There are plenty of kitchen installers in Colorado you can choose for your next renovation project. Some are family-owned businesses, and others are large companies. Though this may not seem like such a big difference — both types of businesses offer the same thing, after all — family-owned businesses like The Kitchen Showcase offer loyalty and service in ways that bigger renovators just can’t. But how do smaller businesses manage to make their customers so happy? Here are the three ways that a family-owned renovator can provide a better experience for you. 

More One-On-One Time

When it comes to a successful renovation project, communication is key. Family businesses understand the importance of feeling valued and respected. That’s why they want to hear all of your ideas, down to the last detail, and incorporate them into your new kitchen. With a family-owned business, you’re more likely to be kept in the loop during each and every stage of your home renovation project. 

Denver kitchen showroom
With our team, you can compare kitchen cabinets at our kitchen showroom in Denver.

More Flexibility

Large renovation companies are often guilty of having prices and practices too strict to meet the needs of their customers. A family-owned business is more willing to find ways to work with your budget and offer cost-effective options that won’t leave you in major debt. If the renovation you want is expensive, family-owned businesses tend to offer different monthly payment plans. 

Friendly Staff

For a smaller, family-owned business, it’s crucial to have the right staff on board. Larger companies often hire candidates based on skills and qualifications. But smaller teams know that for quality customer service — and to assure unity behind closed doors — it’s important to hire employees with a great attitude and incredible work ethic.

If you’re looking for a quality renovation team you can trust, The Kitchen Showcase has your back. We’re Colorado’s best family-owned and operated renovators, and we’re happy to help with your kitchen and bath needs. Call or email us today to learn more.