Kitchen countertops are a major focal point in the kitchen, so you have to choose the materials and style thoughtfully. Your countertops can also act as an intermediary material that helps tie your cabinets and your floors together. The color, texture, and style of your countertops should help you create a cohesive and unified design for your new kitchen.

Unifying Your Floors and Cabinets

We tend to put most of our focus on the floors and the cabinets when we remodel the kitchen. But your countertops play a major part in unifying your floors and your cabinets. If you are matching your cabinets and your floors, the countertops can also add some much-needed contrast to make the design pop. Contrasting materials can make your design have a more refreshing attitude, without making the kitchen feel too busy.

Use the countertop to add some contrast and make the rest of the kitchen pop.

Keeping Countertops Simple

Countertops can serve as a statement piece, but one mistake that we make is in being too fashion-forward and trendy in our choices. Simplicity is your friend when it comes to choosing countertops. Keeping your countertops simple, you can make other more daring choices with other aspects of your kitchen. Countertops aren’t easy to replace – or cheap – so by sticking to more classic and timeless choices for countertops means the style will last for a long time, even if you want to make some stylistic changes to other features to keep the kitchen fresh and modern.

Substance and Style

Make sure you don’t choose style over substance. Choose materials that will also serve a purpose, like giving you a solid surface to work on without damage. Your kitchen countertops should be able to live up to the kitchen lifestyle. The materials should be able to handle spills, moisture, heat, and lots and lots of chopping. There are plenty of countertop materials that are timeless, functional, and fashionable.

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