The Main Ingredient in Interior Design and Home Décor

When furnishing your space, you may wonder what the main ingredient in interior design and home décor is. Having your main ingredient as a central motif throughout your space creates your own unique and personal style. 

The Main Ingredient Is YOU! 

Translating yourself into the main ingredient in interior design of your home creates a more personal and stylish outcome

How does that work? Well, the biggest trend in home design is to offer your needs, interests, and ideas to the space. This also involves accounting for comfort and hominess. 

Not every space works for everyone. That’s why building the space to your exact needs is very important. 

How You Can Incorporate Yourself 

Choosing styles that fit YOU rather than what the magazine says will have a great impact on your space!

How can you turn yourself into the main ingredient in interior design

Well, you can start by looking at your lifestyle. If you find that something does fit your lifestyle but is missing from your home, figure out how to include that element. 

For example, look for cabinets that you’re attracted to and fit your home, not just what’s in style, but what you like, what defines your interests, what would serve you with the most functionality for day-to-day life. With lighting and hardware, look for styles that appeal to you, not what the magazines say. 

You can also figure out the main ingredient in interior design for your needs by going to a kitchen showcase and finding your personal style in a new kitchen. You can get inspiration for the functional elements you desire for your kitchen as well. 

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Privacy Is the New Post-Pandemic Design Trend

The open plan kitchen has been around for years, with many contemporary homes still having an open concept that includes a kitchen, living room, and dining room. It is a layout that was originally used for economical and practical reasons — to make the most of a smaller space — but now this style is decreasing in popularity, due to all the time families have been spending at home, creating the need for privacy interior design!

More Privacy

Today more than ever, families have to come up with creative and innovative ways to make space in their homes for everyone. With kids doing school at home, parents working remotely, and the entire family spending time in and out of the living room, there just isn’t enough space for everyone to be comfortable. Post-pandemic, we might see families adding more dividers within the home, including the kitchen. Now that we’re all home all the time, and some of us may have to work from home permanently, it increases the need for privacy. This isn’t just so our family members don’t get on our nerves – it’s also because privacy improves work productivity and focus.

Open kitchens don’t allow for much privacy, as they often combine the kitchen, dining, and living room into one big space.

Separate Rooms for Separate Functions

Instead of creating an open concept with many different zones, homes are returning to individual rooms for each function — dining room, living room, kitchen, playroom, etc. This is a reemerging line of thought that holds that in the home, you should make sure each room has its own distinct purpose — whether it’s for entertaining guests, eating dinner, or to relax. More walls also mean more possibilities for adding storage in the form of cabinets!

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Two-Toned Kitchen Cabinet Style Trend

When planning your new kitchen, you can expect to hear many arguments about what to choose for the handles, what type of wood to go with, and what kind of finishes to put on. But for a lot of people, the kitchen cabinets might be the most important decision in the room, the one that can make or break the entire room.

A kitchen is a place where you spend most of your time, and also a place where you should feel comfortable, right? Well, before you start making major decisions based on color, you should know that style is a very personal decision, so you might want to start by adding an element of style to your kitchen. The two-toned trend is a huge hit right now, with a darker shade of color at the bottom of kitchen cabinets, with a lighter shade on top. This trend is not reserved just for kitchen cabinets; it can be used in the bathroom as well, or wherever it works.

Picking the Right Color Palette

Before deciding to go with the two-toned trends, make sure that you pick two colors that are within the same color palette. The look should be like a natural progression, such as the Ombre effect, from top to bottom. This style can open up the kitchen to make it feel lighter and brighter due to the lighter top kitchen cabinets.

Contrasting colors is another unique option for kitchen cabinets.

Considerations Besides Color

Use two tones of wood that compliment each other. They should have the same base hue (golden, cherry, blonde, chocolate, etc.). Black and white cabinets are a bold contrast, but you can soften the effect with marble and stone countertops that have both colors. It’s best to keep the dark color at the bottom and light at the top. White top cabinets are popular, and with them, you can add a light blue or green base cabinet to incorporate a bit of color.

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