Custom vs. Semi Custom Kitchen Cabinets
Mix and match custom and semi-custom kitchen cabinets.

A kitchen may look all stylish and awesome, but if it doesn’t have storage space for all your utensils, then it is not a functional and useful kitchen for you.
The only way to get exactly what you want is to get your cabinetry custom designed. If you’re remodeling your kitchen, making smart choices is the biggest trend. Custom designing your cabinetry is the only way to ensure that you are taking advantage of every inch of your kitchen. Our designers are ready to take on your next kitchen design project and to help you design some smart storage spaces in your kitchen to make it functional for a 2017 family.

Cabinet space for appliances

When we talk about making smart choices in kitchen cabinetry design, we’re not just talking about matching the color, the materials, and the finish to the rest of the home. We’re talking about designing smart spaces for your smart devices. In the past, you’d be looking to find space and an outlet for your kitchen appliances, but now we’re going to need to have space to recharge and store our tablets, phones, and laptops.
Of course, you could just add more outlets, but then you’re taking up precious counter space with a million electronics, cords, and cables looking disheveled and hazardous. When you custom design your cabinets, you can create either a hidden storage space or a storage space out in the open, but a space that is specifically designed to keep your electronics charged as well as out of the way of the chef. The last thing you want is to be tripping over your phone, dropping your tablet on the floor, spilling hot liquids, and causing an accident.

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Colorado kitchen design experts

kitchen cabinets denverWhen you’re talking to one of our designers about your vision for your new kitchen, it’s important that we talk electronics. The kitchen is the hub of the home. If you have an open kitchen with a sitting area for the family and friends, it’s important that you take all devices into consideration. A functional kitchen should have a space for everything. We can help you stay organized and customize each cabinet to fill a specific purpose, whether it’s a charging station for electronics or a shelf big enough for your antique punch bowl that you inherited from your grandma.
When you get customized cabinets, you get something that is unique to your lifestyle. Don’t compromise. Get the kitchen of your dreams at The Kitchen Showcase.