How to Upgrade Your Kitchen Without A Complete Remodel

Kitchen Island and Countertops

Kitchen Upgrades Without the Fuss

Do you find your Denver home needs kitchen design upgrades to keep up with today’s trends? You may find yourself procrastinating to upgrade your kitchen because once one thing is changed, everything else will need to be, and you’ll have a complicated, expensive, and time-consuming remodel on your hands.

Fortunately, you don’t need to perform an entire remodel to start kitchen design upgrades. Feel free to add new styles and features to your kitchen without tearing it all apart.

Clean lines, and light colors are key elements of minimalist style.
With The Kitchen Showcase, you can perform kitchen design upgrades without needing to remodel.

Large Kitchen Design Upgrades

Some tasks can still take some work when you begin your kitchen upgrade process. While they won’t involve complete reformatting or construction, these are big changes that will alter the entire look of your kitchen. The upgrade process can be simple, but will still entail a bit of time and work:

  • Changing cabinets
  • Painting cabinets
  • Changing countertops
  • Replacing appliances with modern, visually appealing models

Smaller Kitchen Design Upgrades

Good news! Some changes are simple to install or adjust and can completely overhaul the look of your kitchen for a new trendy design in your contemporary Denver home. Your guests will be gawking at the impact of some of these smaller kitchen upgrades.

  • Changing hardware
  • Replacing lighting fixtures
  • Adding backsplash
  • Buying new island stools

There’s no longer any reason to fear your kitchen design upgrades. With the help of The Kitchen Showcase, we can make your upgrade process easier with a wide selection of accessories and main kitchen hardware options to change the look of your kitchen without the need for remodeling. To get started, visit our showroom for free today.

How to Use Hardware to Add Character in the Kitchen

kitchen countertops with hardware

Add Functionality and Flair With Kitchen Hardware

Your kitchen is one of the main highlights of your Denver home. It’s where you prepare meals, host guests, catch up with your family over meals, and make memories. With all the time you spend in your kitchen, you want it to be equipped with all the right kitchen hardware. While you’ll want your kitchen hardware to improve how you work in the kitchen, you can also use it as a decorative touch to add character.

Add character and style to your Denver home with the finishing touches of your kitchen hardware.

Using Hardware to Add Character and Style to the Kitchen

Your kitchen hardware can help to define the style of your kitchen. Use them as your accessories to encompass the overall look and character you want your visitors to notice when entering the room.

Kitchen hardware is no longer just for functionality. However, you can find options that will help you work in the kitchen while it suits your decorative taste. Options like deep sinks, rust-proof finishes, easy-to-grab handles or knobs on cabinets, and shelving doors will help you move around without struggle while enjoying the look of your kitchen.

Types of Hardware That Can Add to the Kitchen Décor

You can choose metallic styles for your sink: cool silvers on faucets for a modern look or copper finishing for a rustic approach.

For a minimalist look, choose kitchen hardware with simple finishes and a sleek design. Or, you could go more extravagant with larger, eye-catching pieces.

Your sink is a main kitchen hardware staple, so you’ll want it to be spacious but fit well into your beautiful counters. The finishing touches of a cabinet door handle or drawer knob will truly emphasize the character of your Denver kitchen.

To find out what hardware and accessories will add the right character and style to your kitchen, you don’t have to look far. Our team of design experts at The Kitchen Showcase and a variety of hardware options will leave you with everything you need to get started on your Denver kitchen remodeling. To see for yourself, visit our showroom today

Which Installation Comes First: The Floors or the Cabinets

Complete kitchen remodel

A complete kitchen remodel can be a bit of a puzzle when it comes to the order of installation. Designing and picking out products is the fun part, but the installation takes careful planning. There are a few obvious things that you have to do first, but there are also upsides and downsides to each option.  Which comes first in a kitchen remodel, the floors or the cabinets?

Custom kitchen cabinets
Install floors before installing kitchen cabinets.
Credit to Infinity home collection

What to install first

When we decide what to install first in a complete kitchen remodel we look at more than contractor availability, we also look at how to save time, money, and allow room for change in the future. A custom kitchen is designed for function and efficiency, and we design our remodeling installation using the same principles. When you clean, the smart thing to do is to go from top to bottom. But when it comes to installing a new kitchen, we recommend working from bottom to top. In other words, install floors before kitchen cabinets.

Floors before cabinets

Installing floors is easier if you’re working with a clean space. That means that there are few obstructions in your way. Installing the floor before the cabinets is more time efficient and easier because you won’t have to cut around the bottom cabinets. The more you have to design and cut your flooring to fit around cabinets, the longer it will take and the more it will cost.

Leave room for change

Custom cabinets
Installing the cabinets after the floors will allow you to change them in the future.

If you put in the cabinets first, you have to install your floors around the bottom cabinets. That means, if you ever want to change your cabinets in the future you’ll also have to fix your floors. You are stuck always choosing cabinets that fit the cutouts on your floors. Installing floors first will allow you to change your cabinets in the future.

Kitchen design and installation in Colorado

At The Kitchen Showcase, our designers will help you from design to installation. We want the entire kitchen remodeling process to go smoothly. We’ll make sure that everything is installed in the best, most efficient order. Stop by our kitchen showroom in Denver.

The Kitchen Showcase Helps Interior Designers Design Dream Homes

Kitchen Showroom in Denver

Interior designers have the awesome job of helping people design their dream home. And The Kitchen Showcase (TKS) has the awesome job of helping interior designers make dreams come true for their clients. Every client wants options, whether you’re a homeowner or interior designer. Our showroom is the perfect place to find inspiration and check out all of your options first hand.

Visit kitchen showroom in Denver
Help you clients visualize their new kitchen by visiting our showroom.

Kitchen Showroom in Denver

At TKS we understand what interior designers go through to please their clients. Although a picture says a thousand words, nothing beats taking your clients to a kitchen showroom to show them exactly how their home will look once it is finished. Visiting a showroom with your clients will help them make the right decisions about every product. Plus, you will be able to show them exactly what their options are for their price range.

Best-in-class brands in every price range

With over 40 showrooms and in-house interior designers with over 21 years in the kitchen and bath industry, we can help the client design their dream home. TKS specializes in best-in-class brands. No matter the budget your client has set, TKS can help you find products that will make your clients fall in love with their home.

Show clients their new home

The Kitchen Showcase in Denver
Check out over 40 room displays at our Denver showroom.

One of the hardest parts of being an interior designer is to help your clients visualize their new home. By taking them to our showroom, your clients will get to experience all the best products and see exactly how they will look and function in their home. Because the best interior design is about blending style and function. Once you’ve visited TKS, your clients will be able to make the right choices with confidence.

The Kitchen Showcase in Denver

We offer greater quality and value than any kitchen and bath company in Colorado. When you work with TKS, you get much, much more for your investment. Your clients will love it, and they’ll love their new home that you designed using The Kitchen Showcase in Denver.

Customization and Personalization are Top Kitchen Design Trends for 2018

Kitchen design trends 2018

The biggest kitchen trend for 2018 is a bright, modern kitchen, with a warm country ambiance. We’re mixing and matching styles to create the perfect kitchen. 2018 is all about customization and personalization, so if you need to take a little from many styles, then go for it! You do you! As long as the kitchen is clean, bright, and efficient, you can have fun with the personal touches.

Customizing your kitchen
Customize the kitchen to suit your specific needs.
Credit to Infinity home collection

Customizing Your Kitchen in 2018

Stop worrying about what everyone else is doing and listen to your own instincts. When you customize a kitchen, it’s important that you’re honest with yourself. Everyone has different expectations and needs from their kitchen. Some like to cook big family meals while others use the oven as extra storage space. Whatever way you intend to use your kitchen, make sure you design for your specific needs, not what you think you should need.

Personally efficient

There are two ways to make a kitchen efficient. One, you need custom storage space for your kitchen appliances, utensils, and kitchenware. The kitchen should flow, and everything should be placed to make the flow of the kitchen feel natural and easy. Two, make it personally efficient. If you want to watch your kids do their homework while prepping dinner, then you may want to add charging stations and extra counter space to sit and work or do homework. If you don’t want to take a break from binge-watching Netflix as you get ready for a dinner party, then customize some space for your laptop that is not taking up precious counter space. These are the types of things that will make your kitchen both efficient and personal.

Bright and warm

Modern and country kitchen design
Add warmth with reclaimed hardwood to contrast the bright white cabinets.
Credit to Infinity home collection

You want light and sunshine to brighten up your kitchen. Hues of whites and greys will enhance the light. But you can bring in a bit of warmth by adding dark reclaimed hardwood floors, or other natural dark wood accents to the kitchen.

Playing with texture

Matte cabinets and countertops, mixed with the shine of gold and brass fixtures will add texture to your kitchen. You can also play with shapes and sizes, like having a few oversized lamps, to make your kitchen more visually interesting. Varying between a few open shelves, cabinets, and drawers will also make your kitchen more dynamic, personal, and efficient.

Kitchen Showroom in Denver

For inspiration for your custom kitchen design, stop by our kitchen showroom in Denver. With nearly 40 room displays, you can see, touch and experience your design choices first hand. Our designers will show you the best options for your vision, so you can feel confident in every decision you make.

Complete Custom Kitchen Remodel Project

Complete kitchen remodel in Colorado

We recently did a kitchen remodeling project with Warren Remodeling. Together, we created a dream kitchen for our customer, using the best brands and quality materials. Check out this warm and cozy rustic style kitchen project and get inspired to work with The Kitchen Showcase on your next custom kitchen remodel.

Custom kitchen cabinets

Custom kitchen design
The biggest expense in a kitchen remodel are the custom kitchen cabinets. Since they take up the most space and make up a large portion of the overall visual, choosing the right brand, style, and color is important. Of course, style is just one design element. The other important design element is to make your kitchen functional. For a dream kitchen, customize your cabinets to meet every requirement for function as well as being a reflection of your personal style.

Briarwood cabinets for a rustic kitchen

The kitchen is the nexus of the home. It is the one room in the house that will see the most foot traffic, and serve many functions. Your kitchen should be fit for cooking, entertaining, lounging, and working. When we design a kitchen, we make sure to hit on all fronts, making your dream kitchen more than a kitchen, but a reflection of the entire home. This time, the customer wanted to keep her Colorado kitchen country, so we chose to use Briarwood Cabinets in Rustic Beech. The dark cabinets are warm and sleek – perfect for a rustic country style kitchen.

Black kitchen island and white brick backsplash

Custom kitchen cabinets
Briarwood Rustic Beech custom cabinets.

To modernize the rustic kitchen design, we went with a kitchen island glazed in black. A pop of color or a bold black island will make the kitchen feel more vibrant. If you make the design too uniform and consistent throughout, nothing will really stand out. You have to create a few wow factors. Another great contrast to make the kitchen more exciting is the white brick backsplash. The white color gives the kitchen light against the darker wood cabinets, and the brick keeps the design true to its rustic origins.

Complete kitchen remodel in Colorado

If you’re looking for inspiration for a kitchen remodel, stop by our kitchen showroom in Denver and check out all the latest and greatest kitchen products. We’ll also match you with a designer who can help you turn your dream kitchen into a reality. Like this recent kitchen remodeling project, we’ll work closely with your interior designer to make sure you get the best products for your budget and your style.

New Year, New Kitchen

Custom kitchen design in Denver

merry christmas
Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays! TKSI will be closing today, December 23rd until January 2nd.

Denver kitchen and bath design
Contemporary custom kitchen design by TKS designer, Keilan Stockham.

Right underneath “go to the gym” and “get organized,” you have a faint dream of finally remodeling your kitchen in 2017. You know you want a new kitchen. The holidays proved just how dysfunctional your current kitchen is, how inefficient and in desperate need of an upgrade it is. However, it’s hard to know where to start. Achieving your new kitchen New Year’s resolution is a lot like achieving all of your other resolutions; you ask for help from an expert. We can’t help you get those six-pack abs, but we can help you design the perfect kitchen that is fashionable, functional, and affordable.
So, when you’re done with your CrossFit and your Soul Cycle and your Bikram Yoga classes, head to our playground and get inspiration for your new kitchen.

Remodeling your kitchen in Denver

We’ve got a showroom filled with all the latest in kitchen cabinets, countertops, hardware, and accessories to create a completely new kitchen. We are highly selective in choosing the products we recommend, so no matter your budget, we always give you quality products from which to choose.

Custom cabinets cost more but may last longer

You may save a little money on semi-custom cabinets, but choosing custom cabinetry and casework for your kitchen not only means that you get cabinets that are built exactly for your and your kitchen, but custom cabinets are handcrafted with skill and precision, giving you a long-lasting product. Custom cabinets may cost a little more upfront, but they will last much longer. Sometimes, it’s worth it to spend money up front and get the highest quality, rather than saving now but having to replace your cabinets much sooner.

Custom kitchen design in Denver, Colorado
Classic custom cabinetry and kitchen design by TKS designer, Mike Hall.

Kitchen showroom in Denver

For inspiration for your new kitchen, come and see our products up close. Your kitchen should be a reflection of your and your family and should last for many years. Don’t rely on a photo online or from a magazine; come and check out our products for yourself before making a decision.
Achieving your new kitchen New Year’s resolution is easy when you work with the designers at The Kitchens Showcase in Denver, Colorado.