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The Kitchen Showcase partners with leading retailers that carry countertops from the leading brands. Worktop surfaces come in the full range of materials, so you can choose the perfect material for your personal style and functional needs. The only limits are your imagination and budget!

We believe in giving you, the customer, the best pricing possible so go directly to the fabricator through our exclusive relationship with colorado’s finest granite, marble, quartz, and stone company!

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Natural Stone Countertops

Natural stone countertops look beautiful and create a a one-of-a-kind showpiece for your room. But just as important, a natural stone countertop can be a great way to improve the resale value of your home.

Here are some of the key differences between the natural stone options.

Material Key Features Maintenance / Use
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100% natural stone
Stain resistant
Scratch resistant
Heat resistant
Price Range: $$-$$$$$
Requires sealing about twice a year, depending on the granite
Marble 100% natural stone
Heat resistant
Price Range: $$-$$$$
Susceptible to staining from acidic materials
Not advised for kitchen use
Soapstone Heat resistant
Durable, yet softer than granite
Price Range: $$$
Higher maintenance than most natural stone products
Apply mineral oil to improve the luster of the stone
Slate Inexpensive
Available in many earth-toned colors
Tends to have an uneven surface
Price Range: $-$$$
More brittle than other natural stone countertops
Travertine Multiple pitted holes and troughs in surface create a distinct look
Holes can be filled with a grout to match the color of the stone
Price Range: $-$$
Versatile uses (countertops, tiling, etc.)
Susceptible to staining from acidic material

Surface Finishes (Information for finishes from Percoco Marble)

We offer the following surface finishes for stone in addition to the factory finish: polished, honed, leathered, and carresed. Please refer to the definitions below for more information on each finish. Note that some finishes are only available as factory finishes.

It should be noted for countertop use that only the polished, honed, caressed and leaterhed finishes are recommended.


The finish put on the slab at the processing facility (factory) before being exported. Generally polished for most marbles and granites, and honed for most shist and limestones. Slates mostly come as cleft face. Additionally some materials are available in multiple finishes (ie a stone may be mostly exported polished, but a smaller quantity is exported honed).


This is the standard factory finish for most granites and marbles. A polished surface is highly reflective and the least porous of the finishes available. Polished marbles can be etched with many household acids and cleaners. On-site surface refinishing is NOT recommended and can be spotty at best.


Leather Finish on Ubatuba Granite

This finish adds texture to the surface. Additionally, it closes the pores (compared to honing) and retains the color better than honing. While a leathered finish has a sheen to it, it is no where near as reflective as a polished surface. A good analogy would be that a leathered finish is like a matte finish on a photograph whereas a polished surface is like a glossy photograph. Please note that the amount of texture will vary from stone to stone and some stones will not leather (especially extremely uniform materials). Leathering is preferred to honing for blacks and other very dark materials. For example the amount of texture on Absolute Black is minimal and very fine grained, and the finish is much more uniform than honing Absolute Black. Leathering starts with a honed surface and adds texture, and is a completely different process than river washed (see below).


Leather Finish on Ubatuba Granite image


This finish adds gloss to the leathered finish above. Starting with a leathered finish and then “polishing” the high spots. This of couse closes the pores more than the leathered finish, but not as much as a polished finish.


This is the standard factory finish for schists and most limestones (most of which will NOT take a polish). Honing a polished material opens up the pore making it more susceptible to staining than the same material in a polished finish. At home re-finishing is possible, and the end result will vary from stone to stone (see re-finishing in our care and cleaning section). Honing will “grey out” or fade the color of the stone, this is more noticeable on darker materials than on lighter materials. A color enhancing sealer is available and may be used to restore the color (if desired). Also note that very dark materials (especially blacks) tend to end up with an un-even finish and a honed finish is not recommended.

Quartz Countertops

So you love a natural look, but you crave as little maintenance as possible… Consider Quartz! Quartz countertops can be strikingly beautiful, and they’re much lower maintenance than natural stone products. They also tend to be stain and scratch resistant.

Some quartz countertops contain a small percentage of resin, making them susceptible to surface stains from hot pans.

Brand Key Features Maintenance / Use
DuPont Zodiac Engineered with pure quartz crystals
Scratch resistant
Heat resistant
Smooth, nonporous surface
Price Range: $$-$$$
Will retain its luster for many years without sealants or waxes
Silestone by Cosentino Manufactured from natural quartz
Stain and scratch resistant
Heat resistant
60 quartz countertop colors
Price Range: $$-$$$
Maintenance free
Good for kitchen, bathrooms, wet bars, fireplace surrounds and other uses
Cambria Pure natural quartz
Has the natural look of granite, with superior strength and durability
Price Range: $$-$$$
Maintenance free
Avoid the use of strong or abrasive cleaning products (not heat, chemical or fracture proof)
Caesarstone Nonporous
Stain and scratch resistant
Heat resistant
Cost-effective (can be installed in thinner forms)
Price Range:  $$-$$$$$
Almost maintenance free
Ideal for kitchens, vanities and more
Ice-stone / Vetrazzo Durable
100% recycled material
Made of Portland cement and glass
Environmentally friendly (reduces glass to landfills)
Price Range: $$$$
Porous, so more susceptible to staining
Sealant required
Radianz by Samsung Durable and impact resistant
Hygenic (certified safe for direct contact with food; resistant to bacterial growth)
Stain resistant
Heat resistant
Price Range: $$-$$$
Almost maintenance free
No sealing or polish required
Hanstone Natural quartz with high-quality polymer resin
GREENGUARD certified
Price Range: $$-$$$
Low maintenance
No sealing required
Ideal for countertops, vanities, bar tops and other surfaces

Solid Surface Countertops

Solid surface countertops are known for their stain resistance, durability and resistance to many household chemicals and solvents.They are nonporous and have strong color consistency.

Brand Key Features Maintenance / Use
Corian Nonporous
Stain resistant
Resistant to mold and mildew
Susceptible to heat
Price Range: $$
Can be used for sinks and backsplashes to create the illusion of seamlessness
No sealing required
Surrell (by Formica) Solid surface
Ideal for a contemporary look
Available in a variety of colors and finishes
Can be designed for an integral sink
Price Range: $-$$
Gilbralter (by WilsonArt) Half-inch, 100% acrylic based surface
Resistant to heat, mold, mildew and most stains
Several designs with pre-consumer recycled content
Price Range: $-$$
Tough stains can be buffed away
Scratches can be repaired
Avonite Info Coming Soon… Almost maintenance free
Ideal for kitchens, vanities and more

Laminate Countertops

Laminate countertops are made from composite materials. In recent years, they’ve come a long way in terms of appearance. Many resemble natural patterns you’d see in organic stone.

In addition to serving as a cost-effective countertop solution, laminates tend to be stain resistant and have high color consistency. We carry several brands of laminate countertops, including Formica and WilsonArt.

Price Range: $-$

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