How to Upgrade Your Kitchen Without A Complete Remodel

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Kitchen Upgrades Without the Fuss

Do you find your Denver home needs kitchen design upgrades to keep up with today’s trends? You may find yourself procrastinating to upgrade your kitchen because once one thing is changed, everything else will need to be, and you’ll have a complicated, expensive, and time-consuming remodel on your hands.

Fortunately, you don’t need to perform an entire remodel to start kitchen design upgrades. Feel free to add new styles and features to your kitchen without tearing it all apart.

Clean lines, and light colors are key elements of minimalist style.
With The Kitchen Showcase, you can perform kitchen design upgrades without needing to remodel.

Large Kitchen Design Upgrades

Some tasks can still take some work when you begin your kitchen upgrade process. While they won’t involve complete reformatting or construction, these are big changes that will alter the entire look of your kitchen. The upgrade process can be simple, but will still entail a bit of time and work:

  • Changing cabinets
  • Painting cabinets
  • Changing countertops
  • Replacing appliances with modern, visually appealing models

Smaller Kitchen Design Upgrades

Good news! Some changes are simple to install or adjust and can completely overhaul the look of your kitchen for a new trendy design in your contemporary Denver home. Your guests will be gawking at the impact of some of these smaller kitchen upgrades.

  • Changing hardware
  • Replacing lighting fixtures
  • Adding backsplash
  • Buying new island stools

There’s no longer any reason to fear your kitchen design upgrades. With the help of The Kitchen Showcase, we can make your upgrade process easier with a wide selection of accessories and main kitchen hardware options to change the look of your kitchen without the need for remodeling. To get started, visit our showroom for free today.

Benefits of Working With The Kitchen Showcase

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Expert Help for Your Denver Kitchen Remodel

Are you planning a kitchen remodel for your Denver home? This can be a trying mission. There are plenty of details and features to consider, like countertop choices, kitchen island installation, kitchen hardware styles, and more. How do you know where to begin?

For your assistance, The Kitchen Showcase is here to help. We offer a variety of products and extensive design and remodeling services to help you on your mission.

The Kitchen Showcase offers all the products and design tips you will need for a successful, stylish kitchen remodel.

Our Services From First Showroom Visit to the Final Installation

We will walk you through all stages of your kitchen remodel process.

During the planning process, consult with our residential and industrial design experts. With state of the art computer design skills, they will develop an image of your kitchen remodel, including your floor plan, elevations, and the elements you will be including for your counters, cabinetry, hardware, and more.

When you need your high-quality, stylish products installed, we will coordinate their delivery, so you get them on time without needing to halt on your kitchen remodel.

Personalized Services From Designers Who Will Follow Your Process

When you seek our design services, you will be matched with a member of our design team. They will consider your tastes, show you different products, and develop a plan with you to make it happen.

Our insightful design experts will be your go-to during your remodel process. If you need any further advice on styling or adding character to your kitchen, they will be there for you.

For any questions about our products or to coordinate installation and delivery dates, your design expert will have all the details, so you’re not left stressed or wondering how everything will work out.

To get started on your kitchen remodel with The Kitchen Showcase, get your free quote now. We’re ready to make your Denver kitchen look amazing and suit your personal style for the ultimate enjoyment of your home.

A New Kitchen Will Increase the Value of Your Home

Denver kitchen remodeling services

There is one renovation project that every homeowner should consider, and that’s upgrading or remodeling their kitchen. Even if you’re not looking to sell your home right now, know that a new kitchen will add instant value to your home. If you are looking to sell, a kitchen remodel will yield the best return on interest, and may even help you sell your home faster.

Kitchen remodel gives a great return on investment
The kitchen is the heart of the home and one of the first rooms that potential buyers will want to inspect.

Everyone looks at the kitchen first

When people are looking at homes, the first room that potential buyers will beeline to is the kitchen. That’s because the kitchen is the heart of the home, and is the most frequently used room in the home. A kitchen is multi-functional, being both a place to cook, but also a place to entertain and spend quality time with family. Remodeling your kitchen is a great investment for homeowners who are looking to put their home on the market.

Increase resale time with a new kitchen

Sure, there are those people that are looking for a fix-me-upper, but most homeowners aren’t looking to get down and dirty remodeling a new kitchen. They just want to move in and start putting personal touches on their new home. A new kitchen with new cabinetry, countertops, and smart appliances that are energy-efficient and will save water will be a big selling point to buyers.

Choosing the right style for your home

Kitchen design and remodeling services
If you live in a rustic Colorado mountain home, be sure to remodel your kitchen in the style that is befitting the style of your home.
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However, you need to be careful when you remodel your kitchen. You may appreciate the sleek, clean lines of a Scandinavian-style modern kitchen with flat surfaces, minimal flair, and fancy appliances. However, if you are living in an old, rustic, mountain home, you should talk to a designer about matching your aesthetics and your vision with a design that is also befitting the style of your home. Cohesion between the architecture of the house itself and new kitchen design is key to creating a consistent feel in your home.

A few upgrades go a long way

Refinishing your old cabinets, or replacing worn, weathered, and damaged countertops are small improvements that will give you great ROI without having to pay for a full kitchen remodel.

Kitchen design and remodeling services in Denver

The Kitchen Showcase has been helping Colorado homeowners, builders, and interior designers fall in love with their homes for over 30 years. We are a family-owned business that specializes in best-in-class brands and expert service and design.

No dream house is complete without the kitchen

Kitchen design trends

We know it, one of the things you envision the most when you think of the house of your dreams is the kitchen. So why not start there? With the help of the Kitchen Showcase, you can have the kitchen you have always dreamed of for your beautiful Colorado home.
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The Heart of the Home

Some call it the center of family gatherings, some consider it to be the point of friends entertaining or starting a conversation, and there are others who actually love cooking and want to express their culinary creativity in multiple ways. Whichever you call it – the kitchen has its special place in every household.
When approaching a kitchen design, we always strive to encompass both the functional and the aesthetic, for beautiful and functional kitchen is about storage, ergonomics, preparation, harmony, and creativity blended in together.

We know the whole process and work with your budget

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Whether you’re renovating an old kitchen or creating the home of your dreams, there is no better feeling than knowing you made the right decisions, selected the best products for your budget, and avoided costly delays. Learn how we can guide you on the way. We understand the whole renovation process can be somewhat overwhelming, that is why you have our pro design team at your service.
We’re as selective in our designers, as we are in our product brands. You can expect to work with seasoned experts who have a keen sense of design, deep product knowledge, and a friendly approach. Meet the designers who can guide you to a kitchen or bath you love.
At The Kitchen Showcase, we always try to exceed our customer’s expectations by delivering the best customer service possible. To achieve our goal, we have gathered the best kitchen and bath designers, and they are more than willing to help you create the kitchen & bathroom of your dreams. We invite you to stop by our new and beautiful Kitchen and Bathroom Design Showroom, located in Centennial, Colorado. We are open Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm. Evenings and Saturdays by appointment. Also, you can send us your questions through our website and we will answer.

Kitchen Design for Millenials

Custom kitchen design in Denver

Kitchen design experts Colorado
Designer Erik Brinegar

Millennials very much know what they want, even when it comes to their kitchens! Millennials love transparency and community. They want everything to be out in the open, not just in their professional lives, but in their homes as well, and that includes their kitchen. Not every kitchen is as big as we would like, but there are ways to maximize the space you have to design a kitchen perfect for millennials.
Denver kitchen design showcase
High ceilings and an open floor plan are the hottest trends in kitchen design.

Maximizing the space in your small kitchen

An open floor plan home is still a hot trend, and the kitchen should be the heart of the home. When designing a home and a kitchen, young homeowners are tearing down walls, sacrificing more rooms for more open space. If you’ve bought a home and are starting to think about the remodeling plans, talk to a kitchen design expert in Denver to find the latest design trends for modern kitchens.

Make the kitchen a communal space

Everyone is drawn to the kitchen, so make sure you design your kitchen to allow for foot traffic. The kitchen should be a communal space where you can feed your stomach and your soul with good food and good company. Don’t shut yourself off from the rest of the house. Closed-off kitchens are a thing of the past. Now, everything should be out in the open.

Tall ceilings can give the illusion of space

If you have the option to raise the ceilings in your kitchen, do it! You may not have the chance to expand outward, but expanding upward is a neat trick to add more light and room to a small kitchen. If you’re doing a complete remodel of your home, talk to your contractor about options for raising the roof.

Build a dish room instead of a laundry room

To keep the kitchen as open and spacious as possible, consider turning a room adjacent to the kitchen into a pantry or dishwashing room. This will allow for dirty dishes and clutter to be removed from the main kitchen area, giving you more room to cook and entertain.

Customize kitchen design in Denver

To make the best use of your small kitchen, custom design the kitchen cabinetry to maximize the space and make room for all of your kitchenware. What your cabinets look like on the outside is important, but you need to plan for what is going inside the cabinets to have an organized kitchen that is free of clutter.
Get a free quote!

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Tidwell Cabinetry and Sherwin-Williams.

Two Places Germs Love in Your Kitchen

Custom wood cabinets in Denver

Custom kitchen design and remodel Colorado

We all strive in keeping the kitchen as clean as possible. We also know that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But, when it comes to our kitchen sink, we ignore all of our worldly wisdom and simply judge our sinks by their shiny polished cover. It’s time we all started to dig a little deeper and scrub those germs and bacteria out of your kitchen sink.

We wash our hands in the sink, we leave dirty pots and pans to soak in the sink. We rinse out dirty washcloths and sponges. And then when we’re done, we wipe a wet cloth or sponge around the kitchen, letting food bits and grime wash down the drain. Easy, peasy, kitchen clean.

Custom kitchens in Denver at TKS
Your kitchen sink is probably dirtier than you think. Disinfect once a day, including the drain, and the area where your sink meets the countertop.

Your kitchen sink is probably dirtier than you think

Simply wiping your sink clean after you use it is not enough to kill any bacteria that may have built up over the day. When you clean up after your dinner, take the time to disinfect your sink. Just because you can’t see dirt, just because it’s shiny, doesn’t mean it’s clean. Water and sponges are no matches for bacteria. You need something stronger to really clean your sink.

Something else that we use multiple times a day that never gets disinfected is your salt and pepper shakers. We may wipe them down with a dry cloth getting rid of excess salt and pepper, or wipe the area clean where they stand, but do you ever take some disinfectant and wipe down the shakers? You’re most likely shaking your head no. You’re not alone. We are all guilty.

Natural disinfectant to clean your kitchen

Luckily, having a spray bottle with some natural disinfectant is easy, now all you have to do is just make it part of your nightly routine to wipe down the sink and your salt and pepper shakers getting rid of sneaked germs. If you’ve got a combination of water, vinegar, baking soda, and/or lemon juice you’ve got what it takes to make your own disinfectant without hurting the environment or your delicate hands.

Kitchen Remodel in Denver
We’ll help you pick out everything, including the kitchen sink.
Photo by Modern Glass Solutions-

Denver kitchen design experts

If ease of maintenance and clean-up is important to you, we’ve got a range of countertops in granite, marble, quartz, and stone, as well as 100% recyclable glass. Schedule a meeting with a kitchen designer and get a free quote on everything a kitchen should have, including the kitchen sink.

Clutter Can Make You Go Crazy

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Eliminating clutter in your life could help you feel better, more organized and in-control of your daily life. Too much clutter could be affecting both your emotional and physical health. Remodeling and organizing your kitchen is one step towards a more serene lifestyle.

We all love stuff, we love gadgets, and many of us have a hard time getting rid of the stuff we no longer need. We all have that “messy drawer” with miscellaneous items, but when that drawer spills over onto your counters, cabinets, closets, bookshelves; it’s time to take a step back and think how you can de-clutter your life. Start throwing away stuff you no longer need. All that physical clutter could be cluttering up your brain.

Throwing things away can seem overwhelming; take it one step at a time. Or in this case, one room at a time, maybe even one counter or cabinet at a time.

Clutter can affect your emotional health

Denver kitchen design experts tips
You can still have a lot of great cookware, but we’ll help you get it organized and off of your counters giving you room to breathe.

We all know we have too many clothes, too many gadgets, too many trinkets cluttering our home. But, we always forget about the kitchen. And, the kitchen is so easy to fill with toys and tools, big and small. Before you know it, your counters are filled with KitchenAids, juicers, toasters, blenders, espresso machines, etc. And when it comes to cooking that healthy meal you’re hard pressed for a little space to lay down a cutting board and dice up some organic veggies.

Then there are the drawers. The amount of fancy cooking utensils that we have these days is insane. Whatever happened to just having a few premium knives and chopping your garlic or slicing your onions. Why do we need separate tools for each step? And, why is it so hard to throw out old equipment, or old utensils. How many peelers does one person need?

And, don’t even get us started on the cabinets. They quickly fill up with so much stuff we have a hard time finding anything, let alone taking it out to use without having to shuffle around a bunch of other stuff that is standing in the way.

Clutter affects your physical and emotional health

Before you know it, you don’t want to cook in your kitchen. The clutter makes you anxious and if prolonged – then emotionally drained. That anxiety leads to eating take-out at the counter or on the couch. So, not only is your clutter making you stressed out and jittery with anxiety, it’s now making you eat unhealthy foods.

If you feel like you’re turning into a lunatic with a little extra junk in your trunk, it could be because of the clutter in your kitchen, and the rest of your home.

Kitchen cabinets and drawers in Denver
A well-organized drawer can help your sanity.

Denver area kitchen design and remodeling

We’re experts at helping our customers design a kitchen that can house all of their favorite cookware, tools, and utensils in an organized manner. Designing a kitchen to fit your space, your appliances, and everything in your kitchen can free up space and make your kitchen the center point of every party, and a pleasure to be in.

Take back your kitchen, and your sanity, and talk to us about a kitchen redesign.