Choosing the best countertop material for your kitchen

The two most popular materials for kitchen countertops are granite and quartz, but what is the difference? Which one would you pick over the other? Let’s take a look.

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The difference between granite and quartz countertops

Granite – If you’re looking for pure stone, then a granite countertop is your only option.
Quartz – This is engineered from crushed quartz. A pigment is used to create the color palette, and a resin is used to bind the crushed materials into one solid kitchen countertop.

The aesthetic differences between granite and quartz countertops

Screenshot 2016-08-04 at 12.37.15Granite – Because it is made from one giant slab of natural stone, the colors and textures will vary throughout each countertop.

  • Pros – You get a unique countertop every time due to the natural variations in each stone.
  • Cons – The color choices are limited to the colors that nature provides. Typically, you’ll pick from various earthy tones to hues of blue, green, and rose.

Quartz – Since a pigment is used to create the color of the quartz countertop, you have a greater variety to choose from to compliment the rest of the colors in your kitchen.

  • Pros – Because of the added pigment, colors are more even and consistent than granite.
  • Cons – Your neighbor can steal your personal style and get the exact same countertop!

Differences in durability between granite and quartz countertops

Silestone Quartz CountertopGranite – Natural stone requires a little more maintenance than its quartz counterpart. Granite needs to be sealed at installation and will need to be re-sealed over time. Granite will also stain easily.
Quartz – No sealer, and hardly any maintenance. Plus, quartz countertops won’t stain like granite countertops are prone to do, and it is less likely to crack and chip.

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