Kitchen renovations can make for quite a stressful time. With so many options for countertops available, how are Colorado homeowners supposed to figure out which choice will work best for them? To help you make a decision that you’ll be happy with for the long-run, we’ve made a shortlist of some of our favorite options. 

Quartz Countertop at The Kitchen Showcase
Quartz is well known for its range of color options and high durability.


Engineered quartz is a great countertop material for anyone looking for something that is easy to maintain. To make these countertops, manufacturers use natural quartz and combine it with resin and a few added colors. These components are compacted together under immense pressure to form an incredibly durable slab for your kitchen. Quartz is a wonderful option for those who are cost-minded and aren’t willing to spend their whole renovation budget on an expensive granite or marble countertop. You can get quartz counters that closely resemble granite or you can use slabs in a solid color for a modern appeal.


Granite is an extremely popular material to use for kitchens today. It’s very dependable — heat resistant, impact-resistant, and available in a range of styles, it’s no wonder so many people in Colorado opt for this material. Granite is naturally porous, though the porosity of your counter is dependant on the color of the granite. Regardless, all granite countertops require sealants in order to maintain as much longevity as possible.


This option is the most budget-friendly of these countertops. Laminated countertops are limitless when it comes to style. They come in almost any color imaginable, and you can even order them in chic patterns. Laminated countertops can also be made to resemble other materials, like wood or granite. Laminate counters do have softer surfaces than quartz or granite, so they do require you to be a tad more careful while using them.

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