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Kitchen Designer Expert Tips: Storage For Your Kitchen

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When you don’t have enough storage space in your kitchen, you end up cluttering up your counters. Once you’ve filled up all the counter space, you start piling things on the floor. Before you can’t stand to be in your home due to all the clutter, talk to our design specialists about incorporating these storage and organizational tricks into your kitchen design.

Hang in there

Instead of using your counter space or any horizontal space to store more gadgets, tools, appliances, and utensils, take a look at your walls space or any vertical free space where you could hang a few of your items. We know you can’t hang your Kitchen Aid from a hook on the wall, but all of your pots, pans, and utensils all come with convenient little “hang from here” handles. So, go ahead and hang the things that can be hung.
You can even hang stuff from the ceiling. What’s a kitchen island if it doesn’t have a canopy of overhanging pots and pans?

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Don’t put it ON our kitchen island, hang it ABOVE your kitchen island.

Get rid of the knife block

It may not seem like much, but the more you can take off your counters, the more open and light your kitchen will feel. With a lot of open counter space, you’ll feel much more free to cook and move about in your kitchen. The magnetic strip that you hang on your wall is the perfect answer to the counter-hogging knife block, and you’ll get to display all of your sharp, shiny knives.

Utilize the top of your cabinets

If there is space between your cabinets and the ceiling, choose your best-looking items to place on the “top shelf.”

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Talk to our experts about cabinetry and storage when designing your dream kitchen.

New kitchen cabinetry and countertops

Our designers can also help you pick out new cabinetry and countertops to give you the storage space you need. We work with top cabinetry makers giving you a variety of choices regarding style, color, and materials.
We can also help you with organizational units so that you don’t just clutter up your new cabinets and drawers.
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Design A Kitchen or Bath With Personal Style

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There’s always a new trend when it comes to kitchen and bath design, but the one trend that will never go away is to infuse personal style with functional design. If you’re doing a remodel of your kitchen or bath, take inspiration from the trends of the day, but the final design should be a reflection of you and your family.

Kitchen and bath design trends are fleeting

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When you custom design your kitchen and bath cabinetry, you won’t have to compromise on your design vision.

If you’re checking magazines and the Internet for kitchen and bath design trends, you’ll see a lot of opinions for great designers. However, unless you can afford to update your kitchen and bath every time the trends change, a better use of your time is to talk to a design expert about your personal style – something that speaks to the life that you live, the life that your family lives – and try to infuse a little bit of everyone into your kitchen design.
A home should be a reflection of the people that live there, so don’t put too much stock in the latest trends of the day. Yes, we can tell you that the rustic country style kitchen is back, or that freestanding bathtubs are all the rage. We could talk to you about mixing and matching textures, or how engineered stone countertops are making a splash in new kitchens, as opposed to natural stone that has long ruled the world of countertops. However, chances are that by the time your kitchen is ready, a new trend will have replaced the old. What we’d much rather talk about is how you imagine your kitchen and bath.
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Talk to a kitchen and bath designer in Denver

We’ve got a huge showroom that can give you a lot of inspiration, but when we sit down to talk about your vision, think big. Don’t hold back; even if every design idea you have, or every aesthetic isn’t possible, it’s easier to pull your design back than to minimize your design and not getting exactly what you want.

Custom cabinetry and countertops

When you design your kitchen and bath with The Kitchen Showcase, you won’t have to compromise on your design vision. That’s why custom cabinetry and countertops were invented, so the client never has to rethink a design idea. The only reason for changing an idea is to make it more functional and efficient. After all, a kitchen and bath need to make sense. You wouldn’t hang the towels far away from the shower or sink. You wouldn’t create drawers and cabinets that take up too much space or don’t account for the things that you’re going to be storing.

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Our designers can make your design dreams come true, helping you make the best choices for the room you are designing, as well as make it personal and authentic to you and your family.
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The Kitchen is the Core of Your Home

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People will gravitate towards the kitchen any chance they get. If you’re designing your kitchen, make sure you create a cozy space for guests, because… you can’t fight gravity!

Your kitchen is like the center of the earth with its invisible gravitational pull that prevents us all from flying off of the globe and into the universe. As much as we want our guests to spread themselves throughout the home, at some point, your guests will all wind up in your kitchen.

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Choose comfortable seating for guests and family to hang out without disrupting the functional flow of a well-designed kitchen.

Comfortable seating

Talk to a designer about creating a comfortable space for guests to linger and mingle while you cook dinner, fill the dishwasher, or plate another round of hors-d’oeuvres. If your kitchen allows for a “hang-out” area, as well as all the functional features of good cabinets and countertops big enough to create culinary delights, then why not accept that people love to hang out in the kitchen and create enough space for you to have company?

A big center island with seating for guests is the most efficient way of accommodating practicality and function for the chef, plus warmth and comfort for everyone else. If you have enough space, why not try to create a little lounge area in the kitchen with comfy chairs? Don’t fight the inevitable; welcome your guests into your kitchen with open arms and a space made just for hanging out and being social.

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Who said you can’t have comfortable armchairs in your kitchen? Not us!

Even if you aren’t entertaining, it’s not uncommon for the family to gather in the kitchen, so take that into consideration when you plan out your new kitchen design. It’s not just about keeping the cook comfortable; it’s about accommodating everyone and making your kitchen the core of your home.

Open floor plan

If you have an open floor plan home, you are already in a great position to create a lounge area in your kitchen. An open floor plan allows one room to flow seamlessly into the next. Your living room will become an extension of your kitchen and slow the gravitational pull, keeping your guests close but not in your way when you are trying to cook.

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A home with an open floor plan, where your living room can be an extension of your kitchen, is a great solution to guests wanting to gather in the kitchen.

Kitchen design experts in Colorado

Our designers can help you plan and design your dream kitchen. We’ve got top-of-the-line cabinets, counters, hardware, and accessories. We’re picky about the products we recommend and the designers we hire. We only carry proven brands that lead their price category for quality and value.

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Two Places Germs Love in Your Kitchen

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We all strive in keeping the kitchen as clean as possible. We also know that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover. But, when it comes to our kitchen sink, we ignore all of our worldly wisdom and simply judge our sinks by their shiny polished cover. It’s time we all started to dig a little deeper and scrub those germs and bacteria out of your kitchen sink.

We wash our hands in the sink, we leave dirty pots and pans to soak in the sink. We rinse out dirty washcloths and sponges. And then when we’re done, we wipe a wet cloth or sponge around the kitchen, letting food bits and grime wash down the drain. Easy, peasy, kitchen clean.

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Your kitchen sink is probably dirtier than you think. Disinfect once a day, including the drain, and the area where your sink meets the countertop.

Your kitchen sink is probably dirtier than you think

Simply wiping your sink clean after you use it is not enough to kill any bacteria that may have built up over the day. When you clean up after your dinner, take the time to disinfect your sink. Just because you can’t see dirt, just because it’s shiny, doesn’t mean it’s clean. Water and sponges are no matches for bacteria. You need something stronger to really clean your sink.

Something else that we use multiple times a day that never gets disinfected is your salt and pepper shakers. We may wipe them down with a dry cloth getting rid of excess salt and pepper, or wipe the area clean where they stand, but do you ever take some disinfectant and wipe down the shakers? You’re most likely shaking your head no. You’re not alone. We are all guilty.

Natural disinfectant to clean your kitchen

Luckily, having a spray bottle with some natural disinfectant is easy, now all you have to do is just make it part of your nightly routine to wipe down the sink and your salt and pepper shakers getting rid of sneaked germs. If you’ve got a combination of water, vinegar, baking soda, and/or lemon juice you’ve got what it takes to make your own disinfectant without hurting the environment or your delicate hands.

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If ease of maintenance and clean-up is important to you, we’ve got a range of countertops in granite, marble, quartz, and stone, as well as 100% recyclable glass. Schedule a meeting with a kitchen designer and get a free quote on everything a kitchen should have, including the kitchen sink.