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Traditional Kitchen remodel by Mike Hall

Our kitchens are getting smarter and smarter – or rather, kitchen design experts are getting smarter. Our designers are always on the prowl for the latest great kitchen design trends, and the one trend that we try to incorporate into every design is cabinet lighting.
Kitchen cabinetry and countertops in Denver
Lighting will brighten your kitchen and make it more safe and functional for cooking.

Every kitchen needs great lighting

As much fun as it is to hang out in the kitchen, you are there to get something done. You are dealing with sharp knives, hot pans, and boiling water. Lighting is important to create the right mood, but it is also important for you to be able to clearly see what you are doing.
Hanging kitchen cabinetry can create a lot of shadows and dark corners that can be dangerous in a busy working environment, especially if you like to have a lot of cooks in the kitchen. For families who like to cook together, everyone needs a workspace with great lighting.

Under-cabinet lighting eliminates shadows and blind spots

Overhead lighting is easy when it comes to lighting your kitchen island, but for the counter space underneath your cabinets, the latest in cabinet accessories is under-cabinet lighting. It’s the perfect solution to getting rid of those annoying shadows caused by your cabinets when all you have is ceiling lights.

Brighten up the inside of your cabinets

Kitchen cabinetry lighting in Denver
Under-cabinet lighting is key in a functional kitchen design.

In-cabinet lighting is also making its way into our kitchen cabinet designs. Instead of keeping a flashlight in that messy kitchen drawer, add in-cabinet lighting to eliminate having to fumble around to find what you’re looking for in the back of a cabinet.
Being able to light up individual areas in the kitchen instead of one solid overhead lighting fixture will also make your kitchen feel more lively and bright, as you can play with the texture and the color of the lights to create the mood that you want. Having the option to only turn on a few lights in the area you are working will also help you save on energy.

Custom kitchen cabinets and lighting design in Denver

For the latest in kitchen design trends, stop by The Kitchen Showcase in Denver and talk to one of our designers. You can also get inspired by our large showroom with every kitchen design trend available, from ready-made cabinetry and countertops to custom-made. We can turn your kitchen dreams into your kitchen reality.
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