Benefits of Floor to Ceiling Cabinetry

Just like it says, floor to ceiling cabinetry reaches all the way from the floor to the ceiling. This type of cabinetry layout often moves the bulk of your storage to one or two of your kitchen walls. Your remaining wall — or walls — can then hold open shelving, a large backsplash, or some featured art. On the other hand, you can decide to use floor to ceiling cabinetry on all of your kitchen walls to maximize storage space. All of these tall kitchen cabinets can create a cozy atmosphere in the kitchen and keep your kitchen clutter-free.

This cabinetry option works well in kitchens with open floor plans and those kitchens that have three walls. The missing, or open wall, reduces the amount of possible upper cabinetry, making the floor to ceiling cabinetry design a good option to handle necessary kitchen storage. There are many benefits to these types of kitchen cabinets. However, the decision of whether they are right for your kitchen design will depend on the layout of your kitchen and its size.


If your kitchen is large and opens up to another open space, floor to ceiling kitchen cabinets can work very well in terms of proportion. A large kitchen can accommodate this type of oversized feature, and coupled with an oversized island, floor to ceiling cabinetry can even lend a dramatic effect to the design. Even if your kitchen isn’t huge, if it opens up to a bright room with tall ceilings and windows, the tallness of the floor to ceiling cabinetry will also fit the scale of your space.

Choose from a wide selection of materials.
Optimize a smaller kitchen with floor to ceiling cabinetry.

Optimize Minimal Space

These types of kitchen cabinets also work really well for small kitchen spaces. Using one wall for floor to ceiling cabinetry may allow you to avoid cabinetry on other walls, opening up the space and making it feel larger. Make the best use of minimal space by customizing floor to ceiling cabinetry.

The Kitchen Showcase can help you determine if floor to ceiling cabinetry is the right style for your kitchen and customize them to optimize your space. Give them a call today to learn more.

Use Accents To Accentuate Kitchen Design and Style

Your kitchen design should reflect your tastes and style and the more functional needs of the space. Consider adding accents to your kitchen design if you enjoy spaces that mix and match contrast with continuity. When making your kitchen vision a reality, there is an astonishing number of decisions to make. Often, choosing your kitchen hardware can fall to the end of the list. However, it’s good to remember before choosing them that you can use your cabinets’ kitchen hardware as accents to accentuate your kitchen design and style. If this sounds intriguing and fun, read on to discover how to design your kitchen with a little more personality.

How To Use Kitchen Accents

Kitchen knobs, pulls, and other kitchen hardware come in several styles and numerous finishes and sizes. With some careful planning, the colors and materials of your kitchen hardware can be mixed and matched to convey the perfect accents to your kitchen design. When you get your accents just right, they can add an extra layer of detail to your overall kitchen design.

Contrast and Match To Make Your Kitchen Colors and Materials Pop

Contrast and match to make your kitchen colors and materials pop.

Before you make your final kitchen hardware purchase, it’s a good idea to test all the pieces with your cabinets, colors, and overall style. Besides making sure you’ve got the perfect mix of matching and contrasting colors and materials, you’ll also want to ensure you blend style with substance. Not only do you want your kitchen hardware to add accents to your kitchen design, but you also want it to be comfortable to grab onto and use. Remember, it’s important that your kitchen design represents both your personal style and the more practical nature of a kitchen. Taking both into consideration will allow your kitchen to function optimally and look fantastic.

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Designing a Kitchen Pantry With Louvred Cabinets

Louvred cabinets

When it comes to designing your kitchen pantry, consider finishing it with a look that is both attractive and functional — louvred cabinets. Often seen on closets, outdoor pool cabanas, and laundry rooms, louvred cabinets also make a nice decor accent piece to compliment your kitchen cabinetry.  For a coordinated look throughout your kitchen, consider louvred cabinets for all your kitchen cabinetry needs. For a kitchen pantry that may house long-term staples, louvred cabinets make a lot of sense since they support the movement of air in your home. If you’re not sure what louvred cabinets look like or aren’t yet convinced they’re a good idea for your kitchen pantry, keep reading to learn more.

What Are Louvred Cabinet Door Styles?

Louvred cabinets have doors that are made with horizontal slats, creating a unique style. This door style adds great texture and an interesting visual element to a modern kitchen. Doors on louvred cabinets usually have spaces between each slat, making them great for cabinets that require ventilation, like a kitchen pantry.

Benefits of a Louvred Cabinet Door Style

Louvred cabinet doors look great and let air flow where you need it to.

A kitchen pantry needs the ventilation provided by louvred cabinets to avoid the build-up of mold and moisture. This cabinet door style is perfect for high humidity. Often, in the heat of summer, your kitchen needs that extra ventilation. Louvred cabinets make a great option when located near an entertainment cabinet that houses your electronics, such as the cable box, router, stereo, and laptops. In the cold Coloradoan winter, louvred cabinets allow hot air to flow from your radiators, keeping your home warm and dry from any moisture build-up.

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Choosing the Right Rustic Kitchen Cabinets for a Country Kitchen

Kitchen design trends come and go, but the country kitchen design never gets old. Whether it takes us back to less complicated times or adds some rural charm to an urban aesthetic, country kitchens remain popular. This kitchen style naturally mixes rustic kitchen cabinets with materials like exposed brick and porcelain to achieve a country kitchen effect. Country-style kitchens use natural materials like reclaimed and distressed wood and generally have an unpretentious and welcoming layout.

Often incorporated into an open kitchen design to accommodate a large eating area, this kitchen design also works well in a more intimate and cozy space. Adding earth-toned colors — either to an accent wall or on your kitchen island — will help tie all of these elements together.

Characteristics of Distressed and Reclaimed Wood for a Rustic Country Kitchen

country rustic kitchen nine
Rustic kitchen cabinets add an authentic vibe to your home.

One of the most prominent characteristics of a country-style kitchen is the inclusion of rustic kitchen cabinets. The rustic look is achieved by incorporating distressed and reclaimed wood into your kitchen cabinet doors. Distressed and reclaimed wood contains prominent grain patterns and uses wood that has a natural patina. Rustic kitchen cabinets work really well in farmhouses, or those homes situated close to other natural landscapes. Choosing hardware for its complementary style will take your rustic kitchen cabinets to a new level of charm.

Benefits of Rustic Kitchen Cabinets

Besides fitting in beautifully with evergreen kitchen design trends, rustic kitchen cabinets also provide many other benefits. Their use of reclaimed wood — wood recycled from its original purpose — makes them a sustainable and eco-friendly choice. The natural warmth of distressed wood adds an authentic vibe to your home. Use a mix of various types of wood to add dimension and texture to your rustic kitchen cabinets, but don’t overdo it. Too much of this gorgeous design element can detract from the desired look of authenticity.

If you’re excited to create a country-style kitchen design or have questions on how to get this look, contact The Kitchen Showcase today. They can provide expert advice and a free quote.

Contemporary Kitchen Cabinet Styles

It can be hard to keep the design concepts of modern and contemporary kitchen cabinets apart. However, there are some subtle differences between these two styles. Modern design references a specific design movement from the early 20th century and follows stricter rules. Contemporary design tends to have more freedom and follows more dynamic guidelines, which can change depending on the context. Contemporary kitchen cabinet styles can fluctuate with trends but are always in style.

What Are the Aesthetics of Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets?

The style of contemporary kitchen cabinets blends a modern and minimalistic aesthetic with minimal detail and adornment. Contemporary kitchen cabinets may blend flat-fronts, some stone or wood features, and sleek fixtures like tile to create a chic design. These cabinets have clean and simple lines. Slab and flat panel cabinet door styles are popular in contemporary kitchens.

Benefits of Slab and Flat Panel Cabinet Doors

Contemporary kitchen cabinets outfitted with slab or flat panel doors are easy to clean due to their lack of detail and texture. With few crevices and little joinery, dust and grime have a hard time accumulating.

Design a contemporary kitchen with flat panel cabinets and add a splash of color to your world.

When considering contemporary kitchen cabinets for your kitchen, keep in mind the nature of the finish and how it will reflect light. Their placement in your kitchen can help you decide if they are the best cabinets for your space. While the flatness of contemporary kitchen cabinets is highly effective at dispersing natural light, you’ll want to ensure they won’t cause a glare in your kitchen. Opting for a matte rather than a gloss finish can help take care of this concern.

Because the design of contemporary kitchen cabinets in the slab style is flat, your kitchen color will present a solid block that can provide a breathtaking visual effect in many different types of kitchens.

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How to Design an Open Concept Kitchen

Interior design trends

A major interior design trend popular in the past few years has been the open concept home. Open concept has also taken over recent kitchen design trends and kitchen cabinets. This trend allows an open concept-designed home to have a consistent design flow throughout the main living area. An open concept home that flows into the kitchen allows you to cook and socialize with your family or dinner guests while meals are prepared. Gone are the days when one person — almost always the woman of the house — worked away in the kitchen alone, only to serve a finished meal to her family in a separate dining room. Let’s find out how you can join this kitchen design trend without having to remodel.

What Is an Open Concept Kitchen?

An open concept kitchen is characterized by open shelves that openly display your kitchenware and decorative objects. This design makes the kitchen feel lighter, airier, and more open. If you’re concerned about dust gathering, consider glass-fronted cabinets for a blend of open concept and classic kitchen cabinets.

With The Kitchen Showcase, you can perform kitchen design upgrades without needing to remodel.

How To Create an Open Concept Kitchen Without a Complete Remodel

If you’re not in the market for a complete overhaul and redesign of your kitchen, but you love the open concept kitchen design, a simple design trick is to take the doors off of some of your kitchen cabinets. Rather than removing all the doors, you can do this strategically to create dimension and an interesting visual aesthetic. Consider which items in your kitchen you want to display openly and which items still need to be hidden behind a cabinet door.

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Cabinet Door Styles for Modern Farmhouse Kitchen

3 of the Most Popular Kitchen Styles Today

Modern farmhouse kitchens offer a welcoming blend of the best cabinet door styles from both yesterday and today. This satisfying kitchen design features both warm and elegant details of natural wood, exposed hardware, metal, and brick. Finding the perfect design for your kitchen cabinet door styles to achieve a chic farmhouse kitchen can take time and patience. There is a certain combination of elements that need to be just right to make this style work. If the modern farmhouse kitchen is the look you’re after, we’ve got some great tips that will help you make the right choices when it comes to kitchen cabinet door styles.

Keep Your Kitchen Modern, but Rustic and Farmhouse Chic With the Right Kitchen Cabinet Doors

New kitchen counter tops in Denver
Design a new kitchen in Denver.

Shaker cabinet door styles are a very popular kitchen cabinet door selection. The simple design of Shaker kitchen cabinets gives them a timelessness that can transition with your household as needed. Their minimalist nature makes shaker cabinets a good canvas for creative hardware. This style is an excellent choice if you’re looking for both a modern and rustic design. Blend a modern color palette with a rustic style for a modern farmhouse chic kitchen cabinet.

Characteristics of Shaker Cabinet Door Styles

Shaker kitchen cabinet door styles typically have a simple recessed center panel surrounded by a five-piece door. Some Shaker kitchen cabinets are minimalistic with little adornment, while others have detailing like decorative edging. The drawer fronts of Shaker cabinets come in various styles, including the modern slab drawer designs. Five-piece drawer fronts are popular for a kitchen design that is both modern and farmhouse chic.

White is the classic and traditional color for these kitchen cabinet door styles, but various shades of blue have also become very popular for a more modern kitchen.

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Timeless Cabinet Trends to Consider

wooden kitchen cabinets

Timeless kitchen cabinet trends aren’t the types of fads that come and go. Take, for example, kitchen cabinets that feature natural wood — they never go out of style. If you select timeless cabinet styles based on their design’s staying power and how well they’ll age, you’ll make a great long-term investment in your home. The following timeless cabinet styles are sure to stand the test of time. If you’re looking for some great kitchen cabinet trends, we’ve got some great ideas for you.

Trends Come and Go, but Some Kitchen Cabinet Aesthetics Are Timeless

To ensure your new kitchen cabinets don’t need updating in five years, incorporate timeless cabinet design elements that won’t be passé tomorrow. By choosing wood cabinetry, you’ll be guaranteed to love your kitchen cabinets for many years to come. Wood cabinetry offers a classic look that adds warmth and sophistication to any space. Cabinetry that highlights wood’s natural colors and grains is also very versatile and easy to maintain. To give your wooden timeless cabinet styles a modern and authentic appeal, consider leaving them ‘au naturel.’

Kitchen cabinets and storage
Talk to our experts about cabinetry and storage when designing your dream kitchen.

Modern Cabinet Color Trends

To add a hint of contemporary design to your timeless cabinet styles, consider incorporating a bit of color. All shades of blue are hugely popular right now for kitchen cabinets. Choose a hue of blue that creates a warm, country-style feeling or, with a very dark blue shade, you’ll create a more modern and sleek look. Keeping the application of any color simple and subtle will create a timeless effect.

If you do decide to paint, complement your kitchen cabinets with natural wood accents to bring the warmth of wood back into your space.

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Warm Natural Earth Tones Are Big Interior Design Trends

You may think that bringing the outdoors in is only possible by adding in plants and other greenery, but there are some other ways. You can use warm natural earth tones within your home to stay on top of the interior design trends, while also bringing the outdoors in. 

You can use natural earth tones for the wall color, backsplash countertops, and many other home improvement elements. If you work with a specialist, they can help you choose the right earth tones and how to use them best.

We Want Our Homes to Be More Warm and Organic

Natural earth tones are making their way back into interior design because they provide an organic, warm feeling. More people stay inside these days, and cold, minimalist colors like light gray and light blue are just not enough to keep you comfortable. When looking at potential home improvements, consider dark chocolate tones for doors, banisters, and cabinetry. You can also consider olive-brown and other environmental tones for paint colors to complement some of the other furniture you choose. 

When renovating a kitchen, you can use these colors for cabinetry and backsplash. These interior design trends are an excellent way for you to transform your house into a home.

Earthy tones are trending in 2021.

Taking a Page from Nature 

Another great way to take a page from nature is by integrating your outdoor landscape with your interior design. If you have large windows in your kitchen, you want to landscape the backyard or front yard to extend your interior space. 

Similarly, if you use specific colors in a kitchen or bathroom, you may want to put the same colors out in your landscape. Figuring out the right earthy tones may prove difficult if you don’t have an interior designer’s experience. Thankfully some experts can help you. 

Contact The Kitchen Showcase, and we can provide you with a free consultation so that you can start making your home feel more warm and earthy.

Color and Patterns Are Returning to the Home

The minimalist home is becoming a thing of the past. People now want bold colors and fun patterns as it is a great way to add life to a space. When looking at interior design trends for this year, colors and patterns are returning, and some think they are here to stay. 

Using different colors and textures, you can add individuality and create an atmosphere that exudes personality. Check out some of the interior design trends that are becoming increasingly popular this year.

2021 Interior Design Trends

In 2021, the interior design trends are incorporating bigger, bolder, and brighter pops of color. Think fun wallpaper and backsplashes with funky patterns. Many people are now trying to incorporate flowers, other artistic designs, and geometric shapes into these accent areas to add a playful quality to the kitchen and bathroom.

If you are looking around your home, thinking it is a bit boring, you may want to try some of these bold interior design trends. Ensure you are working with a specialist so that your design is executed flawlessly.

Bold yellows can add a positive energy to your kitchen.

Brighten up the Home With Some Color

Adding color to your home will not only keep you on-trend, but it is also an excellent way to brighten darker spaces and create a vibrant and energetic atmosphere. With more people staying at home, whether it’s working or sitting in class, you must be cultivating an atmosphere of positivity. Bold colors and patterns are the best way to do this.

There are no more neutral color schemes or gray on gray. These minimal colorless trends are out, and the bold colors and patterns are in.

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