Being a homeowner means that you’re always looking to upgrade rooms, remodel, and making it homier and more functional. A home is a constant work in progress. Unless you have an unlimited supply of time and money, you want to choose projects wisely. Some home improvements and renovations will increase the value of your home, and giving you a high return on your investment when it comes time to sell.

Most profitable remodel project

Organizing your kitchen

Any upgrades to the kitchen will give significant ROI.

The most profitable renovation project is the kitchen. Just a few minor upgrades and you can expect to get more than 50% back in resale value. If you are looking to sell immediately, there are a few small changes you can make to give the home more in-house appeal to buyers. Not only will the new upgrades be attractive to buyers, but knowing that they won’t have to embark on remodeling projects right after they buy, will also add some appeal.

Full kitchen remodel

There are two ways you can tackle the kitchen. The first is a complete kitchen overhaul where you gut the kitchen and put in all new custom cabinets, efficient and functional storage spaces, countertops, and appliances. For a complete kitchen remodel, you can expect to get up to 60% ROI. One thing to consider is whether your style is going to be the same as potential buyers. You may want to consider choosing a style that is relatively neutral and appealing to a larger crowd than something highly personalized.

New drawer and cabinet fronts will appeal to potential buyers.

Kitchen face-lift

The second way to upgrade your kitchen is to give it a quick face-lift. That means that you change out the appliances to be newer and more efficient, but instead of gutting the kitchen and replacing the cabinets, you replace the cabinet doors. Small upgrades, like a new faucet and hardware for your cabinets and drawers, can also give your kitchen a newer look that will appeal to buyers. With just a few small changes to the surface of the kitchen, the ROI can be as high as 80%.

Before you make any changes, visit our showroom to see all your options for materials and colors. Talk to our designers about what will give you the best return on your investment.