As many homeowners in Colorado consider a new kitchen cabinet design, many desire a traditional style. This type of cabinetry creates a welcoming, home-like feeling and is available in a variety of designs, helping you find the perfect look for your home. 

Here are a few things you can expect when choosing a traditional style for your home. 

new kitchen renovation
Traditional cabinets feature beautiful details, molding, and ornamentation.

Cabinet Doors

If you desire a traditional custom kitchen design for your Colorado home, you’ll have cabinetry that boasts many beautiful and intricate details. Traditional cabinet doors boast details that you may not find on other cabinetry options. For example, you will have cabinet doors with trim and gorgeous molding will be placed around the top of the cabinets. Some signature pieces may also boast beautiful ornamentation, making it a focal piece in the room. 


One way to add a little variety and contrast to your kitchen is with the handles and doorknobs. You can choose these pieces of hardware with unique shapes and colors. You can also choose different handles and doorknobs depending on where the cabinet is located. For example, your upper cabinets may boast a different handle than the lower cabinets. 

You want to choose hardware that adds to the look and detail of the cabinet doors, rather than takes away from it or overpowers it. 


Some modern and contemporary styles are available in bright and bold colors. With a traditional kitchen, you will not find these color options. Rather, you will find more neutral colors that provide a sort of elegance and class to the room. For example, you will find colors such as light grays, whites, creams, etc. 

As you consider kitchen remodeling for your Colorado house, visit The Kitchen Showcase. We can make a traditionally-styled, but functional kitchen with all the appliances seamlessly integrated into it. Contact us today to learn more.