We offer the finest kitchen remodelling and everything related for Kitchen and bath remodels around {location} and across the Front Range of Colorado, and the mountain communities. Our services include design services for both industrial and residential, professional installation, and guidance through your entire remodel. We specialize in the best brands per price range and carry top brands such as Crestwood, Decora, Koch, Aristkraft, and more! Choose from metal countertops, glass countertops, wood countertops, natural stone countertops, and others. We offer better quality and value than any other Kitchen and Bath Company in Colorado.

Tips to survive your kitchen remodeling

Remodeling any space or room from your house is an uncomfortable reality that can freak out any homeowner. Especially, when it is a vital and important room like the kitchen. A kitchen remodelling can be annoying. Nonetheless, it is one of the best house renovation projects you can make in order to increase its value and curb appeal. At The kitchen Showcase, we have been working for over 30 years helping people exceed their kitchen remodelling expectations. Therefore, we would like to share some handy suggestions to make your kitchen remodelling experience as pleasant as possible.

  • Before starting with the kitchen remodelling project, define a specific room for the installers to store their tools. You can also store there, the new kitchen remodelling and appliances to be delivered to. The garage can be a good location for this purpose.
  • Define a room to use as a temporarily kitchen. Consider that you will need a water source and space for certain appliances and utensils.
  • Keep the utility utensils, such as: can opener, bottle/wine opener, sharp knives, toaster, coffee maker, microwave, and microwavable dishes close hand and well protected.
  • Store and keep basics handy, such as: coffee and the filters for your coffee maker. Also, butter, salt & pepper, and favorite spices.
  • Keep close basic cleaning supplies and dishtowels.
  • Try cooking a lot before the kitchen remodelling begins and stock the fridge with meals ready to be warm up in the microwave.
  • Take advantage of the situation and try new restaurants. Make a list of those places you always wanted to try. 

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