backyard workshop. He moved to Colorado shortly after receiving his bachelor’s degree and decided to dive into the cabinetry/construction industry. With a passion for building and being hands on, John started in manufacturing with a local Northern Colorado cabinet company. It gave him a broadened perspective of the construction process from the start of build through to completion. Enjoying the interface with homeowners and builders, John eventually moved on to the design side. He found his niche in design, engineering and working diligently to meet his client’s goals and visions. John can see a project beyond the atheistic. He has a knack for seeing the functionality and compatibility through all facets of the design process to make his clients’ design dreams a reality.

Through his 29 years of experiences, John has absorbed the knowledge needed and implements these practices into his every day. John believes that you must know how it is built to understand how it will develop towards the end result.

He has designed, built, engineered, installed and taken thousands of projects from start to completion. John’s most rewarding part is the approval of his clients with their overwhelming satisfaction. John has worked with homeowners, designers, architects, and builders in the multi-family, semi-custom, custom and luxury end markets.

John and his wife have been married for 10 years, have a young daughter and a long-haired German Shepherd. John is an avid college football fan and looks forward to the start of the football season every fall. When he is not transporting his daughter to her multitude of sports and hobbies, John likes to write
music, golf, fish, hunt, snow board and generally be outdoors enjoying the Colorado climate.