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One of the biggest current trends for kitchen design is the mountain contemporary style. If done properly, this can transform a kitchen and entire home into a gorgeous rustic palace. Here’s what you will need to know about what goes into achieving mountain style kitchens.

A Mix of Wood and Stone

A big part of achieving this style is replicating the outdoors inside of the home. Therefore, if you want to make your kitchen have a mountain contemporary style, then you’ll need to include a mixture of wood and stone elements. One of the best ways in which you can do this is to get some stone countertops and then pair it with some elegant wood cabinets.

Denver kitchen design showcase
High ceilings and an open floor plan help to further enhance the mountain contemporary kitchen style.

A Lot of Windows and Light

Another important element of nature that needs to be mirrored inside of your kitchen is the abundant amount of light. While it is possible to try and accomplish this with artificial lighting, it is much more effective to do it with natural light instead. Therefore, you should make sure to have plenty of windows located around the kitchen to help elevate this mountain style.

Textured Surfaces

Rather than putting a lot of focus on color, mountain style kitchens will instead need to focus on texture. This means having a lot of wood with large grains and knots as well as plenty of textured concrete or other stone instead of using smooth glass and metal that is sometimes found in kitchen design.

By making sure to include these elements in your kitchen design, you will be able to help achieve the mountain contemporary style. If you need help perfecting it, then make sure to contact us at The Kitchen Showcase to take advantage of our professional design services.

Laminate Countertops vs Stone Countertops

white kitchen

There are a lot of different options when it comes to getting new high-quality kitchen countertops. However, two of the best and most common options are laminate and stone. So which one do you pick? This is a question that some people find really hard to answer. So to help make it easier for you to decide on either a laminate or stone countertop, here is a detailed breakdown of the benefits of both laminate countertops and stone countertops.

Benefits of Laminate Countertops

One of the biggest benefits that laminate countertops have over stone is the fact that they are much cheaper. In fact, depending on the type of stone you choose, a laminate countertop could easily end up being less than half of the cost.

Natural stone countertops combined with reclaimed wood is necessary for creating a rustic style.

Another benefit is that laminate countertops are incredibly easy to install and are very low maintenance. Even if they suffer damage, you can easily have refinished or repaired to get them looking brand new in no time at all.

Benefits of Stone Countertops

Even though stone countertops are more expensive than laminate, you are getting a lot of value for the price that you are paying. This is largely because they are extremely durable and can often end up lasting over 40 years if properly maintained. So even if you have a home with a lot of destructive children around, stone countertops should be able to survive the chaos.

They also come in a wide variety of colors and patterns, which ensures that you can always get the exact style you are looking for.

Therefore, if someone is looking for plenty of short-term benefits, they are better off going with laminate countertops. But if they are planning to live in a home for quite some time, then they should be able to collect on the benefits of stone countertops. No matter which material you pick, make sure you contact our team of professionals at The Kitchen Showcase to help you professionally install it.

We Have High-Quality Kitchen Cabinets for Every Style

In order to have the kitchen style that you have always dreamed of, you’ll need to make sure that each item within the room contributes to the same style. Otherwise, it will result in an odd mashup of various styles, which will increase the need for kitchen remodeling.

A big contributor to the style of a kitchen is the cabinets that you use. In fact, here is what makes kitchen cabinets so important when it comes to creating a certain style.

Cabinets Set the Tone for the Rest of the Room

It is often said that a kitchen is what helps determine the personality for the rest of the home. And with cabinets being one of the biggest influences over the kitchen style, this makes kitchen cabinets a key component in the style for the entire home. This is evident when you walk into what is supposed to be a sleek modern home and then get abruptly confronted by some country-style wood cabinets that seem totally out of place and ruin the flow of the house.

Custom Elwood Cabinetry
White kitchen cabinets work best with a modern or contemporary home.

Therefore, picking out your new kitchen cabinets is not a decision that should be taken lightly. It is important to go over all of the available options and then go with something that embodies the style you want for your entire home.

Choosing Design Experts Makes the Process Easier

If you are going to be doing some kitchen remodeling, then you want to make sure that you get the right kitchen cabinets. Otherwise, you could end up having to redo the process all over again next year. Picking out the perfect kitchen cabinets becomes significantly easier when you enlist the services of some design experts. That is where our team at The Kitchen Showcase comes in handy.

Our team of experienced design professionals can work with you in order to make sure that you are always in love with the finished product by offering you a seemingly endless amount of high-quality cabinet options. So make sure to contact us today in order to get started on your kitchen remodeling project.

Disinfect Your Wooden Cabinets Without Any Damage

The Best Tips to Clean Your Kitchen Cabinets

When cleaning your home, the kitchen is one area that requires a lot of attention and care. It sees a lot of traffic and accumulates a lot of grime, causing the need for it to be cleaned and disinfected often. However, when sanitizing this area of your home, you can’t just grab the first cleaning supply you own. You also must make sure you are cleaning items, particularly wooden cabinets and countertops, the right way. This will prevent damage, increase their lifespan, and keep them looking their best. 

Here are a few kitchen cleaning tips for your wooden cabinets and countertops

Refresh Your Kitchen with These Great Cabinet Colors
To keep your wooden cabinets in tip-top condition, you must be cautious of the supplies you use.

Be Cautious of the Supplies You Use

Certain types of cleaning supplies may be too harsh for the wooden areas of your home and can cause damage. When cleaning, you want to make sure you are using products that are safe for wood. You do not want to use any products with bleach or ammonia as these are too harsh for this material. 

Consider a Natural Option

If you want to disinfect this area of your home but you don’t want to bring harsh chemicals into your house, consider a more natural cleaning solution such as a vinegar solution. To create this, make a 50/50 solution of warm water and vinegar. Spray the solution on your cabinets and wipe them clean. You will want to rinse and dry the cabinets well. 

By repeating this often, you will be able to keep grime buildup at a minimum. 

Use a Specific Cleaning Supply

If you have any questions about kitchen disinfection supplies for your wooden cabinets, talk to the experts. You may receive cleaning tips for your specific cabinets and recommendations on proper supplies you should use. 

At The Kitchen Showcase, we want you to have a kitchen space that you love. Email or calls us today to begin creating your dream kitchen or to schedule a tour of our kitchen showroom.

Expert Tips For When Your Kitchen Lacks Natural Light

It is no secret that a bright and well-lit kitchen in your home is ideal. It creates a welcoming and inviting feeling into the space. Luckily, if you do not have a kitchen area with much natural light, it doesn’t have to be a challenge to create that open, enticing feeling that you desire. 

If your kitchen lacks natural sunlight, here are three suggestions from the experts. 

1. Use the Right Materials

As you choose the various materials for your kitchen, keep the amount of light in the room in mind. If there is little light, you may consider light-reflecting materials on your cabinets or your wall. A great decor item for rooms with little daylight is a large mirror. The mirror will reflect the light, not only making the room appear brighter but it will help make the space look larger as well. You may want to avoid kitchen cabinets and countertops in darker colors and finishes.

Kitchen Cabinets
Cabinets with lighter colors and finishes will make a room appear bright.

2. Use Additional Storage Lighting

As you improve the kitchen lighting in your Colorado home, consider various storage lighting options. For example, installing under-cupboard lights is a simple, yet effective way to brighten up this space. This is also a fairly inexpensive solution and less time-consuming and stressful than installing additional lights or windows in your kitchen. 

3. Talk to the Design Experts at The Kitchen Showcase

Every kitchen is a little different. You may need a solution that is more unique to truly get the results that you desire. At The Kitchen Showcase, you can discuss your kitchen, features, and wish lists with design experts who can help you truly create the kitchen of your dreams. You can also look through our galleries or schedule a time to walk through the large showroom. Both options will help you gather ideas for your custom kitchen design

If you want to create the ultimate kitchen and work with a team of experts who you trust, The Kitchen Showcase in Colorado is there for you. Contact us today to learn more. 

Here’s Why You Should Renovate With a Family-Owned Business

TKSI working process

There are plenty of kitchen installers in Colorado you can choose for your next renovation project. Some are family-owned businesses, and others are large companies. Though this may not seem like such a big difference — both types of businesses offer the same thing, after all — family-owned businesses like The Kitchen Showcase offer loyalty and service in ways that bigger renovators just can’t. But how do smaller businesses manage to make their customers so happy? Here are the three ways that a family-owned renovator can provide a better experience for you. 

More One-On-One Time

When it comes to a successful renovation project, communication is key. Family businesses understand the importance of feeling valued and respected. That’s why they want to hear all of your ideas, down to the last detail, and incorporate them into your new kitchen. With a family-owned business, you’re more likely to be kept in the loop during each and every stage of your home renovation project. 

Denver kitchen showroom
With our team, you can compare kitchen cabinets at our kitchen showroom in Denver.

More Flexibility

Large renovation companies are often guilty of having prices and practices too strict to meet the needs of their customers. A family-owned business is more willing to find ways to work with your budget and offer cost-effective options that won’t leave you in major debt. If the renovation you want is expensive, family-owned businesses tend to offer different monthly payment plans. 

Friendly Staff

For a smaller, family-owned business, it’s crucial to have the right staff on board. Larger companies often hire candidates based on skills and qualifications. But smaller teams know that for quality customer service — and to assure unity behind closed doors — it’s important to hire employees with a great attitude and incredible work ethic.

If you’re looking for a quality renovation team you can trust, The Kitchen Showcase has your back. We’re Colorado’s best family-owned and operated renovators, and we’re happy to help with your kitchen and bath needs. Call or email us today to learn more.

Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Cabinets

Denver kitchen design on a budget

Though your original cabinets may have served you and your Colorado home well, nothing lasts forever. Great cabinets can and should last for decades. In fact, they are the longest-lasting component of most kitchens. However, various factors can render your cabinets damaged or just plain obsolete. Though gutting and reinstallation seem costly, it’s more worth your money than repeated costs for maintenance and repairs. If you see any of the following signs, it’s time to consider new cabinets. 

Water Damage

This is a common problem that leads many homeowners to consider new cabinets. Water damage from loose or broken sink pipes, unmanaged spills, and even flooding can lead your cabinets to swell and become disfigured. Not only does water damage cause warping, but it can also cause rot. If you see any of the following signs of serious water damage, you’ll need to consider a replacement:

  • Damaged laminate
  • Black or discolored wood
  • Warping
  • Problems closing the cabinet doors

Soft Walls

Check the walls of your cabinets by pushing them lightly with your hand. Do they feel “soft”, or easily bendable? If they do, they are severely damaged and could even fall apart soon. Don’t waste any time or money trying to resurface them — call a kitchen renovation service and get your cabinets replaced.  

Poor Function

TKSI Tim’s portfolio cherry cabinets
Installing a center island is an effective way to add storage space and increase the functionality of your kitchen.

Damage doesn’t always have to be the sole reason behind a cabinet replacement. Sometimes, poor function can be enough of a motivator to call a kitchen design service. Though your cabinets may be aesthetically pleasing, there’s really no point in having them if they aren’t easily accessible, openable, and spacious. Poor kitchen designs are more common than you might think. Many homeowners report having too little storage space, hard-to-access cabinets, and difficult drawers. Replacing cabinets like these with a well-thought-out, ergonomic kitchen design will do wonders for you and your family.

Are you experiencing any of these problems in your kitchen? Eliminate your stress and replace your cabinets with The Kitchen Showcase. Our experienced team will help you create an optimal space for the whole family to cook in. Come see our Denver showroom or call us today for more information.

The Latest Kitchen Remodel Trends

As the new year gets underway, people planning kitchen remodels in Colorado want to make sure they are on to the latest trends. Here are some of the key things you should to help you find emulation and inspiration.

Starter Trends

Latest Kitchen Remodel Trends
Be sure to look to a few other kitchens to draw inspiration from for your own remodel.

One thing to note is that while the classic white kitchen will always be popular, expect to see things trending more towards adding bits of color into those white kitchens. This can range from painting an island or accent wall to putting in a colorful backsplash to add a bit of brightness.

On the topic of materials, expect to see a lot more quartz countertops and subway tiles designed to imitate Spanish and Moroccan styles. These distinctive looks are great ways to help a kitchen stand apart without breaking the bank.

Finally, while this isn’t necessarily a design trend, a lot more people are interested in the idea of smart technology getting a foothold in their kitchens. After all, this helps may everything in life easier, and has plenty of kitchen applications. These can range from installing smart appliances to remotely-controlled lights to a variety of other pieces of tech. Now is the time to make your kitchen more efficient and beautiful.

Finding Support

The Kitchen Showcase is the top location for remodeling kitchens in Colorado to remodel your home from start to finish. We’ve got all the leading brands and products, easily customization for your needs. On top of this, our designers are always in tune with the best trends to make your kitchen as appealing as possible.

Be sure to stop by our showroom today. Our expert staff is ready to help you find the perfect design and installation options to keep with these trends.

Premium Quality Cabinets and Countertops for Your Kitchen & Bathroom Needs

premium kitchen cabinets

At The Kitchen Showcase, we believe that to be the best in the kitchen and bathroom remodeling industry, we need to work with the best. That is why we have gathered a team of highly qualified and experienced designers. For this reason and our fantastic customer service, we have become the proud number one Crestwood cabinet dealer and one of the top five Kitchen Craft cabinet dealers in the United States.

More Than 30 Years of Experience in Kitchen and Bathroom Remodeling Projects

With more than 40 display rooms in our showroom in Centennial, you have plenty of cabinet and countertop options to choose from and create the kitchen and bathroom that you’ve always wanted, all while being advised by our experts who will team up with you and combine their experience with your ideas to create an unmatchable kitchen or bathroom for your home.

And that’s not all! Once you have chosen your materials, our skilled staff will take care of the delivery and installation process to make sure that everything is set up as planned and that your kitchen and bathroom result is exactly as you expected.

kitchen remodel denver

Visit the Kitchen Showcase Today and Let Us Become Your Kitchen and Bathroom Trusted Advisor!!!

We encourage you to visit our showroom in Centennial and let our kitchen and bathroom designers work with you guiding you in choosing the best countertops and cabinets according to your budget, preferences, and needs, or browse our website and learn more about our designers and the products and services we have to offer. For more than three decades, we have been helping thousands of satisfied customers with their kitchen and bathroom remodeling process, from cabinet planning and design to accurate ordering to careful delivery and installation.

Simplifying Your Kitchen Remodel

Rustic Design Choices

Kitchen remodeling in Colorado can be a headache for even a seasoned professional, let alone a newcomer. Here are some of the methods experts use to try and simplify the process.

Key Insight

Kitchen Remodel
Put in the planning before you hire your first contractor.

The key place you want to start is making sure that you spend plenty of time planning out the remodel before you talk to contractors. Budget is an obvious reason, but you also want to make sure there’s enough walking space and storage for your planned remodel. Remember, you want to have enough space for multiple people to walk around at the same time. You can test this out by creating a room model for your installation with plywood or cardboard. This lets you see if things like opening the over door would lead to a space crunch.

When talking about cabinets, make sure you already have the measurement for your base when you’re looking up dimensions for the countertop. The number you see on the plans may not actually reflect what you find in reality. To avoid any nasty surprises, just put a carpenter’s square above the endpiece. You’ll know you have it right when it looks narrower than the rest of the wall.

Be sure to make things easier on yourself by accounting for added storage. There are a lot of ways to use under-utilized pieces of space to your benefit. One such example is backsplash racks. These are very versatile and easy to put together, good to flex into any existing design plan.

Getting Expert Advice

The Kitchen Showcase is your ideal destination for a simplified kitchen remodel in Colorado. With our sizeable selection of brands and products, you can put these tips into action and have an efficient way to build up your space. Along with this, we also have expert designers that can help improve on your dream designs to create a reality.

Stop by our showroom to meet with one of our design experts and get your next project underway.