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What to Expect When You Work with Us

To carefully guide you from start to finish on your kitchen or bath project, we’ve divided our process into steps. Our goal is to help you navigate the remodeling process and reach an end result you love!

Personal Discovery

The first step is to begin thinking about your ideal kitchen (or bath, closet, wet bar, study, laundry, garage, built-in).

Think about your objectives. Do you want to create your dream kitchen? A room with high resale appeal? A more useable space? A state-of-the-art showstopper? Something else?

Collect design ideas. Keep a folder of the best kitchen photos you find on the Internet and magazines. For a creative spark, check out our kitchen portfolio.

Consider what you want your room to do for you. What’s working for you now? What isn’t? Discuss the features and functionality that are important to you and your family. Ask your friends about the features they love or crave in their kitchens.

Complete our helpful kitchen planning questionnaire or bathroom planning questionnaire to think through easy-to-overlook considerations.

Set your budget. Set your boundaries upfront, so you feel in control.
Define your timing. Look ahead on your calendar. Determine whether there are any personal or family events coming up that could affect your timing.

Connect with The Kitchen Showcase

Once your vision begins to take shape, the next step is to…

Reach out to The Kitchen Showcase. Request a free estimate, call us by phone (303-799-9200) or visit our Denver showroom.


We’ll hold a discovery session with you to discuss your vision. One of our design specialists will call you or meet with you in person, as well as visit your home to see your space. This step ensures that we understand what’s important to you and get a feel for the special needs of your home. (Please note: If you’d like to request one of our designers, you’re welcome to do so. Simply take a moment to meet our design team. If that designer has the availability to best serve your needs, we’ll be happy to make the introduction. If you don’t have a preference or you request a designer who’s unavailable, we’ll recommend one of our experienced designers.)

We’ll create a space and design plan to help you picture your new or remodeled kitchen. We’ll share our ideas on how to meet your objectives for the space and address your unique needs. With your input, we’ll tweak and revise the plans as appropriate.

We’ll show you options in our showroom. There are literally thousands of options for your kitchen, which can be overwhelming. We’ll make it simple for you. Our designers will make suggestions and take you through our showroom – one of Colorado’s best! With nearly 40 room displays, you can see, touch and experience the products first-hand, so you know you’re making good decisions.

We’ll help you select the best products for your budget – from cabinets, to countertops, to hardware and accessories. Your selections will help us create a detailed price estimate for you.

We’ll meet with you to share the pricing. We’ll answer your questions, explain your options, and make revisions as needed.

Once pricing is finalized, we’ll order the products you’ve selected, if you wish to proceed. Cabinets typically take two to seven weeks for delivery. (The timing varies by brand.) We’ll tell you the exact week that your products will arrive, so you can plan ahead.


We’ll share our best practices for living through remodeling. We understand how disruptive remodeling or new construction can be, even for veterans of the process. To help you survive and prosper, check out our tips for surviving remodeling

We’ll coordinate your delivery, so your products are treated with the utmost care. This includes receiving and storing your products until you’re ready for them, as well as scheduling and delivering the products to your home. Only qualified professionals handle your products.

If you hired us for installation, our team will install your cabinets and check that the installation has been properly completed. Your complete satisfaction is our top priority!

To learn more about what to expect from us, please call us
at 303-799-9200 or visit our Denver showroom.