The Benefit of Remodeling Your Kitchen in Stages

Break Down Your Kitchen Remodeling Process

Upgrading and renovating your kitchen is a huge project full of various moving parts. You’ll have your appliance installations, countertop or kitchen island designs, cabinet selection and delivery, hardware selections, and more. There is a lot to consider as you reshape and change the look of your kitchen to suit your taste.

It’s easy to become muddled and disorganized in the remodeling process. This could impact the proper installation of the various elements, as some may need to be done first to know the proper measurements for other components. That’s why it’s always best for you to implement remodeling your kitchen in stages.

Breaking your kitchen remodeling into stages will help you ensure every detail is perfect.

Benefits of Remodeling Your Kitchen in Stages

As you endeavor on your kitchen remodeling process, you’ll learn how complicated it can become. There are multiple services you will need to involve, like designers, installers or carpenters, delivery workers, plumbers, and more. There will be a decent bill of expenses that can be overwhelming to accumulate at once. That’s why you will feel relieved as you enjoy the benefits of remodeling your kitchen in stages:

  • Stretched out spending to meet your budget and afford the total remodeling costs
  • Easier to change factors of your kitchen redesign, including new measurements of elements or new products
  • Easier to stay organized and in control of the process as you know when everything is happening
  • Easier coordination with people working on your kitchen

Planning Your Staged Remodel

To ensure your dream kitchen becomes fully realized, you can work with professionals who will help you strategize your process. By remodeling your kitchen in stages, you can work with them on specific focus areas to ensure they are perfect and all the details will fit into your new kitchen.

Start planning your kitchen remodel with The Kitchen Showcase. We have the expertise and resources for you to pick and choose how your kitchen remodel will come together. With the best quality products and personalized service, you will get to see the development of your dream kitchen stage by stage until it’s fully completed.

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Benefits of Working With The Kitchen Showcase

Contemporary Kitchen

Expert Help for Your Denver Kitchen Remodel

Are you planning a kitchen remodel for your Denver home? This can be a trying mission. There are plenty of details and features to consider, like countertop choices, kitchen island installation, kitchen hardware styles, and more. How do you know where to begin?

For your assistance, The Kitchen Showcase is here to help. We offer a variety of products and extensive design and remodeling services to help you on your mission.

The Kitchen Showcase offers all the products and design tips you will need for a successful, stylish kitchen remodel.

Our Services From First Showroom Visit to the Final Installation

We will walk you through all stages of your kitchen remodel process.

During the planning process, consult with our residential and industrial design experts. With state of the art computer design skills, they will develop an image of your kitchen remodel, including your floor plan, elevations, and the elements you will be including for your counters, cabinetry, hardware, and more.

When you need your high-quality, stylish products installed, we will coordinate their delivery, so you get them on time without needing to halt on your kitchen remodel.

Personalized Services From Designers Who Will Follow Your Process

When you seek our design services, you will be matched with a member of our design team. They will consider your tastes, show you different products, and develop a plan with you to make it happen.

Our insightful design experts will be your go-to during your remodel process. If you need any further advice on styling or adding character to your kitchen, they will be there for you.

For any questions about our products or to coordinate installation and delivery dates, your design expert will have all the details, so you’re not left stressed or wondering how everything will work out.

To get started on your kitchen remodel with The Kitchen Showcase, get your free quote now. We’re ready to make your Denver kitchen look amazing and suit your personal style for the ultimate enjoyment of your home.

Open Kitchen to Dining Room Design Ideas

Contemporary kitchen design in Denver

The open-floor home is here to stay

Kitchen designers in Denver
Look at the full picture when you design for an open floor plan.

Having an open heart is a great virtue. Since the kitchen is the heart of the home, it makes sense that the open kitchen floor plan is more than just a trend; it’s timeless. However, you need a cohesive design plan to really open up your home and make the best use of the space, making your kitchen, dining room, and living room flow seamlessly from one to the other.

Space planning your open floor home

When you are designing an open floor kitchen, dining, and living room, you have to be able to see the whole picture. Each little section can have its own personality, but you have to make sure that each design choice will mesh with other design choices. If you try to incorporate too many ideas, too many colors and patterns, you’re going to suffocate your home, which is counterproductive to the idea of the open floor plan.
The idea is to make your home functional, efficient, and comfortable. Being comfortable in your own home is perhaps the single most important aspect of great home design, with function coming in at a close second.

Denver kitchen design experts
Create cohesion by matching a few elements from each area.

There will be natural boundaries and borders that a professional designer can help you work around, but you also need to consider how many people are living in your home. Do you love to entertain and hold big dinner parties? If so, you need to allow for a large dining table, and seating in your kitchen so that you have room to entertain guests.

Choose elements that will be consistent throughout

Having similar lighting throughout the space is a simple solution to making the whole home feel like one cohesive design. You can also play with shades of color on your walls, going from light to dark but sticking to the same color palette to keep it all connected. Go for the lightest shade in your kitchen where you want plenty of light, then slowly darken the colors as you travel to the dining area, and finally use the deepest shade in the living room. A deeper hue of the color in your kitchen will make your living room feel warm and cozy, and the light hue in the kitchen will make it feel bright and clean.
If you have natural wood cabinets, find ways to use the same species of wood or the same stain in a few places in each room. You can match your kitchen island to your dining room table or on the hardwood floors. In fact, consistent classic hardwood floors that run throughout your entire home is a very smart trick that many designers use to create symmetry and harmony to an open floor plan.

Contemporary kitchen design in Denver
Make a few bold choices and add a little drama to your contemporary kitchen design.

Include few bold details

Every open floor home should have a few statement pieces; something bold and dramatic that will draw the eye and give your home some flair.
Make your kitchen island a different color and texture from your kitchen cabinets, or get some fun and funky emerald green leather dining room chairs. You want to add little splashes of your own personality to make the home feel like you.
The Kitchen Showcase (TKS) is located in Centennial, Colorado. TKS has been helping homeowners, builders, and interior designers fall in love with their homes for over 30 years. We are a family-owned business that specializes in best-in-class brands and expert service and design.

Saying Goodbye to the Old Kitchen, and Hello to the New

Kitchen remodel 2018

Happy New Year!

We’ve said goodbye to 2017, and hello to 2018. And, for that reason, it’s the perfect time to show you before and after photos of our latest kitchen remodel. We said goodbye to the old, dark kitchen, and hello to a clean, bright, and cozy modern kitchen.

Remodel your kitchen in 2018

Self-care and wellness are at the top of everyone’s new year’s resolution lists. When it comes to the home, the kitchen should be the first place you start a remodel. The kitchen is the heart of the home. Once you have your dream kitchen, it will pump fresh energy to the rest of the house. In 2018 there are two kitchen trends that will dominate over them all, and that’s a clean, bright, and functional design, mixed with warm earthy elements.

Modernizing an old kitchen
The old kitchen was too dark. We needed to brighten it up and make it modern and vibrant.

Brighten up your kitchen

The first thing we wanted to do to this kitchen was open it up and make it brighter. In an attempt to be warm and rustic, the old kitchen had made the mistake of making everything way too dark. There was no light in the old kitchen. Dark wood cabinets, with black countertops, black appliances, and dark wood floors overwhelm the entire design. All the dark tones completely swallowed up any light. We wanted to keep the warmth, but add some bright and vibrant elements to bring life back into this kitchen.

Kitchen design trends
Replace old dark cabinets with clean bright cabinets to modernize your kitchen.

White cabinets

To bring in the light, we brought in custom cabinets in a clean white color and minimalist design. The flat-front cabinet style doors are simple and elegant. We also added the latest trend in modern kitchen design: the big bottom drawers. Instead of lower cabinets, we added the uber-functional, fashionable, and fabulous drawers. Drawers are easy to organize, and you’ll never have to struggle to reach the stuff at the back of the cabinet.

Modernizing an old kitchen
There are too many dark elements in the old kitchen, making it feel stuffy and gloomy.

Grey countertops

We also changed the colors of the walls and ceiling to add more light, added a few modern grey tones to break up the white, but still, keep it fresh and modern. The old black countertops were also removed and replaced with matte grey countertops. And, for the centerpiece, the kitchen island, we added a beautiful white natural stone countertop.

Kitchen remodel inspiration
We kept it bright but broke up the white by adding modern grey countertops, and a beautiful white natural stone island countertop.

Warm design elements

By incorporating a few darker elements in the kitchen design we made this modern kitchen feel warm. The chocolate tones of the kitchen island and the hardwood floors make the kitchen feel cozy, not gloomy. Instead of black, which is much too dramatic, we toned it down with contrasting brown tones. It’s the perfect blend of the modern Scandinavian design and the rustic country style kitchen.

Modern kitchen design
We added warm elements, like a dark chocolate kitchen island and reclaimed hardwood floors.

Adding some texture and layers

Instead of having only recessed ceiling lights, like the old kitchen, we added a few hanging light fixtures over the island. The oversized lamps will add a bit of texture to the kitchen, filling out the space and making the whole look more interesting.

Modern kitchen remodel
Oversized hanging lamps add texture and layers, making the whole kitchen design much more appealing.

Kitchen showcase in Denver

The Kitchen Showcase has been helping Colorado homeowners, builders, and interior designers fall in love with their homes for over 30 years. Our Designers average over 21 years each in the Kitchen and bath industry!  We are a family-owned business that specializes in the best-in-class brands, expert service and design.

The Hottest Kitchen Design Trends of 2016

Choosing the right gray tones for the kitchen

Our designers are constantly on the lookout for the latest trends and design ideas. When we look to the future of kitchen design, a few trends are sticking out. If you want to give your kitchen an upgrade and make it more modern, consider a few of the latest trends in kitchen design.

Remodeling your kitchen in Denver
Your cabinetry doesn’t all have to be the same color, as long as they are complimentary.

Mixing complementary colors

You don’t want to overwhelm our kitchen with too many colors, but you also don’t want to make it dull by matching every countertop and cabinet door. A modern, but rustic, kitchen trend is mixing the colors of your cabinetry. The colors should be complementary, but having the cabinets a different complementary color than the drawers can add dimension and vitality to your kitchen. It can also make it look like it was something you did on a whim one weekend when you had the cabinetry custom designed to fit your kitchen and your color palate.
Light and bright colors are often matched to create the illusion of more space. A brightly colored kitchen will also seem more inviting and invigorating.

Sustainable materials for Colorado kitchens
Ash counter top from Spekva


For the Colorado home, the country feel is bringing back the old wooden countertop for a more homey feel. Plus, a wooden countertop is much more sustainable than other materials. Sustainability and environmental responsibility are at the forefront of all interior design, from the kitchen to the bath to every other room in the house.

Opening up your kitchen

Any little trick that can be used to make your kitchen feel bigger and more spacious is right on trend. A few big cabinet, as opposed to rows of little cabinets, give the illusion of having more space. Shelves or cabinets with glass doors exposing the back wall can also be effective in making your kitchen feel bigger, rather than rows of cabinets taking up all the space.

Hottest kitchen trends in Colorado

For the latest in kitchen design trends in Colorado, stop by our kitchen showcase and talk to a designer about your next kitchen design project.

Denver kitchen design
Visit the Kitchen Showcase in Denver and get the latest scoop on kitchen design trends.