Choose New Cabinets From First Class Cabinet Makers

The most important thing to remember when it comes to any renovation is that high-quality materials mean a high-quality final product. The more you’re willing to spend on durable and reliable products, the more likely you won’t need to do another renovation in the future. 

When thinking of this type of renovation, you need to be thinking about high-quality cabinetry. If you visit a cabinet showroom, you can check out some of the fantastic products currently available. Once you find one, you’re going to need to work with first-class cabinet makers to ensure they are installed correctly. 

Why Visit The Kitchen Showcase?

When you visit The Kitchen Showcase, you can count on a large selection made by first-class cabinet makers. By seeing them in person, you will know what you’re buying and will make a more informed decision. So many people choose renovation materials, not knowing what they look like in person. This causes them many headaches and a bunch of money because they don’t know what they’re getting into. 

By visiting The Kitchen Showcase in person, you will get to touch and feel the products and know that you are dealing with first-class cabinet makers. If you have any issues later on, they are going to help you figure it out.

Visiting a showcase is the ideal way of viewing cabinets.

Dry Colorado Climate Makes Cabinetry Tricky

When it comes to Colorado homes, the climate can make cabinetry tricky. The dryness can dry out the wood and cause several issues like cracking, shrinking, and warping. When you work with designers with more than 21 years of experience, you’re going to be guaranteed to get the best products. With an informed decision, you can improve your choices and the finished product’s quality.

As one of the first-class cabinet makers in America, you need to pick up the phone and call right away. By scheduling an appointment to visit our cabinet showroom, you will feel more confident about your upcoming renovation. Call The Kitchen Showcase today.

Open Shelving vs. Cabinets For Your Kitchen

Shelving is a great way to showcase beautiful dishes and can make your kitchen feel more modern.

When renovating your home, it is essential to make the right choices in order to not have mistakes down the line that cause you to regret the decisions. As styles have changed throughout time, sometimes it can be challenging to figure out what to choose for your home.

Choosing kitchen cabinets is one of the most important decisions for these types of remodels. While there are tons of different cabinet types, you may also want to choose from having shelves throughout the space to showcase your dishes, rather than hide them.

Aesthetics vs. Practical Pros and Cons

Having shelving instead of cabinetry presents a plethora of benefits, but sometimes it is not always practical. Shelves are great for homeowners who have fine dishwares and items that they want to showcase. If you have a six-person family, with tons of mismatched dishes, it is more practical to have these hidden behind a stylish cabinet.

Shelves also take up less space than kitchen cabinets and tends to make space feel more open, rather than cramped. However, if you already have a small space, you want to use the available walls for cabinets to fit more of your things.

Try Both: Mixing Shelves With Cabinets

Depending on the size of your kitchen, you may be able to combine shelves with cabinets.
Shelving or cabinets?

Combing both shelves with cabinetry is an excellent way to showcase some of your items, while keeping things like food and packaged goods hidden. If you decide on shelving, you want to make sure you aren’t cluttering them as it can make your entire space feel messier. You should reserve shelf space for items that accentuate the other style elements throughout the space.

When combining, opt for a contrast between your shelves and cabinetry. Dark wood shelves against a light backsplash, complemented by light-colored cabinetry, can have a lasting impact.

If you want assistance with your kitchen design in Denver, call us today. We can streamline the process and make you feel more confident about your decisions.