People will gravitate towards the kitchen any chance they get. If you’re designing your kitchen, make sure you create a cozy space for guests, because… you can’t fight gravity!

Your kitchen is like the center of the earth with its invisible gravitational pull that prevents us all from flying off of the globe and into the universe. As much as we want our guests to spread themselves throughout the home, at some point, your guests will all wind up in your kitchen.

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Choose comfortable seating for guests and family to hang out without disrupting the functional flow of a well-designed kitchen.

Comfortable seating

Talk to a designer about creating a comfortable space for guests to linger and mingle while you cook dinner, fill the dishwasher, or plate another round of hors-d’oeuvres. If your kitchen allows for a “hang-out” area, as well as all the functional features of good cabinets and countertops big enough to create culinary delights, then why not accept that people love to hang out in the kitchen and create enough space for you to have company?

A big center island with seating for guests is the most efficient way of accommodating practicality and function for the chef, plus warmth and comfort for everyone else. If you have enough space, why not try to create a little lounge area in the kitchen with comfy chairs? Don’t fight the inevitable; welcome your guests into your kitchen with open arms and a space made just for hanging out and being social.

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Who said you can’t have comfortable armchairs in your kitchen? Not us!

Even if you aren’t entertaining, it’s not uncommon for the family to gather in the kitchen, so take that into consideration when you plan out your new kitchen design. It’s not just about keeping the cook comfortable; it’s about accommodating everyone and making your kitchen the core of your home.

Open floor plan

If you have an open floor plan home, you are already in a great position to create a lounge area in your kitchen. An open floor plan allows one room to flow seamlessly into the next. Your living room will become an extension of your kitchen and slow the gravitational pull, keeping your guests close but not in your way when you are trying to cook.

Kitchen design experts in Colorado
A home with an open floor plan, where your living room can be an extension of your kitchen, is a great solution to guests wanting to gather in the kitchen.

Kitchen design experts in Colorado

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