A bedroom should be comfortable and simple. The bedroom is a private sanctuary from the rest of the home; a place where you can collect your thoughts, and wind down from a busy day. Most importantly, your bedroom should allow you to get a good night’s sleep. We have a few tips to planning and designing a new bedroom to make it the most peaceful room in the house.

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Your bed should be the focal point of your bedroom.

In Bedroom Design, Simplicity is your Friend

You should have space to breathe in your bedroom. Too much clutter and chaos can make it too busy and stressful. Your bedroom should be calm and cool. With most bedrooms, your bed is the focal point, so start there.

Where to place the bed

Your bed should be as far away from the bedroom door as possible, and good feng shui tells us that the bed should not be in line with the doorway. Try placing your bed diagonally so that you can survey the entire room from your bed, as well as see the door.

Bedroom design service in Denver
Just because your bedroom should be simple doesn’t mean you can’t add some statement pieces and architectural flair. Make it your own!

Being able to see the door from your bed or facing the doorway when you sleep creates an atmosphere of calm. Having your back to the door while you sleep so that anyone entering can sneak up on you gives the illusion of stress and can lead to being uncomfortable in your own bedroom.
You also don’t want your bed to be hidden behind the door so that you feel cramped and backed into a corner.

Designing around your bed

Once you’ve found the perfect spot for your bed, it’s time to bring in some decorative furniture to make your bedroom functional, as well as give it a personal touch.
A separate seating area (if you have space) is great so that you aren’t always sitting in your bed when you are in the bedroom.

Extra seating and natural sunlight

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If you have enough space, add seating, like a chaise lounge, so you don’t always have to sit on the bed.

Look for the natural light sources and create a little reading nook or a stare-out-the-window-and-daydream nook where you can soak up some natural sunlight and give your soul a boost of energy.
Every bedroom deserves a lot of comfortable, colorful, fluffy, and decorative throw pillows.

 Coziness, romance…

The bedroom is also a place for romance, for both young and elder couples, so lighting both from the sun and from lighting fixtures are important. Lighting can help set the mood that you want, whether it’s reading a good book, being romantic, or crashing into a deep, peaceful slumber.

Decorating with personal items

Add some shelves or a small bookcase and add decorative items that mean something to you, like photographs, photo albums, your favorite books (not all of your books; just your favorite) and memorabilia. If there is one room in the house that should be a complete reflection of you, it’s the bedroom.

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Decorate your bedroom with a few personal items and photographs, but keep it simple. No clutter.

Designing a bedroom in Denver

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