Why you need to visit a kitchen showroom

Kitchen Showroom in Centennial
See and touch all the top brands at our Kitchen Showroom in Centennial.

The Internet is a wonderful place when it comes to finding inspiration for your kitchen remodel, but it can also be hard to figure out exactly which type of cabinets, which backsplash, which hardware, and which countertops are going to be right for you when all you have is a picture. Plus, we all know that the photos that you see online don’t always match up with the real thing. So, before you start ordering materials online, do yourself a favor and head to The Kitchen Showcase (TKS) where you’ll be able to see all the latest products up close and in person.

Know what you’re getting

When you visit TKS, you are going to be able to see, touch, and try out all of your favorite brands, plus discover a few other options that you may have missed on the Internet. When you remodel a kitchen, you have to make smart choices. The kitchen is probably the most used room in the home, so you want to make sure that the design choices you make are going to be worthy of your kitchen. A kitchen has many functions for every family, so the items that you purchase have to meet everyone’s requirements. Remodeling a kitchen and turning your dreams into reality can sometimes be a bit of a puzzle, but that puzzle becomes much more manageable when you can see and touch the things that you are buying.

Getting to know your materials

The look of your overall kitchen is important, but a kitchen is a place where everything is going to get touches, pulled, pushed, and prodded. The materials that you choose need to be able to stand up to the wear and tear that a normal kitchen sees daily, as well as still be aesthetically pleasing. How you are going to use your kitchen is going to determine the materials that are best and most durable. However, you also want to like the way the materials feel. You may like the look of some knobs and pulls, but if you don’t like the way they feel, then they’re going to work against the harmony of your new kitchen.

Kitchen showcase in Centennial
Photos on the Internet can be deceiving, so make sure you see something in person before ordering.

Understanding the size

For interior design experts, contractors, and craftspeople, seeing the measurements of a fridge, cabinets, stove, or kitchen island may be all they need to make a decision. However, for the rest of us, it helps to see the physical item up close. The last thing you want is to buy something and think “hmmm, I thought it was going to be bigger than that.” Seeing something in person will help you make the right choices.

Visit our kitchen showroom in Centennial, Colorado

When you come to TKS, not only do we have one of the largest showrooms in the Denver area, filled with the best brands in the industry, but we also design and install custom cabinets, countertops, hardware, and accessories to help you make your kitchen dreams come true. When you visit our showroom, one of our professional designers will work with you to help you make the right choices for your remodeling project.