Imagine not having to clean the backsplash after every cook. Imagine no grease finding its way onto your kitchen fixtures and walls. Imagine enjoying the sun on your back and the breeze in your hair while you cook food for yourself and your family. Imagine an outdoor kitchen that enables all of this!

Casual Living Magazine conducted a study and found out that 49% of homeowners already have dedicated outdoor cooking spaces or functional outdoor kitchens. The idea of an outdoor kitchen continues to grow in popularity every quarter, with a 65% increase in 2017, as found out by the American Institute of Architects.

An outdoor kitchen accommodating functional needs and aesthetic preferences is a sign of ultimate luxury. The sedentary lifestyle of today’s working-class leaves no chance to enjoy the outdoors. So imagine the influence the concept of blending open spaces into our usual architecture can have on our lifestyle and general attitude towards life. It is a sign of ultimate luxury!

Functional Outdoor Kitchen
High-end luxury outdoor kitchen equipment that is functional and weather-resistant by NatureKast.

Benefits of Outdoor Kitchens

  • A New Room
    An outdoor kitchen expands the size of the house while creating a customizable functional space to eat, relax, and unwind.
  • More Liveable Space
    If covered from the top, the outdoor kitchen acts as an additional living space.
  • A New Meeting Place
    During birthdays, holidays, and other special events, informal gatherings become even more memorable when celebrated outdoors instead of the usual living room.
  • Added Value to Property
    Among all home renovation projects, the installation of an outdoor kitchen offers one of the highest returns on investment.

How to Create an Outdoor Kitchen?

Here’s what you need to keep in mind while designing an outdoor kitchen:

  • Select durable materials to withstand the sun and weather
  • Keep the kitchen close to the house
  • Provide ample shade
  • Avoid areas with a lot of wind
  • Purchase appliances and outdoor kitchen equipment according to your needs

If you’re considering adding an outdoor kitchen to your home, schedule a showroom visit today and explore your options!