Don’t Be Afraid to Remodel Your Bathroom – With the Experts’ Help

Master Bathroom countertop

A great to improve your home’s value or simply update its style is to complete a bathroom remodel. But don’t just jump into a bathroom remodeling project if you don’t have any experience with it. There are a few major challenges when it comes to doing some bathroom remodeling in Denver, which is why the vast majority of people rely on the help of experts and why you should too.

Picking the Right Materials

A big part of any bathroom remodeling project is taking out a lot of the materials currently used throughout the bathroom and replacing them with new ones. However, with so many different types of countertop, flooring, or other materials to choose from, selecting which one is the best option is often easier said than done.

The materials used in a bathroom can really make or break a remodel.

This is where a professional design service will be able to help because they will be experts in all the various materials that you can use in a bathroom and can recommend which ones will be the best choice after hearing a bit about what your bathroom experiences on a regular basis and what style you are going for.

Installing Items Correctly

When you are not familiar with something, it can sometimes be very difficult to know whether or not you installed it properly. And failing to do so can often result in needing to redo it in only a couple of months or years down the road. So it’s better to get the help of the experts who not only know how to properly install something but will also know what the best order to do this is going to be.

This is only a small taste of the advantages of using professionals for your bathroom remodeling in Denver. If you want to unlock your bathroom’s full potential, then make sure to contact us at The Kitchen Showcase when you’re ready to do some bathroom remodeling.

Never Underestimate a Well-Planned Utility Space

No one likes living in a crowded home, which is why proper storage is such an important quality for any place. One of the best ways to ensure a home is equipped with sufficient storage solutions is to sit down and create a well-planned utility space design.

Where Should You Put a Utility Space?

This is something that is completely up to you. While some homeowners like to put their utility space attached to their kitchen, others prefer to incorporate it into their laundry room or other parts of their home. What is even more important than the location of the utility space is the location of the utility space.

A utility space is a great place to put a collection of items that would otherwise be cluttering up other rooms of the home.

What Makes the Perfect Utility Space Design?

Planning the best utility design is something that will require multiple considerations. For example, you will need to have plenty of segregated storage solutions. Otherwise, it is far too easy to end up with a cluttered mess when you go looking for something specific in the utility room.

You should also have a storage system that is individually designed for the space where it is located. So if you happen to include a utility space as part of your laundry room design, then you should make sure to incorporate storage solutions that are able to contain and organize various detergents, other laundry products, and provide a space for holding laundry baskets or folding clothes.

In order to make sure that you get a utility space design that is perfectly suited to your particular needs, you’ll need the guidance of a team of design specialists. That is where we come in with our expert design services. To take advantage of our custom-designed spaces, make sure to contact us at The Kitchen Showcase.

Turn Your Bathroom into a Home-Spa

When considering bathroom remodeling on your Denver home, countless options are available to you. There are many options and design features that you can consider that will turn this essential area of your home into an oasis. You can create this space so it offers a spa-like experience every single day. Here are a few simple tips to help you create a bathroom space that is refreshing, invigorating, and peaceful. 

Choose Countertops Wisely

Do not rush your decision when choosing the countertops for your Denver home. By choosing countertops such as marble or quartz, you are creating a very luxurious and elegant feel to this area of your home. Natural countertops also offer many benefits such as they are durable, come in a variety of colors, and have long lifespans if cared for properly. 

Use High-Quality Cabinets

High-quality cabinets will enhance the look and feel of your bathroom.

Don’t cut corners when installing your bathroom cabinets. Low-quality cabinets are going to take away from the classy, stunning appearance you desire in this space. Plus, low-quality products will not last as long as top-of-the-line items. As you choose your bathroom cabinets, consider items that are built well, offer ample storage, and complement the decor in the space. 

Add Small Greenery

Bring the outdoors inside with the addition of greenery in your bathroom area. For example, place small plants or succulents on hanging shelves in your bathroom. Add a small succulent to the corner of your countertop. Houseplants offer many benefits to homeowners. For example, they can increase energy levels, boost productivity, and improve air quality. 

 Consider a Large Mirror

A large mirror is an excellent way to make a small space appear large. It is a design trick to make a space appear larger than it truly is and it will brighten up the area as well. As you consider a mirror for your bathroom, choose one that is large but not overbearing for the space of this room. You may also consider installing a small frame around the mirror to give it a little contrast and design. 

Bathroom remodeling in Denver can be an exciting adventure. Contact us at The Kitchen Showcase to learn more about our bathroom design services and how we can help you enjoy the kitchen you’ve always wanted.

Start Planning Your Bathroom Renovation

As you consider the many projects you want to complete around your Denver home, one that may be at the top of your list is a bathroom renovation. However, this project is inconvenient, time-consuming, and expensive, making many homeowners push it down their priority list. Luckily, there are many reasons you should get to work and begin this major project. Here are a few of them. 

A bathroom renovation is a great way to increase your home’s property value.

Increases Your Home/Property Value

A bathroom renovation is a terrific way to increase your home’s property value. Research shows that homeowners can recoup up to 50% of their expenses on this project. It is a great way to make your home more appealing to potential buyers and will lead to a faster sale as well. 

Makes Life a Little Easier

Why do you want to complete a bathroom renovation? Is it to add more sinks? Provide more space in this room? Is it to create a more luxurious area in your home? A bathroom renovation is well worth the hassle and with your goals in mind as you plan for this project, you will be more satisfied and happier with the final results. 

Updates Your Home

Bathroom remodeling in your Denver house is a great way to modernize and update your property. You can choose the best materials, such as cabinets and countertops, to ensure the products you choose are design-friendly and features a long lifespan. Keep in mind that bathroom design and the renovation process is complex and you should always work with professionals when completing these extensive projects. 

At The Kitchen Showcase, we offer planning and design services for bathrooms. We have practical, yet elegant, solutions for cabinetry and countertops for this area of your home. Plus, we only offer the best materials so you can rest assured you have the best for your Colorado home. Email or calls us today to learn more about our services.

Kitchen Island: The ‘Centerpieces’ of the Kitchen

As you renovate and improve your Colorado kitchen, you want to make changes and updates that create a more functional space. You want to include elements that make meal prep easy, that improves the design of the room, and enhances the flow and layout of the space. One popular design option is a kitchen island

An island can become the focal point in your kitchen.

Kitchen Islands are a Focal Point

One of the advantages to kitchen islands is they create a focal point in this high-trafficked room. They create a place where family members can gather. When guests walk into the kitchen area, the island can be one of the first things they notice. Additionally, to create this focal point, you can customize the kitchen island so it stands out. You can accomplish this by painting the island a unique color, adding a sink, providing additional seating options, etc. 

Kitchen Islands Increase Countertop Space

Another common reason to install a kitchen island in your Colorado home is they increase the amount of countertop space in your home. A kitchen island is ideal for meal prep or for creating a buffet table. Additionally, you can choose whether to customize your island so it boasts a large amount of countertop space or it includes a large sink so you have more countertop space along the perimeter of your kitchen. 

Kitchen Islands are Ideal For All Types of Kitchens

Regardless of the style of kitchen you choose, you can implement a kitchen island into the design. You can truly customize this feature of the room so it complements the overall design of the space, regardless of your current style. Browse through The Kitchen Showcase gallery to gather ideas for customizing this space. 

At The Kitchen Showcase, we want you to have a dream kitchen. Email or calls us today to schedule a tour of our kitchen showroom and to discuss custom kitchens in your Colorado home.

Creating Calm and Order with Custom Storage Spaces in Your Bathroom

Modern Master Bathroom

It’s so easy for a bathroom to become cluttered. Remodeling a bathroom should focus heavily on designing the right storage space to create calm and order. A professional bathroom designer can help you make good use of the space you have, finding innovative ways to create storage space and design a bathroom that is peaceful and functional.

Custom bathroom storageInnovative storage spaces

The trick to a bathroom is to be able to have all of the things you need but to have them be almost invisible when you enter the room. Storage space can also free up counter space, making it easier to maneuver around in the bathroom. Remodeling a bathroom should try to account for all of the things that you want in your bathroom, and then designing smart storage options. Get innovative with the storage spaces. Don’t just use cabinets. Create some interest by using shelving and hanging items to organize your bathroom.

Custom storage for the bathroom

Think about what you need to store in your bathroom. Make a list, so that your bathroom designer can get an accurate idea of what type of storage you need. And, remember to be detailed. The more detailed, the better we can customize your bathroom design to make it specific to your needs. So, what do you need in your bathroom:

Remodeling your bathroom
Use both cabinets and open shelving to create custom storage in the bathroom.
Credit to Infinity home collection

  • Towels
  • Toilet paper
  • Beauty product
  • Hair care products – including brushes, blow dryers, straightening and curling irons
  • Shower products
  • Medicine
  • Feminine products
  • Male products
  • Cleaning products
  • Miscellaneous

Remodeling a bathroom in Denver

Come and check out our showroom and talk to a bathroom designer about how to customize the storage space in your bathroom. The right storage units, whether it’s cabinets, hangers, or shelving, can create the right ambiance in your bathroom. Get inspiration and guidance from The Kitchen Showcase in Denver for your bathroom remodeling project.

Design Essentials for a Modern Master Bathroom

The master bathroom should feel luxurious and energetic. Although you want everything to be functional, when you design a master bathroom, you’re allowed to put a bit more emphasis on items that make you feel good. These essentials will turn your master bathroom into a relaxing, modern sanctuary.

Statement Pieces

To create a modern master bathroom, you need to have a mix of glamorous statement pieces, as well as some subtle accents that will create the perfect atmosphere. Keep your design simple and stick to just a few big items. By keeping the color scheme light, bright, clean, and neutral, you have more leeway to include some bigger statement pieces.

Modern Master Bathroom

Bathtub and Large Shower

The ultimate sign-on luxury is to have a stand-alone tub. A simple, clean, and minimalistic silhouette will make the bathroom feel more modern. The oversized tub that’s simple in design will make everything feel more sophisticated. 

Another modern design essential is the oversized shower. Giving yourself lots of room for each master bath activity will make everything feel more glamorous and chic. Glass doors and tile to accentuate the shower is a fun way to add a bit of color and interest to a majority white and neutral bathroom. 

Large Sink and Countertop

Make your sink choice just as glamorous as your bathtub. Let the sink be a statement piece. Choose a sink that is interesting in design, but still functional and in line with the modern style. Find a sculptural sink and pair it with a natural countertop material, like granite or marble. 

Modern Master Bathroom


Mirrors are essential in any bathroom. In a master bath, the mirrors should be functional and artistic. Oversized mirrors will make the room feel bigger, and they will help disperse the light, so create the right mood. Make sure that they are in proportion to the room. If they are too big, they can have the opposite effect and make the room feel too small for the mirrors. Choose a shape that will flow with the rest of the design lines in the room, creating a nice flow. 

Custom Storage

The final essential in a master bath is a storage space that is unique to the needs of the master bath. Storage should flow with the master bathroom and feel like an organic part of the design. The storage should be functional and eliminate any clutter. Any clutter will cheapen the master bathroom and destroy the zen you are trying to create. 

Stop by The Kitchen Showcase to see all the latest trends in modern master bathroom design.

Finding an Interior Designer to Design your Dream Home

Visiting a kitchen showroom can give you great insights into styles, trends, and cost, but it can still be overwhelming. Just because it looks good in the showroom doesn’t mean that it will work for your home or your lifestyle. That is why our services include working with a professional and skilled interior design expert. While you’re researching interior design trends, take a minute to browse through our designers to see if there’s someone that catches your eye. Here’s what you should be looking for to get paired with a designer from The Kitchen Showcase so you can get started on designing your dream home.

Custom Kitchen

Choosing an Interior Designer

The first thing you need to look for in an interior designer is a similar palette and style. Check out all of our designers to find the one that shares a similar aesthetic to you. Of course, all of our designers are versatile, so they will work from your likes and dislikes to create something that is custom designed for you. Another important aspect is to have a great rapport with your designer and to figure that out, you’ll need to meet.

Product Knowledge

There are so many products, materials, and styles to choose from and it’s important to work with someone who understands the pros and cons of each. Find a designer that has excellent knowledge of all products from cabinets, countertops, to tiny knobs and pulls. Every detail of a home remodel is important. Find a designer that is detail-oriented and knowledgable about all aspects of the industry.


Seeing designers work will give you great insight into their style and skill, but you shouldn’t be afraid to ask questions when you meet. You want to work with a designer that listens to your wants and concerns.

Find a designer
Find a designer that is compatible with your style and has excellent product knowledge.

A great designer will blend functionality and trends to make the best of the room and space that they are working with. They should also be up to date on all the latest trends and styles to give you the most up to date information.

Top Kitchen Designers in Denver

We have assembled the “Best of the Best” so you can be confident you will get the expertise needed to make your project go as smooth as possible.

Open Space Bathroom Concept Benefits

Freestanding tub

There is nothing more exciting than starting a new remodeling project. Bathroom and kitchen renovations are among the most popular and common home remodeling projects between Colorado homeowners. They are both critical rooms in your house. Therefore, a good remodeling project should enhance your home while boosting its curb appeal.

In the last years, the open bathroom concept has become one of the most popular bathroom renovations. It is a great way to add an interesting and different social area to your home. However, it has been called to our attention at the Kitchen Showcase, that even though most of our clients like the idea, not all of them feel if it is their accurate choice. Therefore, we would like to share some benefits of remodeling your bathroom to an open concept.

Creating an Open Space Bathroom

open space bathroom
There is nothing more relaxing than an open space bathroom design.

What seemed to be important in house design and comfort trends might not coincide with what families and homeowners are looking for today. Taking advantage of your entire home’s areas is essential today, especially when looking for a social environment. An open-plan bedroom/bathroom allows interacting with others while you get ready.

Here are some of the most interesting benefits you can obtain by installing an open-plan bedroom-bathroom.

Bigger and Wider Bathroom

Taking down dividing walls from your old bathroom is a great way to have the decent and comfortable sized bathroom you always wanted. Plus, it not only opens up space, but it also gives you the ability to move around freely, not feeling cluttered, which is a great way to relieve some stress.

Create a Perfect Cozy Atmosphere

Freestanding tub
Open space bathrooms are cozy and elegant.

Having a built-in fireplace in your bedroom, enjoying the heat while you are relaxing in the bathroom is just a simple idea of how to change the ambiance, and create a delicate, cozy environment.

This device warms the entire area, making it easier to move between the warmth of your bed to get ready in the morning. You won’t need to hurry anymore for dressing after a hot bath or shower before you get cold again with this great concept.

Watch TV While Bathing

Why eliminate luxuries from your everyday routine? This configuration allows you to watch your favorite shows or series, or catch up on the news in the mornings while you take a shower or relax in your bathtub.

All in all an open-bath plan gives your bathroom a new spa-like feel. It will no longer be a purely practical zone, giving space to interact with others while enjoying your luxury devices, such as a fireplace or TV.

If you want to give your bathroom more space, versatility, and visual aesthetics, contact experts at The Kitchen Showcase. We are your professional remodeling contractor that is well able not only to meet your needs but also build the bathroom of your dreams!

Most Efficient Way to Plan and Design Your Dream Kitchen or Bath

Color trends 2019

Two major phases can be daunting in a remodel project. The first is the planning and designing phase, and the second is dealing with the hassle and stress of living through the construction phase. With the help of our showroom and professional designers, we have the experience to make both phases go smoothly.

Planning and designing a dream kitchen or bath

When you plan and design a dream kitchen or bathroom, you have to start by visualizing the whole room. Picturing what the finished room will look like can be overwhelming. There are so many little details that make up a functional and fashionable kitchen and bath. You have to choose the furnishings, as well as the materials and everything has to be cohesive. Everything has to work together, both aesthetically and functionally.

kitchen & bathroom remodeling in Centennial
Our designers will show you the best options for your vision, so you can feel confident in every decision you make.

Seeing the big picture

Our designers will help you turn your vision into reality by showing you the best options. When you work with The Kitchen Showcase, you get to see, touch, and experience your vision by creating a space and design plan to help you visualize the final product. You can walk through our kitchen showrooms to see and touch every material and style choices, so you feel confident in the decisions you make.

Construction phase

Our services don’t end with our showroom; we want to make the entire process hassle-free, including the construction phase. When you order the various products for your kitchen and bath remodel, our designers will layout a timeline for when products will be delivered. Having a timeframe for the delivery and construction phase will allow you to plan ahead, making the necessary adjustments.

Remodeling kitchen
Our professional staff will take care of you from start to finish and help you create a beautiful home for your investment.

Kitchen cabinets typically take the longest to be delivered, depending on the brand and if they are custom. To make things easier on you, we will receive and store your products and coordinate the best time to have them delivered to your home. While in our possession, your products will be handled by professionals to make sure that there is no damage.

Take the stress out of your next remodeling project with the help of The Kitchen Showcase.