Remodeling your home is an exciting time for homeowners. It’s when you get to design your dream house, making it a home. Before you get too excited about new kitchen cabinets, there are a few preliminary steps to take before remodeling your home.

Steps to a home remodel
Make sure your electrical and plumbing systems can handle new appliances.

Take a long hard look at your home

Whether you’ve just bought a home that you want to remodel, or you are updating and upgrading your old home, you need to look beyond the colors on the walls and the outdated cabinetry. Making sure that the interior makeup of your home is in good condition is an important first step to a home remodel. Check up the floors’ condition, insulation, installations, and lighting.


Remodeling a kitchen or a bathroom will likely include new appliances. Energy-efficient kitchen appliances and water saving hardware and toilets may require you to upgrade your plumbing. Being energy- and water-efficient is key to a home remodel. Being energy-efficient will help you save greatly on your monthly expenses, and furthermore, it will be an attractive feature should you want to sell your house in the future.

Saving energy

Your heating and air conditioning system play big parts in energy efficiency. You may want to check your HVAC systems before starting a remodel. If you’re thinking of replacing windows and doors to help tighten up your home envelope and be more energy-efficient, this is something that makes much more sense to do before you start bringing in new furniture and products.


Remodeling a small kitchen
Talk to our designers about tips to remodeling a small kitchen.

Every remodeling project requires a fresh coat of paint. If you’re upgrading your interior design, changing up materials and getting new cabinets and hardware, you want your walls to look fresh and newly painted as well. Although installing cabinets can cause a bit of dust and a few scratches in your new paint, it is much easier to paint your walls when they are bare, before installing any cabinets or hanging shelves. You can always do a quick touch up once the installation process is completed.

Talk to our interior designers in Centennial

If you’re starting your remodel process, our interior designers can help you get organized, choose the right products, and guide you through the remodeling process from start to finish. We make sure to respect your style, your time, and your budget. To get you inspired, we have over 40 room displays in our showroom.