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Custom cabinets are one of the biggest aspects of remodeling your kitchen. You want to create a storage space that fits your sense of style, but also your lifestyle. Something may look good on the outside, but if it isn’t practical or useful, then the outer beauty quickly begins to fade. Even with a kitchen remodel, it’s what’s on the inside that counts. Many homeowners are looking at their kitchen cabinets and thinking, “there’s gotta be a smarter way to store all my stuff!” There is! You can switch out your base cabinets with roll-out drawers.

Modernize your kitchen
Large kitchen drawers instead of base cabinets are a great modern touch.

Customize your kitchen drawers for a seamless fit

You can customize cabinets and put in great lighting so that it’s easier to see what’s in the back, but being able to pull out a drawer all the way is going to make it much easier to reach the things that you’ve stored in the back. You can make some drawers deeper and longer, depending on your needs. Just like the classic cabinet, you can also customize kitchen drawers.

Drawers make your kitchen more efficient

Drawers can still have a surface that is cozy and rustic, even if having drawers in your kitchen is ultra modern. The brilliance of drawers isn’t in their outer appearance; it’s in their super-efficient design, and how they make organization so much easier. When you have drawers, you’ll never have to bruise your knees or knock your forehead when digging for a bowl at the back of a bottom cabinet. When you have a large drawer that you can pull out, exposing everything that you have in there, it’s going to make your kitchen so much easier to be in.

Modern kitchen design trends
Drawers are efficient and easy to organize.

Drawers keep the design clean

Clutter is never a good thing in a kitchen, which has lead to a much cleaner and more simplistic design style in modern kitchens. When you are choosing a front for your drawer, think about a simple clean slab in a light neutral color. If you need a pop of drama, you can go for bold hardware and pulls. When you choose drawers, it’s much easier to keep the design clean.

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