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Designing your dream kitchen is fun, and it’s not as hard as you think. You just need to collaborate with the right designers and experts who can help you turn your vision into a reality. At The Kitchen Showcase, we can help your kitchen dreams come to life in four convenient steps.

Planning and designing a kitchen
The first step to designing your dream kitchen is to let your imagination go wild.

The first step to designing a kitchen: Gather inspiration

Before you step foot in The Kitchen Showcase (TKS), you need to let your imagination be your guide and seek out inspiration wherever you go. Inspiration is everywhere, from window shopping to scouring the Internet for new trends and design ideas, to magazines and TV, to checking out your friends and neighbors to see what they have going on in the kitchen.
When you’re just starting to put your dream kitchen together, you should allow yourself to dream big. Right now, the sky’s the limit. Once we start putting all of your ideas together, we can reign in your imagination so that it fits in with reality.

The second step to designing a kitchen: Contact a designer

Now that you have the perfect kitchen in mind and a folder bursting with photos, brochures, drawings, and color swatches, it’s time to contact our kitchen designers to see how we can fit all of your ideas into one perfect kitchen.
We’ll also need to know what your goals are with the new kitchen. Are you just trying to update and modernize, do you want to be more energy efficient, do you want more space, more resale value, or something entirely different? The purpose of your kitchen will affect the types of products and materials we’ll guide you toward, and how we will design your kitchen.
Of course, we’ll need to know your budget. A budget is, unfortunately, a necessary evil in the process of designing a kitchen (or a bath, closet, wet bar, study, laundry room, garage, etc.)

The third step to designing a kitchen: Creating a space and design plan

Kitchen design experts Denver
Our designers can help you pick the perfect materials for your dream kitchen while staying within your budget.

Once you make contact with TKS, we’ll take all of your ideas into account, visit your home to get an accurate feel for the space we have to work with, and then we’ll sit down and create a space and design plan so that you can picture your new or remodeled kitchen.
Our designers have a vast knowledge of the thousands of kitchen products available and can help you navigate through all your options, helping you find the perfect fit. Our Colorado showroom is one of the best, so you’ll be able to see, touch, and experience the product firsthand before you make your decision.

The final step to designing a kitchen: schedule delivery and installation

We see each of our projects through to the final installation. Once you’ve signed off on the final kitchen design, all we have to do is find a suitable time for you (and your family) to have everything delivered and professionally installed. Your designer will be there to make sure everything is to your complete satisfaction.
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Turn your dream kitchen into a reality in four easy steps. Request a free estimate, call us by phone (303-799-9200), or visit our Denver showroom.