Avoid total chaos with some planning ahead and our help!

At The Kitchen Showcase we have all you need for Remodeling your Denver home
Picture this…you are super excited about your new, designer kitchen. You’ve worked hard to be able to make an upgrade to your home and give yourself the kitchen of your dreams, finally! But there’s just one more messy and unavoidable step to go through…the remodeling work!
We know that it is easy to have second thoughts about actually going forward with your kitchen remodel by just imagining the procedure in itself; after all, with your busy life and schedule, who needs an extra hassle and mess at home, right? Well, while we can’t argue with the unavoidable dust that generates from any construction project, there are ways to make your new kitchen remodeling in Denver as smooth as possible!

Before remodeling

  • In the weeks before the work begins, make a list of all those restaurants you’ve been meaning to try. When you are in no mood for microwave dinners, it will come in handy for a quick escape!
  • Decide on a safe enclosed area for the cabinets and appliances to be delivered to. Usually, the garage is a good location. This includes where you’d like the installers to store their tools.
  • Pack up the kitchen. While it’s a great time to “spring clean” your shelves, don’t forget to label the storage boxes well. This will make the unpacking process a lot easier and more fun! Items that are fragile should be marked accordingly and stored in an area away from the construction.
  • Plan a location outside of the area where the remodeling is being done to act as your temporary kitchen. You may be able to temporarily move everything you need there… except for the kitchen sink! So consider where your “water source” will be in relation to it.
  • In a fond farewell to your old kitchen, spend some time cooking in it. Make family favorites and throw them in the freezer. You’ll thank yourself later for that!
  • If there is a fish tank or electrical equipment in close proximity to the work, remember to cover them well!

kitchen remodel

Things to keep in handy during the remodel

  • The fridge and microwave
  • Coffee Maker (don’t forget to put the filters and coffee close at hand too!)
  • Utility utensils, such as can opener, bottle/wine opener, sharp knives, and microwavable dishes
  • Toaster
  • Butter, salt & pepper, favorite spices
  • Dining area/table
  • Plates, napkins, and disposable tableware
  • Cleaning supplies and dishtowels

Finally, if you have pets and there isn’t an area to keep them safely away from the construction, it may be a perfect time to treat them to a vacation at the kennel or a play date at a friend’s home!

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