We’re blending trends here at The Kitchen Showcase. Although the country style kitchen is still one of the favorites for Colorado homeowners, we’re seeing many people look for ways to infuse a bit of modern design. The new country kitchen is a little bit country and a little bit rock and roll.

Contemporary kitchen design
Flat-front kitchen cabinets are the latest trend in contemporary kitchen design.

Contemporary kitchen design trends

The first step to modernizing the country style kitchen is to customize your cabinetry. Choose a style of wood that is natural and rustic to keep it country, but make the design clean and minimalistic to bring in the modern. The sleekest new style in kitchen cabinetry is the flat-front or slab-panel cabinets.

Flat-front kitchen cabinets

The flat-front cabinets have the raised border, but the center will be recessed. The simplicity of this cabinet style will make the country kitchen a little bit cooler and refreshing. However, the flat-front cabinet is a little baby step towards really giving your charming country kitchen a full modern make-over.

Slab-panel kitchen cabinets

Slap panel cabinets for contemporary kitchen
Bring a little Scandinavian minimalism to your warm country kitchen with slab-panel cabinets.

If you really want to make a statement and really modernize your kitchen, you should take a look at slab-panel cabinets. This ultra-sophisticated cabinet style is clean and minimalistic, giving your kitchen a Scandinavian-country hybrid.

Best of both worlds

Depending on the rest of the materials that you use in the kitchen, mixing warmer tones and more contemporary style choices, you can have the best of both worlds.

Design a modern country kitchen in Denver

At The Kitchen Showcase in Colorado, we’ve got a large selection of cabinets. We are picky about the brands that we represent, making sure that we only deal with brands that are proven to be the best in class. Our designers can help you choose the right style of cabinetry to design your dream kitchen. Whether your style is country, traditional, transitional, modern, or a combination, we’ll help you find the right products, materials, and accessories.