There’s always a new trend when it comes to kitchen and bath design, but the one trend that will never go away is to infuse personal style with functional design. If you’re doing a remodel of your kitchen or bath, take inspiration from the trends of the day, but the final design should be a reflection of you and your family.

Kitchen and bath design trends are fleeting

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When you custom design your kitchen and bath cabinetry, you won’t have to compromise on your design vision.

If you’re checking magazines and the Internet for kitchen and bath design trends, you’ll see a lot of opinions for great designers. However, unless you can afford to update your kitchen and bath every time the trends change, a better use of your time is to talk to a design expert about your personal style – something that speaks to the life that you live, the life that your family lives – and try to infuse a little bit of everyone into your kitchen design.
A home should be a reflection of the people that live there, so don’t put too much stock in the latest trends of the day. Yes, we can tell you that the rustic country style kitchen is back, or that freestanding bathtubs are all the rage. We could talk to you about mixing and matching textures, or how engineered stone countertops are making a splash in new kitchens, as opposed to natural stone that has long ruled the world of countertops. However, chances are that by the time your kitchen is ready, a new trend will have replaced the old. What we’d much rather talk about is how you imagine your kitchen and bath.
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We’ve got a huge showroom that can give you a lot of inspiration, but when we sit down to talk about your vision, think big. Don’t hold back; even if every design idea you have, or every aesthetic isn’t possible, it’s easier to pull your design back than to minimize your design and not getting exactly what you want.

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When you design your kitchen and bath with The Kitchen Showcase, you won’t have to compromise on your design vision. That’s why custom cabinetry and countertops were invented, so the client never has to rethink a design idea. The only reason for changing an idea is to make it more functional and efficient. After all, a kitchen and bath need to make sense. You wouldn’t hang the towels far away from the shower or sink. You wouldn’t create drawers and cabinets that take up too much space or don’t account for the things that you’re going to be storing.

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