We offer the finest kitchen countertops and everything related for Kitchen and bath remodels around {location} and across the Front Range of Colorado, and the mountain communities. Our services include design services for both industrial and residential, professional installation, and guidance through your entire remodel. We specialize in the best brands per price range and carry top brands such as Crestwood, Decora, Koch, Aristkraft, and more! Choose from metal countertops, glass countertops, wood countertops, natural stone countertops, and others. We offer better quality and value than any other Kitchen and Bath Company in Colorado.

Remodel your kitchen and boost your house resale value

Finally, you have decided it is time to sell your house and get a new one. Making your mind is one of the toughest steps to overcome; now, it is all about getting the best deal for it. Even though your home is in pretty good shape you have to consider the fact that the possible new owner, is expecting a new looking house. Therefore, it is essential to invest in a few, but effective upgrades, and nothing works better increasing a house value and boosting its curb appeal than a kitchen countertops.

Major nationwide cost and value reports, indicate that the recouped value average of kitchen countertops represents the 70% of the costs and a minor kitchen countertops almost the 80% of the costs. Therefore, instead of wasting money doing minor repairs or small, but expensive facelifts that probably won’t change much your house appearance, invest on a kitchen countertops and get the best deal possible. At The Kitchen Showcase, we are experts boosting home’s curb appeal with our amazing kitchen countertops services and we have noticed that the only risk our customers run when hiring our affordable kitchen countertops services is not willing to sell the house afterwards.

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