The kitchen design trend is finally changing after our eyes become sore seeing the white and glossy texture combination for ages! Black is getting its much-awaited place on the kitchen counters, and white is getting out. Texturing is the new epitome of kitchen designs, from kitchenware and countertops to wall tiling.

Most of us focus on the kitchen’s functionality and items that get our work done. Basic color matching is the boldest people get with the kitchen. However, the lifeless kitchen starts feeling dull, and you only go to the kitchen as a necessity. Following the new kitchen design trends for the kitchen will liven up your kitchen and make your cooking time a whole lot enjoyable.

So, what are the various materials and components you can get textured for your kitchen?

Backsplash Art & Tiles

Denver kitchen design showcase
High ceilings & textured materials are the hottest trends in kitchen design.

If your kitchen still has the floral designs from the 80s, drop them instantly. The wall tiling has jumped several ages, and now backsplash art is the trend. Ceramic or glass tiles lay a classy look. The diagonal mixed stones arrange the tiles together to infuse some character.


New kitchens have large islands paired with textured countertops. The texture is similar to the backsplash art, so it follows a pattern and blends well.


Matt and glossy finish are the trends for cabinets. Compared to the wood Formica trend dragged for ages, it gives a modern yet minimalistic look. You can choose bold colors in contrast with the walls and countertop or match them to create a monochromatic look. However, if you are going for a rustic floor, it is better to stick with wooden cabinets with grains, bringing us to our next point.

Texturing With Wood and Grain

Your kitchen will have a minimalistic and sleek effect if you opt for the ideas above. While that is the trend we are witnessing for 2022, it can be too redundant and straightforward. You might want to add some complexity and flavor to your kitchen. The best texture to pair your modern kitchen with is wood and grains. This will provide contrast to the kitchen to add more attraction. You can place wood textured kitchenware on the countertops and the island, such as cutting boards, knives, baskets, and wine holders. Visit our kitchen gallery for more inspiration!