Most people thinking about kitchen remodeling in Colorado are generally concerned about design and appearance, but the bottom line always matters. Here’s some of the basic costs you can expect when trying to put together a price.

Cost Factors

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Cheaper costs generally require you to reuse some parts of your old kitchen.

If you do a little research, you can see remodels that cost around the $30,000 range, but this number doesn’t tell the entire story. For most areas, price ranges this low generally require some aspect of the kitchen to be reused in some way. For a complete renovation in most regions, you can expect it to get a lot higher. This is why a lot of budget-minded people end up opting for a cheaper option like upgrading a single appliance or redoing their cabinets instead. If you’re really committed, though, consider reaching out to an experienced kitchen designer to figure out the renovation capabilities of your space.

If you opt for the complete renovation, expect around 1/3 of your budget to go for things like plumbing, mechanical, electrical, and other work. Another 1/3 will go towards finish prices like your cabinets and appliances, and the rest will go towards installation. However, there will be other factors that can ultimately impact your budget. For example, you may want to opt for one cheaper finish to be able to splurge on another one you are interested in.

Finding Professionals

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