What’s one way to add more counter and storage space to the kitchen and simultaneously make it look beautiful? An island!

A purpose-built island gives you the option of storage, functionality, and an excellent display all-in-one. If you own a large kitchen, adding an island can make a huge difference in how you can make use of that space efficiently. Moving your stove or sink to the island or treating it like a breakfast bar or as a table for the whole family to gather around at mealtimes – the possibilities to use the island are endless.

Island Upgrades

If you’re considering adding an island to your kitchen, you must decide on the primary purpose of the island. Here are a few ways an island adds purpose to your kitchen

Extra Storage

With easy access from all sides, your island can be installed with multiple storage cabinets and drawers, allowing for more space than the regular countertops.

Eco-friendly kitchen cabinets
Take a bold step away from the traditional white kitchen with black cabinetry and a black kitchen island.

Kitchen Amenities

Depending upon its total area, you can move your stovetop, sink, cutlery drawers, and dishwasher to your island. This lets you add even more functionality to your island.

Dining Area

Kitchen islands let you get rid of your dining table by acting like one. You can place stools or chairs around the island and make it a place where the whole family gets together at mealtimes.

Kids Place

From keeping your kids close, helping them with homework, giving them a play area, and keeping an eye on them, a kitchen island serves all purposes.

Island on Wheels

Usually, the word kitchen island brings to mind the image of a fixed cupboard in the center of the kitchen. There’s an option now to add a mobile island to your kitchen. It has wheels underneath that let you move it around as per your usage. You can even use it as an additional dining area when you’re having guests over.

Last Thoughts

Islands, if designed carefully, act as a focal point for the kitchen and enhance the workflow. You must design yours with a clear purpose of using it. If you need design inspiration, you can visit our gallery.