The biggest kitchen trend is to make practical use of every space in your kitchen. Of course, incorporating your personal style is a trend that is never going away. You want to design a kitchen that is practical, but never boring. The cabinets are the most important design trend, and lately, the simpler your kitchen cabinets, the better.

Kitchen design trends
Simple clean lines and flat-panel custom cabinets are a big trend in kitchen design.

Custom kitchen cabinets

Because every kitchen is different, in order to properly utilize the space, you need to get your cabinets customized. Custom kitchen cabinets are the practical choice, but when you have something customized, you also have a chance to throw a bit of your personality into the design. If there are pieces in your kitchen that you want to be highlighted, have cabinets, shelves, or storage units specifically made to show it off.

Glass panel cabinets doors

To show off your favorite decorative pieces or the “good china,” look to add a few glass panel cabinet doors. With the right lighting inside the cabinets, a simple cabinet becomes a showpiece and something interesting to draw the eye.

Simple modern cabinets

You have to be strategic in throwing in personal design choices. A burst of color here and there, an oversized ornamental piece, or a wall full of family photos is a great touch. However, you don’t want to make the kitchen too busy with personal touches. To minimize the design and leave more room for your personality, we’re seeing a big trend towards simple, straight-line, flat panel or slab panel kitchen cabinets.

Modern kitchen design trends
Add a pop of color to break up the neutral color scheme.

Two-tone neutral color scheme

We’re also seeing that the neutral color schemes such as whites, nudes, grays, and blues are still trending. By keeping the overall color scheme fairly simple and neutral, you once again have a little more room to play with a few funky features. Frame some bright colorful drawings from the kids to add a burst of color, or better yet, choose a kitchen island that is a bright contrasting color to the rest of the kitchen. You want to give you kitchen texture and layers, without making it too busy.

Denver kitchen design experts

If you’re in the beginning stages of designing your dream kitchen, stop by The Kitchen Showcase for inspiration. Our designers can show you all the latest trends. Plus, we’ll get to know a bit about the space we’re dealing with, as well as your personal style and taste. Together. we’ll come up with an interior design for your dream kitchen.