Making Rustic Design Choices Sophisticated

Rustic Kitchen Design

Learning how to blend warm rustic design choices with sophistication can revolutionize your home experience. By decorating your home with a combination of complementary home decor styles, you can create a space that is as unique as it is inviting. After all, combinations of styles offer something new that can capture the eyes and minds of those who pass through it. 

Rustic design choices have vintage feels to them, but they can be modernized using more sophisticated designs that are tailored to your tastes. 

Rustic Design Choices
Sleek, sophisticated, clean lines of the kitchen cabinetry and design complement the exposed rustic beams and stone walls.

Elevating Rustic Design Choices

Blending rustic design with sophisticated elements is a perfect strategy for country-style homes with interesting rustic architecture and features to blend with modern interior design. Rustic design choices add a comfort level to any space. However, if you want to ensure the success of your renovation, your re-design should be as aesthetically pleasing as it is architecturally sound. 

By mixing rustic design choices with more sophisticated elements, you add more serenity to your country-style home. From the upholstery to the floral arrangements, a rustic design with a sophisticated touch can bring a more natural feel to your home.

Merge the Old With the New 

Balancing old and new styles communicates a combination of both sophistication and homeyness. A good mesh of modern and country chic styles gives you an ideal rustic and modern blend that will pique the interest of every person who enters your home. 

It’s also a good way to rejuvenate your country-style home, adding value to the property and optimizing your living experience for as long as you want to live there. Consider mixing up your rustic design choices in a more modern way. 

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Contemporary Kitchen Cabinet Styles

Interior Design Trends 2021

It can be hard to keep the design concepts of modern and contemporary kitchen cabinets apart. However, there are some subtle differences between these two styles. Modern design references a specific design movement from the early 20th century and follows stricter rules. Contemporary design tends to have more freedom and follows more dynamic guidelines, which can change depending on the context. Contemporary kitchen cabinet styles can fluctuate with trends but are always in style.

What Are the Aesthetics of Contemporary Kitchen Cabinets?

The style of contemporary kitchen cabinets blends a modern and minimalistic aesthetic with minimal detail and adornment. Contemporary kitchen cabinets may blend flat-fronts, some stone or wood features, and sleek fixtures like tile to create a chic design. These cabinets have clean and simple lines. Slab and flat panel cabinet door styles are popular in contemporary kitchens.

Benefits of Slab and Flat Panel Cabinet Doors

Contemporary kitchen cabinets outfitted with slab or flat panel doors are easy to clean due to their lack of detail and texture. With few crevices and little joinery, dust and grime have a hard time accumulating.

Design a contemporary kitchen with flat panel cabinets and add a splash of color to your world.

When considering contemporary kitchen cabinets for your kitchen, keep in mind the nature of the finish and how it will reflect light. Their placement in your kitchen can help you decide if they are the best cabinets for your space. While the flatness of contemporary kitchen cabinets is highly effective at dispersing natural light, you’ll want to ensure they won’t cause a glare in your kitchen. Opting for a matte rather than a gloss finish can help take care of this concern.

Because the design of contemporary kitchen cabinets in the slab style is flat, your kitchen color will present a solid block that can provide a breathtaking visual effect in many different types of kitchens.

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The Benefit of Remodeling Your Kitchen in Stages

Break Down Your Kitchen Remodeling Process

Upgrading and renovating your kitchen is a huge project full of various moving parts. You’ll have your appliance installations, countertop or kitchen island designs, cabinet selection and delivery, hardware selections, and more. There is a lot to consider as you reshape and change the look of your kitchen to suit your taste.

It’s easy to become muddled and disorganized in the remodeling process. This could impact the proper installation of the various elements, as some may need to be done first to know the proper measurements for other components. That’s why it’s always best for you to implement remodeling your kitchen in stages.

Breaking your kitchen remodeling into stages will help you ensure every detail is perfect.

Benefits of Remodeling Your Kitchen in Stages

As you endeavor on your kitchen remodeling process, you’ll learn how complicated it can become. There are multiple services you will need to involve, like designers, installers or carpenters, delivery workers, plumbers, and more. There will be a decent bill of expenses that can be overwhelming to accumulate at once. That’s why you will feel relieved as you enjoy the benefits of remodeling your kitchen in stages:

  • Stretched out spending to meet your budget and afford the total remodeling costs
  • Easier to change factors of your kitchen redesign, including new measurements of elements or new products
  • Easier to stay organized and in control of the process as you know when everything is happening
  • Easier coordination with people working on your kitchen

Planning Your Staged Remodel

To ensure your dream kitchen becomes fully realized, you can work with professionals who will help you strategize your process. By remodeling your kitchen in stages, you can work with them on specific focus areas to ensure they are perfect and all the details will fit into your new kitchen.

Start planning your kitchen remodel with The Kitchen Showcase. We have the expertise and resources for you to pick and choose how your kitchen remodel will come together. With the best quality products and personalized service, you will get to see the development of your dream kitchen stage by stage until it’s fully completed.

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How to Upgrade Your Kitchen Without A Complete Remodel

Kitchen Island and Countertops

Kitchen Upgrades Without the Fuss

Do you find your Denver home needs kitchen design upgrades to keep up with today’s trends? You may find yourself procrastinating to upgrade your kitchen because once one thing is changed, everything else will need to be, and you’ll have a complicated, expensive, and time-consuming remodel on your hands.

Fortunately, you don’t need to perform an entire remodel to start kitchen design upgrades. Feel free to add new styles and features to your kitchen without tearing it all apart.

Clean lines, and light colors are key elements of minimalist style.
With The Kitchen Showcase, you can perform kitchen design upgrades without needing to remodel.

Large Kitchen Design Upgrades

Some tasks can still take some work when you begin your kitchen upgrade process. While they won’t involve complete reformatting or construction, these are big changes that will alter the entire look of your kitchen. The upgrade process can be simple, but will still entail a bit of time and work:

  • Changing cabinets
  • Painting cabinets
  • Changing countertops
  • Replacing appliances with modern, visually appealing models

Smaller Kitchen Design Upgrades

Good news! Some changes are simple to install or adjust and can completely overhaul the look of your kitchen for a new trendy design in your contemporary Denver home. Your guests will be gawking at the impact of some of these smaller kitchen upgrades.

  • Changing hardware
  • Replacing lighting fixtures
  • Adding backsplash
  • Buying new island stools

There’s no longer any reason to fear your kitchen design upgrades. With the help of The Kitchen Showcase, we can make your upgrade process easier with a wide selection of accessories and main kitchen hardware options to change the look of your kitchen without the need for remodeling. To get started, visit our showroom for free today.

High-Quality Kitchen Cabinets for (Virtually) Any Budget

Kitchen cabinet knobs come in a variety of colors and styles.

Embellish Your Denver Home with Quality Kitchen Cabinets

Where does your eye travel when you visit other kitchens in the Denver area? You may notice beautiful countertops, appliances, and kitchen islands as you first walk-in, but the cabinets can often be the main attraction as they are at eye level and often take up the most space in a kitchen.

Fortunately, you don’t need to bust your kitchen remodel budget on attractive cabinetry. You have the option of a high-quality, affordable kitchen cabinet designs that will suit your kitchen design style.

Choose the right affordable kitchen cabinet design for your Denver home with The Kitchen Showcase.

What to Look for When Shopping for Kitchen Cabinets on a Budget

When you want to find an affordable kitchen cabinet look that suits your home aesthetic, you will want both quality and visual appeal. While you may think your budget may limit your choices, especially for finding cabinets with both of these features, it can be achieved. You just need to know where to look and what to look for:

  • Durable, solid wood finishes without imperfections
  • The floor inside the cabinet should fit perfectly into divots of side panels
  • Quality for silent and efficient closing
  • Proper cabinet door fitting to avoid issues in the case of natural responses to humidity and other climates

Quality Affordable Cabinetry Brands

When hunting for the perfect affordable kitchen cabinet choices for your Denver home, it’s best to trust reliable brands. They offer beautiful, authentic, and well-crafted cabinetry that will suit whatever your style may be. You can be sure with these brands that your cabinets will be tasteful and fit perfectly in your home:

  • Kitchen Craft
  • Koch
  • Aristokraft
  • Tidwell
  • Decora
  • Elmwood

To find the best affordable kitchen cabinet design for your home, consult with our The Kitchen Showcase design experts. They will help you with your shopping and choosing the best high-quality cabinetry available. Receive a free quote for styling your custom affordable kitchen now.

How to Use Hardware to Add Character in the Kitchen

kitchen countertops with hardware

Add Functionality and Flair With Kitchen Hardware

Your kitchen is one of the main highlights of your Denver home. It’s where you prepare meals, host guests, catch up with your family over meals, and make memories. With all the time you spend in your kitchen, you want it to be equipped with all the right kitchen hardware. While you’ll want your kitchen hardware to improve how you work in the kitchen, you can also use it as a decorative touch to add character.

Add character and style to your Denver home with the finishing touches of your kitchen hardware.

Using Hardware to Add Character and Style to the Kitchen

Your kitchen hardware can help to define the style of your kitchen. Use them as your accessories to encompass the overall look and character you want your visitors to notice when entering the room.

Kitchen hardware is no longer just for functionality. However, you can find options that will help you work in the kitchen while it suits your decorative taste. Options like deep sinks, rust-proof finishes, easy-to-grab handles or knobs on cabinets, and shelving doors will help you move around without struggle while enjoying the look of your kitchen.

Types of Hardware That Can Add to the Kitchen Décor

You can choose metallic styles for your sink: cool silvers on faucets for a modern look or copper finishing for a rustic approach.

For a minimalist look, choose kitchen hardware with simple finishes and a sleek design. Or, you could go more extravagant with larger, eye-catching pieces.

Your sink is a main kitchen hardware staple, so you’ll want it to be spacious but fit well into your beautiful counters. The finishing touches of a cabinet door handle or drawer knob will truly emphasize the character of your Denver kitchen.

To find out what hardware and accessories will add the right character and style to your kitchen, you don’t have to look far. Our team of design experts at The Kitchen Showcase and a variety of hardware options will leave you with everything you need to get started on your Denver kitchen remodeling. To see for yourself, visit our showroom today

Style Considerations When Choosing a Kitchen Island

Make Your Home Unique

Choosing the right kitchen island style help it suit your home and your taste.

When you remodel your Denver kitchen, you’ll want it to stand out as an unmatchable sight that can’t be found in any home. With your kitchen at the center of the home, you’ll want to pay extra attention to giving it the spark it needs to be eye-catching and excellent for hosting. That’s why you should give extra attention to choosing the perfect style for your kitchen island.

Benefits of Having a Kitchen Island

A kitchen island is the perfect extra counter space for those who love to bake or cook. While your counters may offer enough room, they’re only broken into sections interrupted by sink space and appliances. Your kitchen island not only offers ample, open space for your cooking needs, but it also becomes the centerpiece of your kitchen. It is the main focus of the room, so you want it to look good.

Your guests or family can sit at the kitchen island while you prepare food or when you want a casual dining experience in the kitchen. Enjoy some beverages and appetizers with guests around your stylish island.

Styles of Kitchen Islands That Best Suit Your Home

Make your kitchen island your own by choosing a style that best suits your home. Is the rest of the kitchen or house decorated to be timeless and classic, or is it bold and modern? Here are some style options for your kitchen island:

  • Waterfall Island
  • Rustic Finishing
  • Contrasting Black and White
  • Sleek and Shiny Countertop

Can’t decide what’s best for you? Consult with design experts who can help!

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Expand Your Living Space With an Outdoor Kitchen

During the warm months of each year, you don’t want to stay cooped up inside. You want to spend time outdoors enjoying the beautiful weather. To help you create the ultimate exterior living space, consider an outdoor kitchen

What Are the Benefits of an Outdoor Kitchen? 

There are many reasons to consider an outdoor kitchen. For example, if you love entertaining guests at your Denver home, an outdoor kitchen will give you plenty of space for hosting. Additionally, you will not have to step inside to prepare the meal, but can stay outside and enjoy your guests. 

During the hot summer days, you won’t have to worry about heating your home as you prepare a delicious, gourmet meal. You can cook and prepare your entire meal outdoors, keeping your kitchen and other areas of your home at a comfortable temperature. 

An outdoor kitchen is a terrific way to expand your living space. You will have more space and appliances to prepare large or small meals. Outdoor kitchens are also appealing to potential buyers and can increase your home’s property value. 

An outdoor kitchen is a terrific way
to increase your home’s value.

Best Materials for a Top-Quality Outdoor Kitchen

As you choose materials for your outdoor kitchen, you must be particular about the quality and the features each item offers. Your kitchen design must be well thought out to ensure that no harsh weather will damage this area. A few features to look for in top-quality outdoor kitchen materials include: 

  • Weather-proof cabinets and countertops
  • Fade-resistant materials
  • Excellent warranties
  • Easy maintenance

To help you choose the best products for your outdoor kitchen and to assist with your kitchen design, visit our kitchen showcase. Here, you can browse many products, designs, and trends to help you design the perfect outdoor living space. Contact us today to schedule your upcoming appointment. Plus, if you cannot visit us in person, take advantage of our virtual consultation services. 

Essential Types of Lighting for Your Kitchen

If you want to create the perfect kitchen in your Denver home, you must focus on more than the color of paint on your home’s walls or the type of countertops you choose to install. An essential element that should never be overlooked in your Denver house is your kitchen lighting

Types of Lighting

There are different types of lighting you can implement into your kitchen design. Each type will bring a unique look and feel into this high-trafficked room in your Denver home. The three main types include: 

Task: Task lighting is lighting that focuses on a specific area in the room. It makes tasks easier, such as meal preparation or cooking on a stovetop. 

Ambient: Ambient lighting is general lighting in the room. Ambient light fixtures produce the primary light in the kitchen space.

Decorative: Decorative lights enhance the style and design in the kitchen. These lights don’t necessarily serve a particular function aside from creating a statement piece in the room. 

There are many lighting styles to consider for your kitchen.

Styles of Lighting

In addition to the various types of kitchen lighting, there are also many styles. Three of the most popular styles include pendant, recessed, and surfaced. Not all of these light styles will be a perfect fit in your Denver home. For example, pendant lights complement areas above kitchen islands or long countertops. They can look out of place installed in a wide, open space. 

If you want to improve the kitchen lighting in your Denver home, visit our showroom. Here, you can gather plenty of ideas to help you transform your kitchen into your dream room. If you cannot make it in person to tour our showroom, check out our online gallery for inspiration

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Prevent Your Functional Kitchen From Being Boring

A functional, serviceable kitchen doesn’t have to be bland and dull. In fact, you can have a gorgeous, trendy, and stylish kitchen where you can move seamlessly from one task to the next. Here are a few ideas to help you keep your functional kitchen in Denver from becoming too boring. 

Implement Minimalist Design Aesthetics

One of the best ways to keep your functional kitchen stylish and trendy is to implement modern minimalist design aesthetics. This can include clean, straight lines throughout the space. This will prevent your design from affecting the functionality of your kitchen, while still enhancing the overall design of the room. Simplicity is not a bad thing when designing your dream kitchen.

Don’t Be Afraid of Color

You can add color by installing colored
cabinets in your kitchen.

If you want to spice up your functional kitchen, implement lots of color in your design. 

You can easily add color to this room through your accent pieces, such as towels, rugs, window treatments, etc. You can also branch out a little more with your kitchen design and be bold. Add some fun to your minimalistic modern kitchen design using a funky backsplash with lots of colors and designs. You may even consider stone countertops with a bold pattern that stands out and becomes a statement piece.  

If you truly want to implement color into your kitchen design, do not forget about your kitchen cabinets. Rather than stick to traditional wood cabinets or the popular white-colored cabinets, consider colored cabinets that are gray, blue, or black. You may even consider tuxedo cabinets where the upper cabinets are a lighter color than the lower cabinets. 

Contact The Kitchen Showcase today to learn more about creating a functional, trendy, and gorgeous kitchen area, and check out our online galleries for inspiration. Click here to schedule your upcoming showroom visit.