How to Survive Your Kitchen Remodelling

Hand craften wooden kitchen counter tops


If you want your kitchen remodeled while you’re staying home, you really want to read our tips!

You finally made up your mind, and you have taken the next step in enhancing your home’s appearance and value.
It is true that remodeling any space or room in your house is an uncomfortable situation, especially, the kitchen. It is a vital area, and we always want it clean and neat. Nonetheless, we have several tips and suggestions to share that can make the remodeling process more bearable. In the end, the reward will be fabulous.
LIU before Kitchen remodelling Denver

If you are staying home during the kitchen remodel, you might want to keep this in mind:

  1. Make a list of those places you would like to try.

You are not the only one with big plans for the holidays. There are a bunch of places and things to do in the city and all around.  If your kitchen is being remodeled, this is the perfect opportunity to try all those restaurants and hot all the fairs. So weeks before the remodeling begins, start making your list. If it’s a nicer place, book early and don’t leave busy days to chance, you will want a reservation if you want to get in.

2. Have a temporary kitchen.

You can set up a temporary kitchen in a “guest room” that doesn’t get much use. If you have small kids, you could have them share rooms while the remodeling takes place. Make it fun; it doesn’t have to feel like a sacrifice.
Your garage is a good option too if it’s insulated. The tools can be repacked, and one of the cars can sleep outside for a little while. It’s worth it if it means a place to cook, right? Surely your spouse will willingly sacrifice.

3. Freeze stuff ahead of time

Another useful tip is to cook a lot before the remodeling begins and stock the fridge and freezer with meals. You will need a meal plan for this. Going out at night is pretty fun, but nothing beats a delicious homemade dinner.

4. Fire up the Grill

LIU AFTER Kitchen remodellingTake advantage of a nice weather and fire up the grill. Nothing brings friends and family together like an outdoor meal. Make fun meals for the kids and have a couple of fun activities in line, that will get them unplugged from their mobile devices at least for a few hours.

5. Make sure no one gets hurt

Thought we’d just mention it. This may mean, communicating in advance where you’d like the installers to keep all tools and materials neatly. You may or may not want those organized and stored in your new cabinets. Communicate that clearly before it drives you crazy. Especially if you’re already using any extra space as a temporary kitchen.

6. Review appliance delivery dates

Usually, the garage is a good location to store any big boxes that might get delivered if they are not ready to be installed. It’s no biggie when a house is empty because they can even sit in a hallway. But if you’re undergoing the remodeling process while you’re still inside, a box with your new oven right across from your bedroom door, may not be your idea of ideal storage. So make sure to communicate clearly on delivery dates, to make the process as smooth as possible.
Hopefully, these tips will help you survive your kitchen remodeling if you have any questions feel free to contact us anytime.

Planning & Designing Your Custom Kitchen

Kitchen showcase in Centennial

Planning a custom kitchen is a complex process since there are multiple factors to consider, and the design team at The Kitchen Showcase are here to help point which deserves the most attention. With years of experience designing custom kitchens in Denver, Colorado and surrounding areas, The Kitchen Showcase has come up with a checklist that is sure to help you save both time and money when planning your space.
Designing a kitchen in Denver

  1. Style of Design: Custom kitchens can come in all styles and designs, ranging from traditional to modern/contemporary. You will want to select a design that best fits your home and matches your lifestyle.
  2. Color Selection: Much like the design of your custom kitchen, the color you select will help to set the atmosphere and tone of your room. Colors can match those of your home, or they can be bold and modern to add a twist to a traditional home.
  3. Countertop Finishes: Countertops come in a wide variety of shapes and materials, ranging from the cheaper laminate options to more expensive solid quartz and granite. The designers at The Kitchen Showcase can help you select a few options that will fit the style of your kitchen, as well as offer options at varying price points.
  4. Custom Kitchen Cabinets & Cupboards: Much like your countertops, kitchen cabinets and cupboards come in a variety of materials. Depending on your budget, you can select to have custom kitchen cabinets built from high-end solid wood, or you could have prefabricated ones installed instead. Materials and colors are easily interchangeable, giving you unlimited options when it comes to selecting which designs you prefer.
  5. Amount of Refrigerator Space Needed: When designing a custom kitchen be sure to note the size of the refrigerator that you plan on installing. This is one of the largest and most important appliances in your kitchen, so you will want to be sure that your design plan allows the right amount of space for it to sit. The placement of your refrigerator will also dictate the setup of your kitchen cabinets and counters, so be sure that you have selected a location that you are satisfied with.
  6. Sinkware and Location: Much like your refrigerator, you will want to carefully plan out the location of your sink, as it can be difficult to relocate in the future. Are you looking to install a smaller single bowl sink, or will you be in need of a larger double-bowl sink with two drains? Many like to locate the sink near to, or in front of a window, and it could mean that a new window must be installed to meet your needs.
  7. Appliances: Having already selected the desired location for your refrigerator and sink, take the time to map out where you would like to place other kitchen appliances, such as a stove, dishwasher or icebox. These tend to take up possible cabinet space, so do take the time to think about where certain things should be located. Must your stove be placed an arm’s length of your sink? Are you looking to have your dishwasher close to your cupboards? You want your kitchen to flow, and by understanding how each appliance accompanies one another, you can better decide what needs to be close to one another.

Custom kitchen remodel in Denver by TKSDenver Custom Kitchens & Design

It is a lot of work, we know, but by talking with the designers at The Kitchen Showcase you can give professional advice as to how you can better lay out your space. Designing a custom kitchen in Denver has never been easier, so give the team at The Kitchen Showcase a call today to get your dream kitchen underway.

Premier Appliances for Your Dream Kitchen

Denver kitchen appliances

The biggest kitchen design trend is sustainability. When you design with sustainability in mind, you are conscious of every product you buy, as well as the materials that you feature in your kitchen. Nothing says sustainable more than having energy-efficient appliances. The Kitchen Showcase (TKS) is pleased to recommend Specialty Appliances, Inc. to help you design an environmentally responsible kitchen.

Custom kitchen design
Customize your cabinets to fit your new energy-efficient kitchen appliances.

Customizing kitchen design to fit your appliances

When you are doing a complete kitchen remodel, the types of appliances that you choose will have an impact on the design of your counters and cabinets. Everything needs to flow in an efficient kitchen, and that means that your cabinets need to be customized to fit around your appliances. Your countertops also need to be fitted to allow for your new refrigerator, oven, microwave, etc. The new appliances may not be the same size as your old appliances, and your kitchen designer will have to make adjustments.

Energy-efficient appliances

At TKS, we pride ourselves in offering the absolute best products to our clients. The reason we love working with Specialty Appliances is their large selection of the best brands in the industry. You’ll be able to find the latest products, choosing the most energy-efficient appliances to fit the style of your kitchen, as well as meet your budget requirements.

The right appliances for your kitchen
Specialty Appliances has all the latest brands in kitchen appliances to meet your needs.

Choosing the best kitchen appliances

Specialty Appliances offer exceptional customer service. When you are looking for the best appliances for your kitchen, both in function and in style, you need to research your options. Not only will they invite you into their showroom, but they’ll even visit your home to help you make a more informed decision. There’s more to choosing a refrigerator than energy efficiency. The staff at Specialty Appliances will help you match all your requirements to the perfect appliance.

Interior kitchen design in Denver

Specialty Appliance is the Rocky Mountain region’s premier appliance supplier. They are a one-stop shop for the best brands at diverse price points. The designers at TKS will work together with you and the staff at Specialty Appliances to help you design your dream kitchen from cabinets, countertops, appliances, and more.
Let’s get started on your dream kitchen!

Elmwood Fine Custom Cabinetry

Kitchen showroom Denver

A proud addition to the Cabico family

The Cabico Group is one of America’s leading makers of custom cabinetry, and now, they are introducing a new series of fine custom cabinets, the Elmwood Series. Not only is Cabico committed to providing the best quality and craftsmanship to their products, but their commitment to sustainability and environmental responsibility make the Elmwood Series perfect for The Kitchen Showcase in Denver.

Elmwood custom cabinets in Denver
Elmwood custom cabinets are environmentally friendly and come in every style. Photo: Elmwood Series by Cabico, KBIS Photography

Sustainability and environmental responsibility

The Elmwood Series boast top-of-the-line cabinets to suit all styles including modern, contemporary, traditional, and more. Each cabinet can be customized to suit your aesthetic, making your kitchen a dream kitchen.
Elmwood is part of the Kitchen Cabinet Manufacturer’s Association (KCMA) and the Environmental Stewardship Program (ESP) ensuring that your kitchen cabinets meet the highest standards in quality and sustainability.

Elmwood sustainable cabinets materials


Bamboo is becoming a popular material for kitchen cabinets due to its sustainability. Bamboo is not a tree; it’s grass. Its durability makes it perfect for cabinetry, and its ability to grow fast makes it a very renewable material.
Elmwood Plyboo cabinets come in two colors: Natural Lite and Caramel.


Much like its bamboo cousin, Lyptus® grows extremely fast. Lyptus® is a hybrid tree derived from the eucalyptus species. Lyptus® solid wood cabinet doors are hard, dense, and bear the color of Mahogany.

Elmwood Custom Cabinets in Denver
The Elmwood Series is dedicated to sustainability and environmental responsibility. Photo: Elmwood Series by Cabico, KBIS Photography

Engineered exotic veneers

Several species of wood can be used to make engineered exotic veneers. For every tree harvested, ten saplings are replanted, preserving rare and exotic trees for future generations.
Slab style doors made with engineered exotic veneers come in seven different eco-friendly styles.

Kirei board

Kirei board is a strong, lightweight, durable, environmentally friendly wood substitute and is the newest element to the modern sustainable interior design.

Check out the Elmwood Fine Custom Cabinetry series at TKS in Denver

The Kitchen Showcase has been helping Colorado homeowners, builders, and interior designers fall in love with their homes for over 30 years. We are a family-owned business that specializes in best-in-class brands and expert service and design. We only carry proven brands that lead their price category for quality and value. What does this mean for you? You get higher-quality and better-looking products at incredibly competitive rates. Your neighbors will wonder how you did it!

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New in Kitchen Cabinetry Trends and Styles

Custom kitchen in Denver

Our designers are always on the lookout for the latest kitchen cabinetry trends. Kitchen Craft brings a new attitude to the traditional door styles, as well as bring in the latest in European kitchen cabinetry trends.

New kitchen cabinet trends
The Elan Cabinet Door Style is a new spin on an old classic cabinet door style.

New “traditional” cabinet door styles

Today’s cabinet door trends are to be simple and sophisticated. For a sleek and modern kitchen, homeowners are looking for the uncomplicated designs of a traditional cabinet door. But, along with the traditional, we’ve got two new cabinet door styles that mimic the delicacy and charm of the classic cabinet door.

Kitchen cabinet design trends
Soho cabinet door with horizontal grain detailing is the hottest new trend in cabinet door styles.

Horizontal Grain Cabinet Door Styles

If you want your kitchen to have that smooth contemporary vibe, we’ve got the ultra trendy Horizontal Grain Cabinet Door Styles. And, they’re available in all of our most popular slab door styles, so you can be sure to get the look you love.

Acrylic Material and Finishes

New Kitchen Cabinets in Denver
Acrylic cabinet doors are a bold and vibrant choice for a modern kitchen.

Acrylic materials and finishes are the latest in innovative kitchen design. Breaking up the traditional wood in your kitchen with acrylic cabinets can add energy and vitality to your home, giving it a modern, European-inspired vibe. If you’re looking to make a bold statement with your remodeled kitchen, ask us about our acrylic cabinets from Kitchen Craft.

Decora Cabinets

New Kitchen Trends in Denver
Decora cabinets trendy, timeless, and built by hand for lasting beauty.

A kitchen is a place for the whole family to gather. Make it authentic with our newest collection of full overlay doors. The Decora cabinets give your kitchen a sense of comfort and casual elegance.

Kitchen design and remodeling in Denver

If you’re already looking ahead to a big kitchen remodeling project or kitchen construction project, fill out our Kitchen Planning Questionnaire  and bring it with you when you visit our kitchen design showroom in Centennial, Colorado.
Already know what kinds of cabinets you’re looking for, request a free quote! 

2016 Tidwell Cabinetry Door Catalog

Kitchen design experts Colorado

Denver kitchen design
Design your dream kitchen. Mix and match 11 gorgeous new colors by Tidwell Cabinetry and Sherwin-Williams.

The new Tidwell Cabinetry door catalog is finally here! When you’re designing a new kitchen, you want the latest and the greatest. You don’t need to choose from 2015 colors when there are a whole array of new colors and styles to choose from in the 2016 catalog.

2016 cabinet door styles

We’ve got cabinets and doors in many styles and types of wood like maple, cherry, oak, beech, and knotty alder and the style can be either flat panel, or raised panel. It all just comes down to your personal style. Tidwell Cabinetry can make you doors to perfectly complement any style of kitchen, from contemporary to traditional and everything in between.

Kitchen and bath design Denver
Tidwell Cabinetry 2016 Door Catalog

2016 cabinet door finishes

Once you’ve decided on the type of wood, it’s time to look through the 18 painted finishes and a wide array of stains so that you never have to settle for anything less than your dream kitchen. Depending on the colors of the rest of your home, you can match the colors of the cabinets, or show off your eclectic and creative juices by mixing and matching.

2016 colors for kitchen cabinets

On top of past season colors, Tidwell has added 11 new colors to their repertoire, thanks to a partnership with Sherwin-Williams. Choose the exact color you want to bring warmth, elegance, and life to your dream kitchen.

For more information about the new 2016 cabinet doors by Tidwell Cabinetry, talk to one of our designers.

A Smart Refrigerator for Your Colorado Kitchen

The best appliances for your Colorado home from Specialty Appliance

A refrigerator is no longer just a refrigerator

It’s amazing what we expect from our appliances. We want them to last forever, be energy efficient, and now it seems we even want our refrigerators to think for themselves. Samsung just released its latest technological advancement: the smart refrigerator.

Custom kitchen remodel in Denver by TKS
A new kitchen deserves all new appliances.

The newest, smartest fridge on the market is going to revolutionize the way that we see refrigerators. By the time you’re finished watching the video below, you’ll be scowling at your old, stupid refrigerator wishing it could do more than just keep your groceries fresh.

The touch screen feature of the new smart fridge can inform and entertain you as you’re standing next to the fridge drinking milk straight out of the carton. You have all the features available at the touch of the screen, checking to make sure your fridge is always working optimally. Plus, you have access to your personal calendar, family photos, your TV, and the internet.

Kitchen design experts in Colorado
Talk to our design experts about the best appliances for your new kitchen.

Perhaps the coolest feature of all are the cameras located in the doors. Every Time someone opens and closes the door, the fridge takes a new photo of the content of your refrigerator. You’ll never have to spend time writing up a grocery list. All you have to do it ask your fridge for a content status update, and you’ll get the latest photo sent straight to your phone as you’re browsing the aisles at the grocery store.

The smartest refrigerator revealed

Colorado’s premier appliance supplier

Of course, not all of us can afford just north of $5000 on a new refrigerator. But, our experts can help you find the smartest, most efficient household appliances for your home. We recommend our clients hit the Rocky Mountain region’s premier appliance supplier, Specialty Appliance, for a one-stop shop for the best appliances available.

Colorado's largest selection of appliances

More Traditional Kitchen Designs & Remodels in Denver

Traditional Kitchen remodel in Denver - The Kitchen Showcase

Photos of one of the latest projects by our designer Mike Hall

Traditional kitchens in Denver are a popular choice. And a traditional kitchen designed by The Kitchen Showcase never has an old or outdated feeling; on the contrary, it is a glorious combination of a formal, elegant, warm, and classic look with great functionality and personal touches. If you don’t believe us, you can see for yourself in the gallery of one of our latest remodels:

About Mike

Mike has been a professional in the kitchen and bath industry for nearly 7 years. He graduated from Industrial Design at the University of Kansas and brings a unique perspective to The Kitchen Showcase. He uses his in-depth knowledge of cabinetry to creatively design a beautiful kitchen, while keeping your budget in mind.

With a philosophy of “user-centered” design, Mike strives to offer a unique space that functions well and meets his customer’s needs. His goal is to deliver his customers the kitchen of their dreams. In addition to design, Mike has extensive woodworking experience that includes custom furniture, cabinets, and musical instruments. Being a hands-on “shop guy” gives Mike a well-rounded understanding of cabinet construction as well as building processes and installation.

At The Kitchen Showcase we have all you need for Remodeling your Denver home

Choosing your dreamed kitchen style in Denver

Nowadays there are hundreds of different materials, styles and layouts for kitchens, bathrooms and more. So when you have so many options to choose from and a limited budget, knowing what your personal style and preferences are will help make the decision process easier for you and your kitchen designer. Then, once the vision for your new kitchen begins to take shape, the next step is to reach out to us at The Kitchen Showcase!
You can request a free estimate, call us at 303-799-9200, or visit our Denver showroom to have a discovery session with one of our professional kitchen and bath designerssuch as Mike- to discuss your ideas, plan a visit to see your space and understand what’s important to you, and get a feel for the individual needs of your home.

Amazing Kitchen & Family Room Creations by TKS

Custom kitchen remodel in Denver by TKS

Custom family room remodel in Denver by TKS

We are the experts in remodeling kitchens, baths, and more in Denver!

There is no better feeling than walking into your new kitchen, bathroom, or family room and knowing that it’s exactly what you wanted. That feeling when you realize that every decision you made, every dollar you invested, and every sacrifice you made was worth it!
At The Kitchen Showcase that’s what we work so hard to accomplish every day. We have been helping Colorado homeowners, builders, and interior designers fall in love with their homes for over 30 years, by being a family-owned business that specializes in best-in-class brands and expert service and design.
It doesn’t matter if you’re remodeling a tired kitchen or building a custom home. We are committed to offering exceptional products, service, and design, so you make the most of your budget! Take a look at one of the most recent remodeling projects that we’ve completed in Denver, which included a new kitchen, family room, and dining room:

By specializing in the best brands per price range, we can offer greater quality and value than any other kitchen and bath company in Colorado.

Designing your custom kitchen, bathroom and more in Denver

If you liked our work and want to explore the possibility of remodeling your kitchen, don’t hesitate to contact us! Dive into our incredible catalog and match the kitchen of your dreams to your budget and preferences. We have a wide range of styles, materials, and accessories that will make your custom kitchen remodel a success!
Choose from a Contemporary, Transitional, Traditional, Country/Rustic, Modern/Euro or Mountain Contemporary Kitchen. All of them have exquisite details and taste. Once you find the right one, you can begin selecting your cabinets and countertops from our numerous options.
Custom kitchen remodel in Denver by TKS

Stop by our new and beautiful Kitchen and Bathroom Design Showroom located in Centennial, Colorado, to talk with our professional kitchen & bath designers to start planning your new, dreamed kitchen or bathroom! We are open Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Evenings and Saturdays by appointment.

Traditional Kitchen Designs in Denver

Traditional remodel in Denver by John Rausch of TKS
Traditional remodel in Denver by John Rausch of TKS
Traditional remodel by John Rausch

Blending a “homey” feeling with modern functionality

Traditional remodel in Denver by John Rausch of TKS
No room is quite as multifunctional and has such a combination of design elements as the kitchen. Being the heart of the home, it has evolved from a strictly utilitarian unit into a versatile room to prepare food, entertain guests and share meals.
Traditional kitchens have that formal, elegant, “warm and classic” look characteristic of American and European homes of the 18th, 19th and early 20th centuries, but also need to successfully blend functionality with personal prerequisites.
So if you are considering a kitchen remodel for your Denver home, the traditional style is one that you can definitely personalize and bring the outdoors into your home by selected from different patterns, large bay windows and incorporate soft, muted colors such as creams, whites, taupes, light grays or greens. It’s a design that allows you to mix and match the layers of detail, including color and texture of the natural materials on the floors, in the cabinetry and with furnishings.

See some of our latest traditional kitchen remodels by John Rausch

As one of the newest members of our design team, John brings with him 12 years of design and project management expertise. Armed with a degree in Interior Design, John blended his craving for cooking with his appetite for space planning into a career in kitchen design.
From conception to completion, peace of mind is the feeling John’s customers experience while working through the design process with him. And that’s because he always has your best interest in mind. John is determined to provide you with the best design at the best price, delivered and installed in the best timeframe. The result is a “beautiful kitchen that cooks.” In other words, his projects not only boast beauty, but they function flawlessly.

So, once the vision for your new kitchen begins to take shape, the next step is to reach out to us at The Kitchen Showcase. You can request a free estimate, call us at 303-799-9200 or visit our Denver showroom to have a discovery session with one of our professional kitchen and bath designerssuch as John- to discuss your ideas and visit your home to see your space and understand what’s important to you and get a feel for the individual needs of your home.