Custom Cabinetry May Be Expensive, But The Benefits Are Priceless

Custom Elwood Cabinetry

Even if you’re designing your dream kitchen on a budget, you still want to make sure that every dollar is put to good use. There are some areas of a home remodel where you don’t want to cut any corners. If you’re going to splurge on one area of your kitchen remodel, let it be the cabinets.

Why Splurge on Cabinets

Being able to custom design kitchen cabinets is priceless. You have complete control of the look, the style, the type of wood, the finish, and the functionality. Custom cabinets mean you don’t have to compromise, and that’s worth every penny you pay.

Customize your cabinetry
Customize your cabinetry to fit every function and style.

Customized to Your Kitchen

Every kitchen is different in shape and size. Pre-finished and semi-custom cabinets are going to have limits, and you’ll have to make some compromises and adjustments. Custom cabinets are customized to fit the exact shape and size of your kitchen. No space will be wasted, and every cabinet will have a purpose.

Smart Storage

Cabinets need to be customized to take advantage of every inch of your kitchen, but they also need to be functional. The cabinets you design should fit your needs. Make sure there are storage possibilities for all your kitchen appliances, utensils, and cookware. The more organized and functional your kitchen, the more harmonious it will feel.

Custom Elwood Cabinetry
Custom Elwood Cabinetry


Think about adding some variety to your storage needs, like shelving, drawers, and custom storage units for specific items. Everything should have its place, and all cabinets should be easy to reach as well as make it easy to find things in the kitchen.

Customized to Your Style

With custom cabinetry, you also get beautiful artistry and craftsmanship. The cabinets can be crafted to perfectly match your style and flow with the architecture of your home. Custom craftsmanship creates flow and cohesions, as well as stunning artistry that can elevate your entire home.

Custom cabinets also have great resale value when it’s time to sell your house.

Custom Kitchen Cabinetry in Denver

The Kitchen Showcase team is proud to partner with Elmwood Kitchens to bring you top-of-the-line cabinets to suit a wide variety of tastes including modern, contemporary, traditional, and more for the kitchen of your dreams.

How to Utilize Space and Organize a Tiny Kitchen

The smaller the kitchen, the more important it is to organize. Organizing a small kitchen makes use of every inch of space, while still using the space, as open and free of clutter as possible. Here’s how to make the best use of the little space you have to make your tiny kitchen a dream kitchen. 

Organizing Essentials

When it comes to organizing a tiny kitchen, how you utilize cabinets and drawers will make all the difference. We often misuse the space we have in our storage units. You have to start thinking creatively so that you can take advantage of unused space. The types of storage you choose can also make better and more efficient use of the small space, without compromising style. Using every inch of space doesn’t mean you have to have wall-to-wall cabinets and cluttered countertops. Freeing up space on the walls and your countertops isn’t wasting space because the effect has a purpose and is necessary to make a small space feel open and airy. 

Utilize the space inside all of the cabinets and drawers to free up floor and counter space.

Cabinet Doors

Many times we forget about the space that we have on the back of cabinet doors. You may be able to hang cooking utensils or other items on the inside of the door instead of having them on the countertop. 

Making room for the trash can under the sink, or even hanging on the back of a lower cabinet door is an efficient use of space that simultaneously frees up space in the kitchen. 

Kitchen Drawers

Organizational units for kitchen drawers will make smart use of the space in each drawer. Working in the kitchen is also going to be more efficient if everything in each drawer is organized. Often, the back of each cabinet is useless because it is difficult to reach and see what is stored there. Having big deep drawers instead of cabinets is also a much more efficient use of space. That enables you to store things in the back and still be able to reach each item when you pull out the drawer. 

Hanging Cooking Utensils

To free up counter space and cabinet space, hanging pots and pans from the ceiling will add some warmth and a cozy and artistic design effect. Another useful way to hang things is the magnetic knife strip that hangs on the wall. 

Drawer organizational units are essential to create space and flow in a tiny kitchen.

Adding Space and Creating Flow

Anytime you can free up counter space or floor space is a good design move. If your floor is open and your countertops are clear, you will create the illusion of a much bigger kitchen with a much better flow. The more you can create smart storage to hide and store most of your kitchenware; the more tranquil the atmosphere will be when you step in the kitchen. Creating a clean, clear, and comfortable space to work in will make your kitchen more enjoyable and visually appealing.

Talk to professional kitchen designers about the best ways to organize and utilize the space in a tiny kitchen.

Three Ways to Update and Modernize Your Kitchen

Modernizing your kitchen will re-energize your entire home. If your kitchen feels outdated, but you don’t have the budget for a complete renovation, there are ways to make your kitchen feel brand new. Here are simple, yet dynamic changes that will update and modernize your kitchen.

When to Update Your Kitchen

Following interior design trends may keep your home up to date and modern. The problem with trends is that they go out of style. A contemporary home is only trendy for so long before it becomes outdated.
On the other hand, if you never follow trends or update your home, there’s a good chance that your kitchen is stuck in the past. Regardless of the reason, modernizing your kitchen is easier than you think. A few simple changes can quickly upgrade a kitchen and make it feel fresh again.

lighting fixtures
Update the hardware and lighting fixtures to invigorate an old kitchen.

New Hardware

One of the simplest and most cost-efficient ways to modernize the kitchen is to switch out all of the hardware. Getting shiny (or matte) new knobs and pulls can invigorate outdated design and make the kitchen feel more modern. Bringing in a few new lighting fixtures can also – literally – shine new light on an old kitchen.

New Cabinets

A more costly, but highly rewarding, upgrade is to change up the cabinetry, especially the upper cabinets. If all you have are cabinets, think about changing the type of storage you have. Shelves can add new dimensions and more efficient storage in some cases. New cabinets can be customized to meet modern needs.

new cabinets
Get new cabinets and functional storage.

Merely painting or staining your cabinets can make the kitchen feel more modern. Changing old and ornate cabinet doors to a sleeker and more minimalistic style can instantly revitalize outdated design.

New Countertops

Invest in new countertops. Make your kitchen more efficient by choosing a countertop material that will support a working kitchen. Natural stone countertops like granite and quartz are becoming increasingly popular for their durability and natural beauty. Countertops should be both functional and unique to your aesthetic and personal style.

Check out the latest styles of hardware, cabinetry, and countertops at our kitchen showroom in Denver.

How to Plan and Design an Iconic Kitchen Island

When you close your eyes and picture your dream kitchen, we bet it features a kitchen island. The kitchen island is often the centerpiece of any modern kitchen. If you have space, the island can be one of the most functional and fabulous additions to any kitchen.

Designing an Island for Your Kitchen

Before you start designing the island itself, you need to make sure that you have the right amount of space in your kitchen. The island is supposed to improve the flow of the kitchen. But if you try to force an island in a too-small space, it’s only going to get in the way and make your kitchen cramped and oppressive. If you have space, the island can bring drama and function to your kitchen, adding more storage space and more counter space.


To figure out if you have room for an island, you need to have an exact overview of your kitchen. For the island to be of any use, it should be at least 4 feet long and 2 feet deep. Anything less, and it’s going to be too small to serve any function. You also have to consider that you still want to have the traditional cabinets and storage along the walls, including kitchen appliances. Make sure you consider how much space this will take before you try to fit in an island.

Kitchen Island Function

If all you’re looking for is a bit of extra counter space, a small island may be quite sufficient. Many people have more ambitious goals for the kitchen island. The island is a great way to include a bit more storage space in the kitchen or even a casual seating area. If you use the island as a chopping and prepping station, you may want to include a sink and a trash receptacle. Figure out what functions you want the island to serve, and then make sure that you have space for an island big enough to fulfill each purpose.

Opening Doors and Drawers

One measurement that many forget to include is the space you’ll need to open cabinet doors, drawers, oven, refrigerator, and dishwashers. A common mistake is to design a kitchen that works when everything is closed, but when it comes to opening anything, you start banging into things. You also have to account for the space that you will need to move about in the kitchen while opening doors and drawers comfortably.

For more specific measurements and design ideas for your kitchen, including the iconic kitchen island, visit our kitchen showrooms and talk to a design expert.

Matching Countertop Materials to Your New Kitchen

Custom kitchen design in Denver

Kitchen countertops are a major focal point in the kitchen, so you have to choose the materials and style thoughtfully. Your countertops can also act as an intermediary material that helps tie your cabinets and your floors together. The color, texture, and style of your countertops should help you create a cohesive and unified design for your new kitchen.

Unifying Your Floors and Cabinets

We tend to put most of our focus on the floors and the cabinets when we remodel the kitchen. But your countertops play a major part in unifying your floors and your cabinets. If you are matching your cabinets and your floors, the countertops can also add some much-needed contrast to make the design pop. Contrasting materials can make your design have a more refreshing attitude, without making the kitchen feel too busy.

Use the countertop to add some contrast and make the rest of the kitchen pop.

Keeping Countertops Simple

Countertops can serve as a statement piece, but one mistake that we make is in being too fashion-forward and trendy in our choices. Simplicity is your friend when it comes to choosing countertops. Keeping your countertops simple, you can make other more daring choices with other aspects of your kitchen. Countertops aren’t easy to replace – or cheap – so by sticking to more classic and timeless choices for countertops means the style will last for a long time, even if you want to make some stylistic changes to other features to keep the kitchen fresh and modern.

Substance and Style

Make sure you don’t choose style over substance. Choose materials that will also serve a purpose, like giving you a solid surface to work on without damage. Your kitchen countertops should be able to live up to the kitchen lifestyle. The materials should be able to handle spills, moisture, heat, and lots and lots of chopping. There are plenty of countertop materials that are timeless, functional, and fashionable.

Stop by a Kitchen Showcase to check out all the options for kitchen countertops.

The Right Way to Design a Left-Handed Kitchen

Customizing cabinetry

About 15% of the population is left-handed, yet almost 100% of kitchens are designed to meet the needs of a right-handed person. If you’re remodeling your kitchen and you’re left-handed, this is your chance to customize your kitchen so that it suits your needs. After all, a kitchen should be functional and suited to the person who will be using it, so if you’re left-handed, then let your kitchen designer know so that they can help you plan accordingly.

Left handed kitchen design
Place the dishwasher to the left of the sink.

Being left-handed in a right-handed world

Too often, people who are left-handed have had to make adjustments to fit into a right-handed world. Unless you’re left-handed, you never realize how awkward it is to work in a kitchen that has been designed for a right-handed person. Since the majority of the world is right-handed, many designers won’t even think to take your left-handedness into consideration – until now.  If you’re left-handed, design your kitchen layout to make it flow with the natural movements of a left-handed person.

Designing for a left-handed person

When you custom-design a kitchen, it’s the little details that make it perfect for you. A left-handed person will most likely reverse the “regular” order of things in a kitchen, making everything feel backward to a righty, but then again, for the lefties, kitchens have felt like they were designed backward for generations.

Reversing the flow of the kitchen

Getting custom kitchen cabinets is your chance to make sure that the cupboard doors open to the left, making it easier and more natural for you to open and close. The same is true for the kitchen sink. If you have a faucet with a side lever, make sure it is placed to the left. You also need to talk to your designer about making sure that there is extra counter space to the left of the sink, as that is most likely where you’ll place clean dishes to dry. If you have a dishwasher, place it to the left of the sink. Similarly, place pots and pans to the left of the stove will make it easier and more comfortable for a left-handed person.

kitchen remodelling and design

Custom kitchen design in Colorado

When you visit The Kitchen Showcase in Centennial, be sure to mention to the designer that you are left-handed and plan your kitchen remodel to meet your needs. If the main person doing the cooking in the kitchen is left-handed, make design choices that make it easy for that person to move about smoothly and comfortably. The right-handed people who visit your kitchen will just have to adapt, just like left-handed people have been adapting to right-handed kitchens in the past.

Visit our kitchen showroom and design your left-handed dream kitchen.

History Behind the Hottest Modern Interior Design Trend

Open floor plan

The open floor plan has become hugely popular, but where did we get the concept of “open floor” plan? Trends come and go so often that we sometimes forget that every trend has a history and an origin. Let’s take a look at where the open floor plan concept originated, and why it keeps popping back up as a popular interior design trend.

Open floor plan history

Before the 1950s, the floor plan consisted of a hallway running through the house, as sort of “yellow brick road” taking you to every separate room. Unlike today, where the kitchen is the heart of the home, pre-war kitchens were often placed in the back of the home. The kitchen was merely a functional space, not fit for socializing, and certainly not grand enough for entertaining guests.

Interior design trends
The open floor plan concept emerged during the baby-boom, post-WWII.

Communal Spaces

After the 1950s the open floor plan began to emerge. Frank Lloyd Wright began to design homes that combined the dining area and the living space, but the kitchen was still kept hidden. There was even an “upstairs/downstairs” mentality, and the kitchen was considered a place for working, not socializing. However, as the family dynamic changed and living situations became more casual, the open floor plan had some advantages.

Open floor plan Advantages

The baby-boom post-WWII meant many more families with children. Having the kitchen shut off from the rest of the house made it difficult for parents to cook and keep an eye on the kids at the same time. Tearing down a few walls and creating one big communal living space was much more convenient.
New homes were necessary to house the rise in population and families. Many homes were squeezed into smaller spaces. The open floor plan would allow for more interior space in smaller homes. Eliminating walls would free up a lot more space for growing families.Open floor concept

Interior design trends

The open floor plan has become a trend in modern interior design because it adds both an ease and a sophistication to the home. The open floor concept lets the home be one cohesive communal space for family and entertaining. It also elevated the kitchen to its rightful place as the heart of the home, and not tucked away in the back.
The Kitchen Showcase has been helping Colorado homeowners, builders, and interior designers fall in love with their homes for over 35 years.

Fashion Forward Kitchen Design Trends in 2019

Fashion forward kitchen trends

When you design your kitchen, you want to think about elements that are functional and appealing. Get inspiration from current trends, but always stay true to your taste and needs. Customization will never go out of style. Here are fashion-forward kitchen trends that are both fashionable and functional.

Two principals of kitchen design

The two significant principals of good kitchen design are function and beauty. With every design choice, ask yourself, if that choice either adds a necessary function or if you think it adds to the decor. If it doesn’t fit into those two categories, then leave it out of your kitchen. The best design is when every item in your kitchen is both functional and beautiful.

Kitchen design
Make shelving both fashionable and functional.

Functional and fashionable

You don’t want your kitchen design to be too busy, so finding elements that are both fashionable and functional will help you streamline your design and keep it simple. If you can make your choices check both the functional and the fashionable boxes, then you’re going to end up with a kitchen design that is timeless.

Clever storage

Find clever ways to create storage spaces in your kitchen, utilizing every inch of your kitchen to maximize the space.

Custom kitchen cabinets

Find beautiful and exciting ways to conceal storage areas with custom cabinetry. You can also make a statement with your storage by using contrasting materials like glass and metal to highlight and show off a functional aspect of the kitchen. Add fashion to the function of custom kitchen cabinets.

Kitchen backsplash
Smart storage and beautiful backsplash are fashion-forward kitchen trends.

Artistic backsplashes

Backsplashes are functional, catching dirt and food grease on an easy to wipe and clean surface. However, you can create a piece of art with a backsplash. Make it both functional and fashionable.
Stop by the Kitchen Showcase in Denver to see the latest fashion-forward kitchen design trends.

The Kitchen Showcase Helps a Family Rebuild After Hurricane Harvey

Kitchen remodel

When Hurricane Harvey struck, many families were caught off guard. One of those families were Kim and Dan Fernald, and their four kids. On August 26th, 2017, their family home in Friendswood, Texas became another victim to the devastating flooding. TSK is proud to help the Fernald family rebuild their kitchen after hurricane Harvey.

Kitchen rebuild by The Kitchen Showcase
Rebuilding after hurricane Harvey.

Hurricane Harvey

When all was said and done, hurricane Harvey had become one the most destructive in US history, claiming over 125 billion dollars in damage. Much of that damage came from heavy flooding caused by a prolonged and heavy downpour. When Harvey hit Texas, the Fernald family all but assumed that they would be out of danger. After all, they lived in Friendswood, a southwestern suburb of Houston. Surely they would be out of the destructive reaches of Harvey, and all of their neighbors shared the belief that Harvey would not move over Houston, and if it did, it would not hover for long. They were wrong on both fronts.

Devastating flooding

Remodeling a kitchenAs they sat and watched from their beautiful brick home, the rain started coming in harder and heavier. Over the next four days, they watched as their city got over 50 inches of rain. Watching the water creep over their lawn and closer to the home they realized that it was too late to think about evacuating. The only thing to do was to move up to the second floor and take as many belongings as possible. When Harvey subsided, the house had taken on 26 inches of water. Relieved that they had survived the hurricane, the Fernald’s had to start assessing the damage and the next steps. Staying in the house would be unbearable, not just because of the flooding, but because it was August in Texas without electricity, and therefore, no AC!

Community to the rescue

Hurricane Harvey Rebuild
Boy Scouts to the rescue!

Surrounded by water, they spent hours trying to find a solution to get to dry ground. Both cars had taken on too much water, and there was too much water in the streets to drive anyway. But, the community that they had become a part of, participating in sports, PTA meetings, and other community activities would soon come to their rescue. After a couple of hours trying to get help, a boy scout troop came by the house in canoes to take them to safety, and finally to a friends house.
When the Fernald’s were finally able to return to their home to assess the damage they feared the worst. Instead, they were met by their neighbors, friends, teachers, and many others from the community who had shown up to lend a hand. For one family, the damage seemed insurmountable, but with a whole community rallying behind them, anything is possible. Within a few days, they had torn out drywall, carpet, food, and furniture that were damaged by the flooding.

Rebuilding after hurricane Harvey


Before Hurricane Harvey
Before hurricane Harvey

Watching the devastation caused by Harvey was hard for the victims, but also family and friends watching from around the country. Now that recovery efforts are well on their way, the whole country has been able to pitch in with donations and labor to help families, businesses, and entire cities recover and rebuild. An employee of The Kitchen Showcase is related to the Fernald’s, which means that the Fernald’s are part of the TSK family. We were happy to pitch in when the Fernald family needed help rebuilding their kitchen.

Rebuilding the kitchen

The old kitchen was a quaint country style kitchen with golden wood cabinets, an island, and a pop of color from the blue dining chairs. Since we were doing a complete rebuild of the kitchen we capitalized on the chance to modernize the kitchen design, make it a bit more streamlined and sophisticated, while still maintaining some warmth and rustic charm.

White Cabinets

Kitchen remodel
After the kitchen rebuild.

We went with classic white cabinetry to brighten the space, making it feel clean and neat. Then we added some dimension and texture using a few styles of cabinets doors, some solid, some with glass to show off beautiful china and kitchenware. We softened the white cabinets with a charcoal brown kitchen island with natural stone countertops. The white brick backsplash on the walls gives the design cohesion with the architecture of the brick home. The finishing touch is warm dark wood floors and long wooden dining table.

Smart and efficient kitchen design


Kitchen design
After hurricane Harvey.

We’ve also made sure to add smart features, including storage, seating, sockets, and outlets for a modern kitchen with modern technology. When you design a kitchen, even if you like the style to be rustic you still need to add smart features that make it easy to fit into your modern lifestyle. We also made sure that the kitchen island had a lip so that it was easy and comfortable to sit in the barstools around the island.
The Kitchen Showcase loves to give back to our community and our extended family across the country. We are so fortunate to be in a position to give back when catastrophe strikes or when we see people in need. Without our dedicated customers who use our services to remodel, rebuild, or rethink their homes, we would not be able to give back in times of need. Stop by the Kitchen Showcase next time you are remodeling a room, a kitchen, a bathroom or an entire home.

Design Ideas for Your Laundry Room

Design Ideas for Your Laundry Room

Get Creative with the Cabinetry in Your Laundry Room

Laundry rooms are more than just the washer and dryer. You need plenty of storage to make your life easier. A little creativity can turn any’ blah’ laundry room into a great place with lots of valuable storage space. Here are some ideas to inspire a different type of cabinetry for your laundry room.

Design a utility roomDare to Go for a Multi-Colored Scheme

Who said laundry room cabinets have to be all the same color? Using neutral colors that complement each other add a nice touch and also make the room feel lighter, brighter and give it a contemporary feel, particularly in tiny rooms.

Take Advantage of Every Inch

Don’t throw away space just because of a weird angle. With custom laundry room cabinets you can take advantage of all that space, and give your laundry room a unique look. Instead of leaving some space between your countertop and your cabinets add some drawers or slim cabinets for more storage. Got some dead space under your sink? Create a pet nook for your beloved fur friend. Every inch counts, so make them count.

Keep Things Simple in Small Spaces

When space is an issue, try to streamline your design. Avoid having too many details on your cabinets or a lot of colors. Go for a simple style cabinet and some shelves. The simpler the design, the bigger the space will seem.

Get Creative with the Cabinetry in Your Laundry RoomUse a Variety of Storage Types

You can mix and match storage types to come up with a combo that works for you. Try adding closed doors for your cleaning products or to store clean clothes, some open shelves for baskets, and maybe even some narrow slots. Variety adds fun to your design.

Add a Little Umph with Some Details

For bigger spaces, it is nice to add some texture to your cabinetry. Consider crown molding and trim to add some visual appeal. Little details can make a big difference in the final look of your laundry room. Fold some towels to put on your shelves, add pretty containers and accessories for a pop of color.
Laundry rooms don’t have to be boring. With the right design, you can turn it into a beautiful room that you will enjoy being in. All you need is the help of experts, like our design team at The Kitchen Showcase. Let’s talk and get started on your project.