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Ruth Dial


There is a quote by Simon Sinek that says, “Working hard for something we don’t care about is called stress; working hard for something we love is called passion”. This eloquently sums up Ruth’s relationship with design and she has been lucky enough to parlay this passion into a career. She delights in creating collaborative designs that speak to the soul and ignite her client’s love of their space. Whether that space is a kitchen, a bathroom, an office, or the laundry room – to Ruth, each space presents the opportunity to identify and connect with her client’s wants, needs, and deepest design desires. She works closely with each client to unleash the beauty and optimal functionality of each room.

Ruth comes to The Kitchen Showcase with nearly ten years of technical design background, and a lifetime of love of kitchen and bath design. Ruth followed up her formal design education with a design career at IKEA where she helped thousands of customers design their dream kitchens. She then transitioned into corporate design where she worked tirelessly assisting businesses to see their design projects through from beginning to end. From the first conceptual meeting to identify the client’s vision for their space (in terms of utility, aesthetics, price point and more) to collaborating on product selection, all the way through to construction and installation. She is thrilled to be with The Kitchen Showcase where her focus can turn, once again, to helping clients bring their spaces to life with curated, creative, and carefully crafted designs.

When not at work, Ruth spends every moment with her two young children, Maeve (5) and Kian (2), and her husband, Wes; going on adventures, doing arts and crafts, reading books, and watching Moana again. Life with kids serves as a constant reminder of why she loves design: because the spaces in our lives serve a practical purpose, yes, but at their best they can also frame and facilitate the most meaningful and momentous moments of our lives. Ruth believes in crafting spaces that speak to the people who inhabit them; spaces that are functional, personal, inspired, and, above all, filled with love.

“Remodeling your home, or building a new one, can be overwhelming and it can be daunting, but it can also be magical – and that’s where I come in!” – Ruth