1.  This bathroom will be:

Master Suite Bathroom
Located in Master Suite? __ Yes __ No

Children’s Bathroom
Located in Child’s room? __ Yes __ No

Guest Bathroom
Located in Guest Bedroom? __ Yes __ No

Hall Bathroom
Located on main bedroom level of home? __ Yes __ No

Powder Room

Hall Bathroom
Located on what level of home? ___

2. How many primary users of this bathroom will there be: 1 2 3 4 more

3. Who are the primary users of this bathroom? Adults Children Guest

4. Is this bathroom for a: House___ Condo___ Other______________

5. Would you like the shower area and tub separate__ or combined__?

6. Should a linen closet be considered in your new bathroom?
__ Yes __ No

7. Outside a linen closet, do you want a lot of storage area for personal items?
__ Yes __ No

8. Do you want an “appliance garage” for commonly used items such as hairdryers and curling irons? __ Yes __ No

9. Do you want his and her facilities? __ Yes __ No