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Millennials very much know what they want, even when it comes to their kitchens! Millennials love transparency and community. They want everything to be out in the open, not just in their professional lives, but in their homes as well, and that includes their kitchen. Not every kitchen is as big as we would like, but there are ways to maximize the space you have to design a kitchen perfect for millennials.
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High ceilings and an open floor plan are the hottest trends in kitchen design.

Maximizing the space in your small kitchen

An open floor plan home is still a hot trend, and the kitchen should be the heart of the home. When designing a home and a kitchen, young homeowners are tearing down walls, sacrificing more rooms for more open space. If you’ve bought a home and are starting to think about the remodeling plans, talk to a kitchen design expert in Denver to find the latest design trends for modern kitchens.

Make the kitchen a communal space

Everyone is drawn to the kitchen, so make sure you design your kitchen to allow for foot traffic. The kitchen should be a communal space where you can feed your stomach and your soul with good food and good company. Don’t shut yourself off from the rest of the house. Closed-off kitchens are a thing of the past. Now, everything should be out in the open.

Tall ceilings can give the illusion of space

If you have the option to raise the ceilings in your kitchen, do it! You may not have the chance to expand outward, but expanding upward is a neat trick to add more light and room to a small kitchen. If you’re doing a complete remodel of your home, talk to your contractor about options for raising the roof.

Build a dish room instead of a laundry room

To keep the kitchen as open and spacious as possible, consider turning a room adjacent to the kitchen into a pantry or dishwashing room. This will allow for dirty dishes and clutter to be removed from the main kitchen area, giving you more room to cook and entertain.

Customize kitchen design in Denver

To make the best use of your small kitchen, custom design the kitchen cabinetry to maximize the space and make room for all of your kitchenware. What your cabinets look like on the outside is important, but you need to plan for what is going inside the cabinets to have an organized kitchen that is free of clutter.
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