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Denver kitchen and bath design
Contemporary custom kitchen design by TKS designer, Keilan Stockham.

Right underneath “go to the gym” and “get organized,” you have a faint dream of finally remodeling your kitchen in 2017. You know you want a new kitchen. The holidays proved just how dysfunctional your current kitchen is, how inefficient and in desperate need of an upgrade it is. However, it’s hard to know where to start. Achieving your new kitchen New Year’s resolution is a lot like achieving all of your other resolutions; you ask for help from an expert. We can’t help you get those six-pack abs, but we can help you design the perfect kitchen that is fashionable, functional, and affordable.
So, when you’re done with your CrossFit and your Soul Cycle and your Bikram Yoga classes, head to our playground and get inspiration for your new kitchen.

Remodeling your kitchen in Denver

We’ve got a showroom filled with all the latest in kitchen cabinets, countertops, hardware, and accessories to create a completely new kitchen. We are highly selective in choosing the products we recommend, so no matter your budget, we always give you quality products from which to choose.

Custom cabinets cost more but may last longer

You may save a little money on semi-custom cabinets, but choosing custom cabinetry and casework for your kitchen not only means that you get cabinets that are built exactly for your and your kitchen, but custom cabinets are handcrafted with skill and precision, giving you a long-lasting product. Custom cabinets may cost a little more upfront, but they will last much longer. Sometimes, it’s worth it to spend money up front and get the highest quality, rather than saving now but having to replace your cabinets much sooner.

Custom kitchen design in Denver, Colorado
Classic custom cabinetry and kitchen design by TKS designer, Mike Hall.

Kitchen showroom in Denver

For inspiration for your new kitchen, come and see our products up close. Your kitchen should be a reflection of your and your family and should last for many years. Don’t rely on a photo online or from a magazine; come and check out our products for yourself before making a decision.
Achieving your new kitchen New Year’s resolution is easy when you work with the designers at The Kitchens Showcase in Denver, Colorado.