Kitchen Trends To Watch For In 2016

Like any other year, there are lots of hot kitchen trends out there. So, if you are remodeling or want a kitchen for your new home, check out our favorite kitchen trends.

Kitchen Trends  for 2016

1. Open Plan
An open plan is a design that centralizes the kitchen and gives you space to cooking and entertain guests at the same time. From breakfast bars to kitchen islands, an open floor design plan is perfect if you like to socialize.

2. High Gloss

High gloss is achieved by using super glossy plastic against neutral or dark palette. From pure black & whites to ultra gloss mussel, there are tons of options when it comes to color choice. Make sure to regularly clean to keep out nasty fingerprints.
3. Contemporary Country
A modern country kitchen is a design alternative that merges the traditional country look and the refined in a functional kitchen. You can achieve this contrast by mixing Richwood with soft pallets.

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4. Smart Spaces

The purpose of having smart spaces is to designate spots to fit more in less space. For example, areas with hidden charging stations to store devices like smartphones for they are always at hand and charged. Not only for 2016 but for years to come, kitchens will focus on convenience for families to boost their cooking experience via accessible smart appliances.

5. The  Elegant 80’s!

If you are an 80’s lover, just add natural materials to turn an 80’s outed kitchen into the hottest version. Elegance is brought in by incorporating satin brass instead of shiny finishes.
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