When you want to complete a major bathroom renovation, you are going to need the help of a professional with decades of proven results. A lot of homeowners get worried about completing a significant renovation because it often means that a lot of stress and high costs are sure to follow. But this doesn’t have to be the case. Here’s how you can create the perfect bathroom design in Colorado without breaking the bank or causing undue stress.

Use Less Tile

While tile is a staple of most bathrooms, it is completely possible to create a stunning bathroom design in Colorado without using a lot of tiles or any tile at all. The benefit of doing this is that tile can quickly become quite expensive, especially when done by a professional. So instead, you might want to try and stick to paint.

Choose Less Popular Granite Countertop Styles

Leather Finish on Ubatuba Granite image
Granite imperfections can look even better when used strategically.

Granite countertops are by far the most popular choice used in bathrooms. Luckily, there are ways for you to still get your gorgeous granite countertops while also saving some money. To do this, you’ll need to pick a less popular color, which is typically anything other than a brown, tan, or light beige. Since these colors are the more commonly used ones, they tend to also be the more expensive ones. Therefore, you’ll want to go with some non-neutral color to get a bit of a price break.

You can also pick some granite that has eye-catching imperfections to get an even further discount.

Rely on Paint

One of the best ways that you can make your bathroom renovation as cheap and easy as possible is to put a big focus on painting. By repainting the bathroom, it can help to completely change the way it looks. Plus, it is a very easy thing to do and does not cost much money.

Whether you are working with a small budget or not, make sure that you contact us at The Kitchen Showcase whenever you are ready to start your bathroom renovation.